The Terrible Mistreatment of Christians in America

Many years ago the Internet Infidels compiled a document called Life in Our Anti-Christian America that made fun of the constant cries of persecution from Christians, many of whom really do see themselves as the victims of terrible mistreatment in the country they almost unilaterally control. Here are a few of the items in that document:

Most major newspapers run a special weekly section devoted to atheism. There are no equivalent sections for religious news…

It is almost impossible to find a shopping mall with a Christian Armory book store, while Atheist Book Centers are featured prominently on every corner.

While Atheists couples who marry rarely have any difficulty finding a place to do so, it is nearly impossible for Christian couples to find a church where they can marry.

For that matter, churches themselves are extremely rare, while Atheist meeting centers can be found every few blocks…

Nearly all of our elected public officials are Atheists; they even have to swear on a copy of Darwin’s “Origin of Species” in order to take office.

Speaking of the workplace, Christians often find it nearly impossible to get time off work for religious holidays such as Christmas…

All of our money has the Atheistic slogan “We do not trust in god” printed on it.

In school, our children are made to recite the pledge, “One nation, anti-god, indivisible….”

One cannot rent a hotel room without finding a copy of Nietzsche’s The Anti-Christ in the room.

Organizations such as the Boy Scouts deny membership to Christians…

Georgia recently passed a new law requiring schools to have a “moment of noise” during which children are encouraged to degrade Christianity…

Many Christians are afraid to admit their Christianity to their parents and friends, for fear their kin will consider them immoral Christian scum and want nothing to do with them…

“There are no Christians in foxholes” is a popular slogan in our society…

The Fellowship of Atheist Athletes has local chapters on college campuses throughout America…

Politicians often refer to America’s “Agnosto-Atheist heritage” when trying to woo voters…

Atheists have often invented “deathbed deconversion” stories about famous Christians, claiming they became Atheists just before they died.

Around the time of Darwin’s birthday, Christians have to put up with songs about Darwin, which are played in shopping malls, restaurants, and even public restrooms…

New military officers are expected to say “god does not exist” at the end of their commissioning oath.

That last one is particularly ironic given the recent uproar over the Air Force Academy merely making it optional to say “so help me God” at the end of the cadet oath. That simple act of not forcing all officers to swear a religious oath was enough to set the wingnuts to fussing and flapping about the terrible anti-Christian bias in the military, which is breathtakingly dishonest and inane.

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  • barry21

    Don’t forget the War on Christmas, an entry inane enough to make the list, but perpetuated by Fox.

  • When did Darwin found Atheism?

  • garnetstar

    I think many wingnuts are so far gone that they’d miss the satire and take this for real, a brave statement of their righteous grievances.

    Or at least say that that’s where America’s going to be soon.

  • My parents were good enough to purchase a doormat from Bill O’Reilly’s on-line store that says, “We say ‘Merry Christmas’!” Yeah? Big effing deal. (Be sure to wipe your feet.) On Catholic Radio a couple of years ago, one of the hosts explained how her shopping trip was ruined when a clerk said “Happy Holidays” to her instead of “Merry Christmas.” What a bunch of whiny crybabies!

  • peterh

    The sad thing about that list of jaw-droppers is that some will take it seriously.

  • barry21

    2 interesting things about the “war on xmas” – here in Israel, it’s common to say “chag sameach” (happy holiday) in the days leading up to any holiday. It’s absolutely as generic as “happy holidays” but no one is even remotely threatened by it.

    Also, when Christians whip themselves into a lather over the abbreviation “xmas”, they belie their own ignorance of Christian history. An “x” has been used as a symbol for Christ since the beginning. It’s the Greek letter chi, and the opening letter of the Greek “christos”. Chi rho (which looks like a P superimposed on an X) was on the standard used by Constantine.

    SO basically, everyone should shut the fuck up. Not everyone here, of course. Everyone stupid.

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne


    Did you see the fundraising appeal Scott Walker sent out suggesting that the best gift you could give your kids this Christmas is a donation to his reelection campaign? Except that instead of “Christmas” he says “Holiday Season” — twice.

    Cue the screaming by the Christmas Warriors. Or not.

  • cheesynougats


    That chi rho symbol is all over Lutheran vestments. Growing up, I wondered what it meant; thanks for clearing that up.

  • whheydt

    So… Every MMO player is a good Christian because they all seek “XP”? (Except for the few that want an “XP disabler”.)

  • barry21

    @9 Precisely.

  • bushrat

    @2 Gregory – Right after he single-handedly beat the Nazi’s at the Battle of Waterloo, learn some history for Pete’s sake!

  • @bushrat #11 – Of course, how silly of me to have forgotten that.

  • mobius

    Ah…if only…

  • barry21:

    Chi rho (which looks like a P superimposed on an X) was on the standard used by Constantine.

    I’ve always thought chi rho practors were following something more akin to religion than science.


    So… Every MMO player is a good Christian because they all seek “XP”? (Except for the few that want an “XP disabler”.)

    You mean to say that it was God’s blessing that enabled Microsoft to write an OS that survived to puberty?