Chris Stedman on O’Reilly

Chris Stedman was on Bill O’Reilly’s show a couple days ago talking about the entirely fictitious “war on Christmas.” It’s a good thing he’s the one on that show and not me. There’s no way I could be on O’Reilly’s show without provoking him. I’d insert “falafel” and “loofah” into the conversation as many times as I could. And I’d tell him that this segment is so great that I’m sure he’s going to win another Pulitzer prize for it. And you know O’Reilly and his fragile ego and temper. He’d go from 0 to red-faced, spittle-flecked rage in about .8 seconds. And then I’d wish him happy holidays.

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  • birgerjohansson

    Yes, but I doubt his program is broadcast live.

    So your comments would be edited out of history, alongside the several occasions Reagan raised taxes or supported tyrants. Besides, being less than obseqiou to O’Reilly is Nazism and as bad as slavery.

    Incentally, Putin just closed down a TV channel that was not supportive enough in its news coverage, which is how authoritarian minds work.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    I falafel my chair watching that. It was a loofa minute.

  • Michael Heath

    I’d be cackling if you were able to do your schtick on Bill O’Reilly’s show. But such antics would also feed the false narrative believed and promoted by O’Reilly’s conservative Christian audience.

    That narrative is that they’re the aggrieved majority whose individual religious freedom and speech rights are being infringed upon. That a tiny minority’s got activist federal judges on their side, to the point atheists don’t need to take their concerns seriously.

    I don’t think we secularists should take the War on Christmas all that seriously, that O’Reilly and his sheep have earned our ridicule; but I think our ridicule shouldn’t also help Fox News run with this contrived controversy.

    While I liked Chris Stedman pointing out the privilege Christians demonstrably enjoy on church-state matters, I doubt any of that was absorbed by any of O’Reilly’s fans. You’d need to elaborate to some degree to make your case, partly due to O’Reilly’s audience being so ignorant and misinformed, and secondly because conservative Christians convince themselves they’re the opposite of privileged.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    “The only time we get involved with stores is if they forbid their employees from saying “Merry Christmas,” a direct violation of freedom of speech.”

    Most stores also forbid their employees from saying things like “fuck you” to customers. Clearly this is a violation of freedom of speech. I expect BillO and the American Family Association to get right on this. Because they care so much about freedom of speech.

  • dmcclean

    Well played, Reginald, but my keyboard is waterproof.

  • karmacat

    I read an article recently saying that the Texas legislature has passed a law allowing teachers and students to say merry Christmas. I would say they are all stupid but I suspect they are all pandering to the stupid

  • Chiroptera
  • Loqi

    Before mentioning falafel, you’d have to demand that he do it live. Fuck it. Do it live!

  • magistramarla

    “Are the teachers also allowed to say “Merry Christmas” to observant Jewish students? Even to the ones who may feel like they’re being singled out and bullied by teachers going out of their way to say “Merry Christmas” to them?”


    You’ve got that right. I used to teach in a Texas high school. I’ve seen teachers very pointedly saying it to students who were obviously not xtian. I’ve also seen faculty members saying hurtful things to a lesbian couple who dared to hold hands in the hall.

    I would predict that this so-called law will embolden them to do it even more. I’m glad that I’m no longer teaching. I would probably be called to the office for making comments right back to them.

  • DonDueed

    Man, O’Reilly sure does love the sound of his own voice, doesn’t he? The guest gets maybe three seconds to start an answer before Bill cuts him off.

    If nobody has yet coined the term “billoviation’, I call dibs.

  • caseloweraz

    All hail DonDueed, Master of Neologism.