Tea Party Nation: Obamacare = Rape

From the Department of Offensive Analogies comes this article on the Tea Party Nation website, written by Darwin Rockantansky (I’m guessing that’s a nom de moron), in which he compares Obamacare to rape in incredibly lurid terms.

At what point does rape become a pleasurable experience for the victim?

And whom among us are not revolted and angered by such nonsense?

And whom among us are willing to believe that if we “Just lay back and don’t fight it you will inevitably enjoy it.”?

And the “IT” that I am referring to here is “Obamacare”…

But I will encourage you to think about your own families and extended families and decide for yourself if there is a point at which this rape experience could possibly become enjoyable; rape of our free will, rape of our religious convictions, rape of free markets, rape of our Constitution, a brutal rape of the American Dream and personal freedoms.

Oh, the melodrama!

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  • cottonnero

    Rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, rape, baked beans, rape, rape, rape, and rape.

  • Wylann

    Mmmmm…baked beans.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  • Richard Smith

    @cottonnero (#1): At least it makes more sense for a bunch of Vikings to start singing about it…

  • freja

    It’s ironic how many things are labelled rape in contrast to how often actual rape is labelled something else.

  • sigurd jorsalfar

    And whom among us are not revolted and angered by such nonsense?

    Gosh, I was wondering the very same thing. But more grammatically.

  • raven

    It’s contentless gibberish and offensive. It’s the Tea Party, no one could expect anything different.

    1. Ironically, one of the key demographics for the ACA are Tea Partiers. Low education, low socioeconomic, and uninsured.

    2. Reports are that Republicans are signing up in large numbers. It’s known that most of those who put their adult to 26 children on their policies were GOPers.

    Reports are coming in that users of the private insurance exchange and Medicaid expansion programs in the few states that have that are about what you expect for Republicans.

    3. This is despite the endless attempts at sabotage and lies by the GOP.

    4. We won’t know how well the ACA works for a few years. So far, despite a shaky start, it seems to be on track as far as signups. The target for the first year was 7 million.

  • http://www.holytape.etsy.com holytape

    It’s amazing that he can type one handed on a sticky keyboard.

  • Trebuchet

    Darwin Rockantansky apparently thinks rape is a bad thing. With the probable exception that if it’s a vaginal ultrasound forced by the government, that’s a good thing.

    Love his first name, though. What do you want to bet he’s also a YEC?

  • iknklast

    I’m guessing the point at which it might become pleasurable is the day someone in your family is running a high fever and you’re able to take them to the doctor, who treats them for an illness that could have killed them without care.

  • http://www.thelosersleague.com theschwa

    Wasn’t Mel Gibson’s character in Road Warrior/Max Max named Max Rockantansky? IS this supposed to suggest that evolution leads to the post-apocalyptic future. Most likely caused by the ACA?

  • coogan607

    Methinks someone is thinking too much about rape.

    I am revolted.

  • jakc

    Well, Republicans thought Obamacare was enjoyable when the Heritage Foundation came up with the idea, when Republicans introduced the bill in the 90’s as an alternative to Clinton health care proposals and when Mitt implemented it in Congress. So the question is when did they stop enjoying it? Why, when Democrats passed it.

  • marcus

    Hey, That could be his real name! (Still a nom de moron” though.)

  • http://www.facebook.com/den.wilson d.c.wilson

    Stephen Colbert once gave advice to republicans whenever they the urge to talk about rape. It was something along the lines of taking a nice sharp pencil and jamming it into their eye.

    I wish republicans would start taking that advice.

  • Christoph Burschka

    I’ve seen this referred to as “Rape Tourette’s”, but that unfairly contributes to the stigma of a real illness.

    Still, the inability of Republicans to stop saying offensive crap about rape (even after it demonstrably cost them elections), does increasingly seem pathological.

  • freehand

    I wonder if the Tea Party women are, on the whole, OK with these rape analogies?

  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden


    It’s ironic how many things are labelled rape in contrast to how often actual rape is labelled something else.

    It’s CripDyke’s law of conservation of rape: the people most frequently naming an actual rape something else, must of necessity call something else rape an equal number of times to maintain the cosmic rape balance.