Racist Reacts to Navy Bribery Scandal

The Navy has a huge bribery scandal on its hands with multiple high-ranking officers under indictment or investigation for taking bribes from a contractor to give them information that jeopardized national security. Naturally, the racist website VDARE blames it all on colored furriners.

The two main defendants:

  • Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz, code-name “Brudda, ”Cambodian birth name “Vannak Khem.” He was adopted by Army administrative assistant Maryna Misiewicz and benefitted from a Navy Affirmative Action program, with got a slot that should have gone to a qualified, white American… and (allegedly) paid back his adoptive country by selling it out.
  • Leonard Francis, CEO of Glenn Defense Marine Asia, known widely as “Fat Leonard,” “Lion King” and “Boss,” is a Malaysian national based out of Singapore.

Three others are also charged: senior logistics officer Cmdr. Jose Luis Sanchez; senior Navy investigator, Naval Criminal Investigative Service Supervisory Special Agent John Bertrand Beliveau II, who allegedly funneled inside information about the investigation to Francis; and Francis’ subordinate Alex Wisidagama. [3 arrested in international Navy bribery schemeAP/Washington Times, September 18, 2013; Third Navy official arrested in bribery probeby Craig Whitlock, Washington Post, November 6.]

No information has been provided about their “diversity” status.

The background: it is simply a fact is that the U.S. Navy nowsystematically discriminates against qualified white Americans infavor of politically protected non-whites. 

The fact that those two defendants are not white clearly shows that all non-white people are corrupt. The fact that two white admirals were also involved? That totally has nothing to do with whether white people are good or bad. QED.

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  • dingojack

    Hmmm – I love the smell of spcial pleading in the morning – it smells like bigotry.



    1.Cmdr. Michael Misiewicz

    2. Leonard Francis

    3. Cmdr. Jose Luis Sanchez

    4. Supervisory Special Agent John Bertrand Beliveau II, .

    “3 arrested in international Navy bribery scheme”.

    Nice to see the Wash Post has a firm grasp of mathmatics. 😉

  • When (insert out group here) commits a crime, it’s just typical behavior; when white, straight, well-to-do, etc men commit a crime, it’s “the exception that proves the rule”.

  • suttkus

    It’s how Fox News treats scandals. Family values Republican caught having an affair (gender flexible), the poor man fell to temptation. Democrat scandal? It shows you what terrible moral values all liberals suffer from and how they are entirely unsuited for office!