Rush: Obama is Just Like Damien

Erik Rush, the black wingnut who thinks America suffers from too much “negrophilia,” said on his radio show this week that President Obama is a lot like Damien, the demonic kid from The Omen. Because, you know, he’s demonic too. And maybe the antichrist.

Some of you (who are older) may remember the past popular movie, “The Omen” Its subject focus was an adopted boy born under mysterious circumstances. Eventually, (over a series of maddening events) the adoptive father is finally persuaded that “Damien” is demonic and evil. He attempts to rid the world of this demonic personage scourge, but is shot and killed in the process. The boy ends up being adopted (again) by the US Ambassador to Great Britain. The final shot of the movie concludes with “Damien slowly turning to give the camera a diabolical smile.”

Although no analogy is perfect, America’s (aka) “Obama” can be somewhat compared to “The Omen’s,” Damien. Obama’s birth background is shrouded in secrecy. Everything about Obama smacks of a negative (devilish) nature. He, like Damien, is an evil scourge of deceit and death to American lives who surround him. The most recent evidence of that scourge, is the Obamacare debacle, which involves multiple millions of American lives.

Aka, Obama, is an American (socialist / communist) Muslim / Marxist patsy. No one person since the 1900′s has achieved as much success altering this country’s political landscape as aka, Barack Hussein Obama. Granted, Supreme Court decisions such as Roe V. Wade and forced busing did its political correctness damage. Also, uprooting First Amendment religious expression from the public school system and neutering local school boards, have been part and parcel of dismantling traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America, in favor of introducing the false gods of political correctness, secularism and multiculturalism.

It is no surprise (those) who surrounds Obama, to carry out his criminally evil destruction of traditional, patriotic and Constitutional America.

Hey, I can do horror movie analogies too. Rush reminds me a lot of the Linda Blair character in The Exorcist because they both spew noxious things in every direction.

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  • frankb

    hey both spew noxious things in every direction.

    LOL, that is a great start to my day.

  • deepsix

    The far right loves self-hating minorities.

  • John Pieret

    Wait! He’s both demonic and a Marxist patsy? I thought demons were always taking over people fot thier use; not being used by other people.

  • dmcclean

    What does he think AKA means?

  • holytape

    “Aka, Obama, is an American (socialist / communist) Muslim / Marxist patsy.” That sentence made me weep for humanity. It’s like Erik Rush decided to take the english language, logic and reasoning, and basic human dignity behind the chemical shed and shoot them.

  • Abby Normal

    Ed, you’re headline says, “Rush: Obama is Just Like Damien.” But Rush actually says, “Although no analogy is perfect, America’s (aka) ‘Obama’ can be somewhat compared to ‘The Omen’s,’ Damien.” You are portraying him with far more courage and directness than he actually posses. Rush hides behind weasel words and insinuation. He lacks the integrity to be as forthright as the headline portrays him.

  • fmitchell

    “No one person since the 1900′s has achieved as much success altering this country’s political landscape …”

    Can any of these idiots point to any specific thing Obama has done that warrants such dramatic assertions? “Obamacare” was a weak compromise when it was first signed into law; after 43 attempts to repeal it and a tantrum that shut down the government the ACA is now faltering because the federal website is a shambles. The Congress has blocked practically every other initiative, except the ones that maintain or extend Bush’s “War on Terror” … and since it’s Obama doing them the Rightosphere is still outraged.

    Heck, Rush weasels out in the rest of the paragraph by pointing out these terrible, terrible liberal trends started in the 1970s.

    So what has Barack Hussein Stalin Hitler O’Hair Khomeni LaVey Obama DONE to draw such condemnation, apart from presiding while black?

  • CSB

    To be fair to Erik, he at least compared Obama to a quality Antichrist, rather than going for the Nicolae Carpathia bargain-basement bullshit that’s so popular these days.

  • Raging Bee

    The version of Obama in Erik Rush’s head is indeed just like Damien: a purely fictional character.

  • greenspine

    What is this guy’s job? Is this just his hobby, or is he paid to write? How does a person with the writing and literacy level on display here get into a position where he is communicating with the public?

  • Michael Heath

    The liar Erik Rush:

    Everything about Obama smacks of a negative (devilish) nature.

    President Obama is in fact a Christian; but that doesn’t necessarily make him “devilish”. His being a Christian does suggest we should apply some scrutiny to Mr. Obama’s integrity and moral standards.

  • Modusoperandi

    Erik Rush isn’t a real person. He’s an computerized expert system that uses algorithms to piece together pages made of rightwing dogwhistles.

    In fact, they all are. The fear and spite they reinforce, however, is real.

  • lordshipmayhem

    The blood-and-gore slasher-equivalent movie for me is Scanners. Rush is like one of those scanners whose head exploded – except he kept going.

    Probably because he wasn’t using those brain cells to begin with.

  • cptdoom

    I can’t wait ’til Rush moves farther along his Netflix queue and gets to the not-nearly-as-good 1978 sequel Damien: Omen II and he can analogize Obama’s time at Punahou with Damien’s attendance at a right-wing military school.

  • d.c.wilson

    I think Damien is more like a less lovable version of the minions from Despicable Me. Like them, all he does is spout gibberish.

  • chilidog99

    I’m surprised that Rush didn’t work the birther meme in.

    And as an aside, I was at the school that they filmed the second movie at to watch a high school hockey game last night. It’s still a beutiful, but very expensive place.

  • chilidog99

    To clarify, I expected Rush to claim that the president’s mother was a pit bull and his father was the prince of blackness.

  • Johnny Vector

    dmcclean @ 4:

    What does he think AKA means?

    Based on how he uses it, my best guess is he is thinking of 赤, Japanese for “red”. Cause Obama is a communist, and communists are red, and maybe that explains it.

    I blame Chigau.

  • cptdoom

    To clarify, I expected Rush to claim that the president’s mother was a pit bull and his father was the prince of blackness.

    Actually, Damien was born of a jackal. But if Rush really needs a good Prince of Darkness as Obama’s father analogy, might I suggest Rosemary’s Baby? After all, Ann Dunham really did love her little spawn of Satan, just like Mia Farrow’s Rosemary.

  • cry4turtles

    He omitted the most important reason to hate our president- he’s black! Well, half black, but that’s enough! Why don’t these people say what they really want to say?

  • yoav

    The Obama Rush is talking about is indeed just like Damian, a fictional character.

  • dan4

    @16: I don’t know, “Obama’s birth background is shrouded in secrecy” sounds like birtherism to me.

  • birgerjohansson

    “Actually, Damien was born of a jackal”

    This makes no sense to me. If Mr. Lucifer can create synthetic creatures as incubators, why not something more practical? I was thinking of the T-X in Terminator 3. But I suppose this was to fit into the “hellhound” category (although jackals are a different species).

    This makes no sense either. Why “hellhound” and not hellbear or helltiger? Hellalien? I was not impressed by that wimpy mutt.

    Anyway I am not impressed by Obama’s demonic powers either.When he enters a church, weird shit is supposed to happen, but no. And you can see him in the mirror.

    “the false gods of political correctness, secularism and multiculturalism”

    -But I assume Mammon is OK?