Another ‘Psychic’ Arrested in Florida

On the heels of the convictions of the Marks family for defrauding people under the guise of being “psychic,” another con man has been arrested in Florida for much the same thing. This one calls himself a “faith healer” and promises to align your chakras and all sorts of other wonderful things for an exorbitant fee.

A self-proclaimed faith healer, chakra aligner and remover of impurities was jailed on accusations that he swindled two women he met at Aventura Mall out of nearly $100,000, Hallandale Beach police say.

Known to his accusers as “Dorian” and “Robert” but booked into jail as Joe Alvarez, 32, police aren’t sure what his real name is, police reports show.

Promising to expel bad luck and cleanse the women of harmful spiritual impurities through rituals and sacrifices, Alvarez over a period of several months took the two for a combined $85,700, police reports show…

He introduced himself as a spiritual healer named Dorian, offered “to align her chakras and prevent bad things from happening to her” and sold her three crystals for $5,200 each under the pretense that “they were essential for her to maintain a good aura,” a police report said…

Soray told police she met Alvarez, who introduced himself as a spiritual healer named Robert, at Aventura Mall in December 2012. Over many months, he persuaded her to pay him $37,000 “to cleanse the impurities from her,” a police report said.

As always, I am of two minds on this. On the one hand, it’s obviously fraud. On the other hand, if you’re dumb enough to fall for it…

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