Peroutka: Justice Kennedy Hates God

Michael Peroutka, the Christian Reconstructionist and former presidential candidate for the badly misnamed Constitution Party, went on Steve Deace’s radio show and they talked about Justice Anthony Kennedy, deciding that he hates God — because he thinks he is God.

Deace: I’ll be fascinated to see what Justice Anthony Kennedy, who has just really become a God-hater, he wrote a court opinion on marriage earlier this year that is really just an anti-Christian polemic disguised as a court opinion, so I will be very curious to see what rationale he makes up when he’s the fifth vote against Hobby Lobby on this case with no precedent up to this point. The reason I keep using that term is because you and I know this is really pagan justice that’s ruled by precedent. With no human precedent up to this point justifying what he wants to do, I’ll be extremely curious to see what rationale he pulls out of his backside and puts on paper this time to do what he wants to do.

Peroutka: You called him a God-hater. The reason he hates God is because he thinks he is God. If you think that your position on the court is that you get to say what law is, if you are the lawgiver, the lawmaker, the will of the sovereign, that’s who God is, that’s God. And if you think you’re God, then you hate anybody else or any other entity or being that anybody would give homage to that would interfere with what you see yourself as; he is jealous of any other God. It makes sense that he would do something desperate but my point is with respect to him and his mindset, I don’t think he even needs a rationale. See, God doesn’t need a rationale because he is the lawgiver and the lawmaker and that’s how these people see — I don’t think it’s too much to say this, I think we’ve seen that history backs up what I’m saying. The Supreme Court believes it is the lawgiver, believes it is the man behind the curtain; we need to be like Toto and pull the curtain back from the man behind the curtain.

Oh good, I thought he was going to be irrational or something.

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  • Melvosh

    Seriously, where do these uppity Supreme Court justices get off, thinking they get to have a say in how the law is interpreted?!

  • raven

    about Justice Anthony Kennedy, deciding that he hates God.

    Which gods? There are thousands of them at the least.

    Peroutka hates all of them except the sockpuppet god he made up in his own head. He hates just about eveything including the US constitution, which he wants to scrap and replace with some malevolent version of biblical law. His real problem is that there is a Supreme court instead of some vaguely humanoid toad fundie ministers.

    Hardly anyone votes for the misleadingly named constitution party.

  • Abby Normal

    Amazing! I had no idea Kennedy was also the lead vocalist of Motörhead. Where does he find the time?

  • SC (Salty Current), OM

    See, God doesn’t need a rationale because he is the lawgiver and the lawmaker

    It’s fascinating how revealing these people are when they’re projecting.

  • theguy

    “God doesn’t need a rationale because he is the lawgiver and the lawmaker”

    This is just another way to say Might Makes Right. For fundies, morality isn’t about reasons. It isn’t a question of right versus wrong, it’s a question of what is commanded versus what is forbidden.

  • sinned34

    “God doesn’t need a rationale because he is the lawgiver and the lawmaker”

    And conveniently, God loves and hates the exact same things as that Peroutka idiot. Or at least Peroutka thinks that’s the case, and don’t you DARE try to prove him wrong, you evil atheist got-hating commie nazis!

  • John Pieret

    Well, they managed to exercise enough restraint as to not even mention that Kennedy belongs to the “Whore of Babylon.”

  • whheydt

    Boy…you learn something every day. All this time I was under the impression that it was Scalia who thinks he’s god.

  • freehand

    Reading this gave me an insight into Peroutka. He must hate the devil because he thinks that he is Satan! It all makes sense now.