The Pathfinders are Fundracing

The Pathfinders are in Accra, Ghana and they’re raising money for the projects they’re doing. They’ve all made some dares if they raise a certain amount of money. Conor Robinson is going to do a full body wax if he raises $750. Now THAT is taking one for the team. I mean look at that beard. His body probably looks like Chewbacca. Brave, brave man.

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  • beergoggles

    Does a full body wax includes taking a beard off the face with wax strips too? I thought beard hairs were too coarse to be stripped off that way?

  •!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    Does a full body wax include not just the beard but his eyebrows and the hair on the top of his head? Because otherwise it’s a full body wax from the neck down. Truth in advertising, please!

  • mobius

    So what other dares are our intrepid quartet offering?

  • cheesynougats

    I read the headine and thought the Pathfinders were doing some kind of bike race or something. I am somewhat disappointed, and even more so because I can’t afford to donate this year after giving to Child’s Play.