Rush, Garrow Want Obama Executed For Their Delusions

Eric Rush and Jim Garrow continue to spout their bizarre theory that President Obama tried to nuke the United States before being stopped by three military leaders. They even claim that the Iran agreement is an attempt to distract attention from that “fact” because Americans were catching on to their delusions.

Conservative activist Jim Garrow appeared yesterday on Full Contact with Erik Rush, where he presented his theory that the Geneva talks weren’t, as some have claimed, about distracting Americans from Obamacare but were actually the latest trick of the “Barnum and Bailey huckster in the White House” to keep the lid on an aborted nuclear electromagnetic pulse (EMP) attack.

Garrow and Rush, a Fox News regular, have both insisted that Obama almost nuked America until three anonymous members of the military [brass] blocked his deadly plan, which Garrow claims was meant to help George Soros make money by betting against the US dollar.

“People were looking and started looking at this whole notion that there could have been this EMP event being planned,” Garrow said. “300 million people would have died within a year if it hadn’t been for those three individuals who took a bullet, basically a career bullet, a career-ending bullet, and maybe a life-ending bullet, we’ll have to see, we will have to safeguard them by getting the details out there.”

Garrow also claims that Obama killed Andrew Breitbart, Tom Clancy (HUH?) and a reporter who was getting too close to the truth. So how is it that he hasn’t killed Garrow, for crying out loud?

They then fantasized about a county sheriff and the military arresting Obama and trying him for treason and executing him:

Garrow: This call for the removal of the president is highly appropriate; in fact it is appropriate given what the alternative would be. If in fact this man is doing the things that he is being reported to be doing, he needs to be removed, he needs to be in fact tried for treason and of course the finality of that is a man gets either put up against a wall and shot or hung. Treason is not to be stood for — ever — and that’s what we have right now in the White House. Paul [Vallely] isn’t talking about the nuclear side of it but I know they are letting me do that and take bullets.

Rush: Aside from the fact that as I mentioned before you came one, Obama remains the consummate BS artist and actor. Despite all of that, I’m sure that he knows what the alternative is should he fail, should we succeed, should these things come out and be widely known and if he were to be removed I’m sure that he knows that the penalties for such actions that he has taken do fall within those unpleasant realms of execution and all of that unpleasant stuff. I think it is very noteworthy that General Vallely has come out and said that impeachment is not the way to go, he’s talking about making the President’s position so untenable that those in Congress right up to the Speaker and the Senate Minority Leader and all of those folks, action has to be taken and making things essentially not work, they won’t be able to get anything done for all of the political upheaval. He is talking about peaceful demonstrations.

Garrow: He’s also talking about the removal of Mr. Obama and to remove him has all sorts of ramifications and implications. How do you remove him? Frankly, we have sheriffs in the country who by law have the right to arrest people. They’re the guys, if someone was going to go in and arrest the president, it would be probably a sheriff along with military to back him up because you still got the Secret Service, you still got people who are there to protect the President, and they have to be contended with. Whether it would be legal or lawful to do it would be answered after the bullets were fired.

Okay, go and try that. I’ll watch from a distance while pointing and laughing.

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  • Chiroptera

    Garrow and Rush, a Fox News regular, have both insisted that Obama almost nuked America until three anonymous members of the military [brass] blocked his deadly plan, which Garrow claims was meant to help George Soros make money by betting against the US dollar.

    Lol wut?

    A villain setting off a nuclear device in order to profit from the currency markets? Holy shit! These clowns watch way too many James Bond movies!

  • Chiroptera

    And what’s with the fixation with sheriff’s?

  • Michael Heath

    Chiroptera writes:

    And what’s with the fixation with sheriff’s?

    I think I know. When black citizens got uppity here in the U.S., county sheriffs were the most dependable aspect of government with the guns and courage to quell these attempts to usurp the country.

  • John Pieret

    Let’s see how this works. Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane shows up at the Pentagon one morning, marches in to the Joint Chiefs of Staff meeting and says ‘C’mon you boys, we’re gonna get that nig Moooslim out of the White House! Follow me!’

  • Trebuchet

    @2, Chiroptera: Sheriff obsession is a pretty common wingnut meme. See here:

  • Randomfactor

    So how is it that he hasn’t killed Garrow, for crying out loud?

    Obviously because Garrow’s never been near the truth in his life.

  • Only a sheriff and some military? Have they even seen how strong Skull Island is?

  • observer

    I have no idea how many people have been convicted for treason in the last century, but I suspect execution is not the most common sentence. Just another fantasy.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Does the District of Columbia even have a county for someone to be sheriff of?

  • jakc

    Sheriffs have magic powers according to many of the tea party/conspiracy theorist crowd for odd and often complicated reasons related to their reading of the constitution/common law. It might not mean much now, but constitutional sheriffs will be the last defense of real civilization when the big economic collapse/UN takeover and the FEMA camps start.

    Why hasn’t Garrow been killed? Not close to the truth.

  • jakc

    @,Pierce Butler

    Just as Dick Cheney won’t go to Spain to avoid being arrested, Obama can’t leave DC for fear of being arrested. And while I just made that up, I have no doubt that you can find a conspiracy theory about it

  • chilidog99

    Just how much further does he have to go in this vein before he gets a visit from the Secret Service?

    I understand that the first amendment has pretty broad protection, but it seems to me like some of these guys are yelling fire in a theater. (although these days, a more apt simply would be yelling “He has a gun!” in a crowded theater. )

  • …Obama remains the consummate BS artist and actor….

    The wingnuts have Obama beat in this department. They have a room full of Oscars.

  • sundiver

    Wow, just wow. These guys are really begging for a Secret Service visit. I had the fortune to live down the street from an agent who was on the detail for GHW Bush when he was VP and he told me they take shit like this seriously. Very seriously. These guys could be creating the kind of attention they may not actually appreciate, rather than the kind of attention they crave. Then again, given the almost erotic persecution complexes these twits have they might get off on it after all.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    @8 observer, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has been an execution for treason in the US since the Rosenbergs.

  • jakc

    See, a secret service visist just PROVES that these guys are on the right track.

    Whereas the lack of a visit PROVES that even Obama can be intimidated by people who know their rights under the real constitution and stand up for them. (So a few bucks to get the word out …)

  • raven

    Teabagging Wisconsin Birther Arrested for Threatening to Kill …

    aattp. org/t eabagging-wisconsin- birther-arrested-for-threatening-to-kill-pr…‎

    Teabagging Wisconsin Birther Arrested for Threatening to Kill … he and his group, the Christian American Patriots Militia, now have the Second …

    They are certainly edging a felony. Death threats are felonies.

    In the last few weeks two people have been arrested for threatening to kill Obama. One guy was arrested, the other one is a long time mental patient. He was sent back to a mental hospital, undoubtedly in the lockup wing.

    The Christian American Patriots Militia guy is still on the loose. I’m sure they are giving him a mile of rope and seeing who else is in his xian terrorist cell.

  • raven

    U.S. general: Let’s make Obama resign – WorldNetDaily

    www. wnd. com/2013/11/general-lets-make-obama-resign/‎

    Rating: 4.8 – ‎4,413 votes

    Nov 19, 2013 – WASHINGTON – A retired Army general is calling for the “forced resignations” of President Obama, other …. U.S. generals now take action to watch Obama · Pentagon … They would dare not arrest 500, 000 American citizens.

    Rush and Garrow aren’t the only right wing extremists babbling on about arresting Obama.

    Two retired military generals are doing to the same thing.

    This is just cargo cult law. Kiddies playing let’s pretend and forming pretend groups that they hope will do something other than make people laugh at them and law enforcement pay attention to them.

    They are ignoring the fact that Obama has won two elections, one by 9 million votes, one by 5 million votes. Needless to say, they aren’t fans of that democracy thing.

  • busterggi

    “They are ignoring the fact that Obama has won two elections, one by 9 million votes, one by 5 million votes.”

    Don’t you know that only the votes of white Christians fundies should count?

  • I always hear these guys obsessing over this George Soros character, and I’ve never known who he was. Finally broke down and looked him up and I have to say that I now have a much better understanding of just how delusional these people are. Unfortunately.

  • “And what’s with the fixation with sheriff’s?”

    You, sir, are obviously not getting the semiotic subliminal messages (or perhaps they’re semi-idiotic sub-moronic illiteral messages) being broadcast in popular MurKKKan enterinfropaganda. See “Walking Dead”, the series.

    The only thing that can stop a bad-ass, brain munchin’ zombie is a good guy with a shurf’s badge, a great collection of teh gunz and some hot, zombiekillin’ babe assistants.

    Get with the program!

  • D. C. Sessions

    Most of us were never taught about the vast array of powers that the Constitution assigns exclusively to sheriffs.

  • hexidecima

    tsk, tsk. Guess that “thou shalt not bear false witness” is beyond these TrueChristians.

    you know, it is pity that the god as advertised in the bible isn’t real, then we’d get to see fried twit constantly. As it stands, if any god exists, it’s purely impotent.

  • Shorter Garrow: “Bullet bullet bullet. Bullet. Bullets.”

  • imthegenieicandoanything

    That scum like this walk the earth free, in full freedom,- is a testament to the tolerance of our America – but NOT to their ‘Mer’kin delusions in any way.

    The sickest and saddest thing is that I’m pretty sure that, while they 100% know that they are entirely full of shit, they really do imagine a lynching, complete with gasoline dousing and “souvenirs” taken – and chuckle over how ‘ironic’ that would be.

    I never want to meet these people in person, nor anyone who is stupid, ignorant, insane and/or evil enough to agree with anything they do. And they certainly do not want to meet me, I promise.

  • iangould

    the office of sheriff or “shire reeve” dates back to Anglo-Saxon times and derives from English Common Law.

    The sheriff was the King’s representative in a shire, with a wide range of powers including levying taxes and prosecuting criminals (think “Sheriff of Nottingham”.)

    Because the office predates the US Constitution and isn’t referenced in it, wingnuts choose to believe that they are not bound by the Constitution and continue to wield their historic powers.

  • Ray Gillies

    I know for a fact this is true I learned about it in an fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw:fw: Email from my great aunt Doris who lives in a buried school bus “somewher” in northern Idaho.

  • Childermass

    If you really want go full nuts, try the following:

    It starts with a logo: “Impeach Obama. Its [sic] not a racial thing. Its [sic] an American thing” followed by the suggestion that the military arrest Obama for being Kenyan. Does not Ed have an award for this sort of thing? 🙂

    It is followed by tin-foil hat stuff about Obama’s plans to kill American, replace military brass, etc.

    In any even, I have seen suggestions that a coup could happen in the U.S. But before the white supremacists got so damn upset that a black man won two presidential elections: it was always suggested that people pulling off the coup were the bad guys.

    You can really get sad crap from what family shares on Facebook.

  • lorn

    The good news is that this is neon-sign-obvious BS.

    The bad news is that because some on the right will take it as a given that this is true the powers that be on the right will consider this fair game. The right always does what it accuses their enemies of doing, and then uses the false accusation as proof the other side did it first and they are just retaliating in kind.

    GOP operatives accused the Democrats of intimidating vote counters shortly before the GOP flew in its hired thugs, caused a riot, and physically intimidated the vote counters in Broward county. In fact he original reason given for the goons showing up was ‘to protect the voter counters from intimidation’.

    The ominous implication of this behavioral pattern is that we can expect, given the right circumstances, that a Republican president will be pressured by some on the extreme right to launch a false-flag EMP attack on the US for fun and profit. In part to show that the right wing is both at least as dedicated as the mythical left they fight against and more effective.

  • Treason is not to be stood for — ever.

    I agree. It’s time to arrest Garrow and Rush. And execute them.

    About the sheriff thing: a common theme in wingnut conspiricizing is that there is some little-known, parallel system of law that can be invoked with the right incantations. All you have to do is say the right words in court, produce the right writ, or use the right symbols, and the entire law gets turned on its head and anything you want can happen (for other examples, see tax protestors and the militia movement). The sheriff as a parallel law enforcer is seen as a potential embodiment of this. As is common, they can’t or won’t understand that the law is a mere human creation and not a source of magical powers. Sheriffs aren’t wizards and they can’t just conjure up whatever laws they want.

  • iangould

    If Obama fired the three generals in question and replaced them with officers loyal to himself, why didn;t he then go ahead with the plan?

  • a man gets either put up against a wall and shot or hung.

    Definitely choose the second one. I’m betting Mr. Obama, given his having produced two children, could stymie these fools by simply accepting their bullshit, and pointing out that he was by definition already hung to some extent or another, and so double jeopardy, biatchezzzz!

    What? It makes as much sense as that drivel above.

    Now, if they were going to threaten that he should be hanged, well, then it’s time to start worrying.

  • jakc

    @ian Gould & DC Sessions

    Ian is right about the common law origins; the reason we don’t learn about the vast powers is part of the great conspiracy/secret history is part of the proof of these things. The government didn’t want you to know, but through hard work and diligent attention to the real law/constitution, groups like the tea party or Ron Paul supporters have learned the truth. Part of the problem is that these people aren’t necessarily stupid – its why they can develop such elaborate and detailed rebuttals when you pick flaws in there arguments

  • Robert

    @sigurd jorsalfar #15

    “@8 observer, correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t think there has been an execution for treason in the US since the Rosenbergs.”

    Not even then: the Rosenbergs were convicted of espionage, not treason. A treason charge would not have been tenable, since the US and the USSR were allies when Julius Rosenberg was sending US military secrets to the Soviets. The U.S. Constitution defines treason very narrowly: “levying War against [the United States], or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort.” Espionage for the benefit of an ally is a crime, but is not treason.

  • dingojack

    A sheriff? What’s he gonna do, march into the White House and demand the President pay his parking fines? (A sheriff has only the power to enforce local fines and levies etc. nothing more). Moreover he (or she) is an adjunct to your local council, and would appear before a magistrate [the lowest tier of the Judiciary]).

    Anything bigger you’d gonna need State or Federal police and a district judge or better.



    Or that’s kinda how it works here

  • petemoulton

    Too bad, Dingo. I was hoping to volunteer Sheriff Joe for the job. At least it’d get his sorry ass out of Maricopa County for awhile.

  • IANAJT,TRKOJT,TJTWAWTAOTSF*, however, I do remember having a young cop of my acquaintance tell me that in NH, any county sheriff can make an arrest anywhere in the state and have it be upheld by the courts as legal. I’m not sure how that works but the conflation from something like that to the fever dream of having super sheriffs executing the warrants of citizen grand juries formed up by shitheads like Klaymutt is about par for the course.

    * I am not a jackbooted thug, the right kind of jackbooted thug, the jackbooted thug who agrees with the aims of the SKKKrotalMurKKKanPatriotiKKK Front.

  • zmidponk

    You know, I’m no legal expert, but, from what I can see, the only part of that whole screed they actually got right was this:

    If in fact this man is doing the things that he is being reported to be doing, he needs to be removed, he needs to be in fact tried for treason

    However, the whole crux of the matter is that, from what I can see, the things that ‘he is being reported to be doing’ is some kind of fevered wet-dream of some right-wing lunatics, and, last time I checked, the fantasies of people who dislike the accused isn’t any kind of evidence that should stand up in a court of law for any kind of accusation, far less one of treason.

  • macallan

    They must be the leftists who want Obama dead ( according to Glenn Beck )

  • mithandir

    300 million people in a year ….

    Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the entire US population?