WND Finds a Conspiracy Theory to Laugh At

The Worldnetdaily has finally found a ridiculous conspiracy theory that it can openly call ridiculous. No, of course it isn’t about Obama — they’ll believe and promote any claim that purports to make Obama look bad. It’s about Paul Walker and the fringe extremists who think he was killed by the Illuminati or some other dark, mystical force.

Prominent among the imaginative schemes is that Walker was killed as a blood sacrifice by the so-called Illuminati, an alleged shadowy group described as an elitist cabal that yields enormous global influence.

Another claim, based on a difficult-to-see video showing the moment of crash impact, is that Walker was killed by a drone strike. That unsupported theory is contested by a second video.

Another wild conspiracy circulating on forums is that Walker’s death was “predicted” by the “Family Guy” television show.

Some theorists home in on aspects of Walker’s death that, they claim, have occult, ritualistic or symbolic significance.

So much irony in one place. Remember, this is the same “news” outlet that has published and promoted the most bizarre conspiracy theories imaginable, including Erik Rush’s astonishingly idiotic claim that Obama tried to nuke South Carolina. WND is practically ground zero for deranged conspiracy theories. But not this one, apparently.

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  • colnago80

    Of course it wasn’t the Illuminati, it was the Trilateral Commission.

  • unity

    Nah, the Illuminati are too busy running Obama to bother taking out Walker

  • Doug Little

    Paul Who?

    Oh the fast and furious guy.

  • Loqi

    So there are people out there who think Paul Walker knew too much? Was Walker going to bring down the Illuminati by driving really fast and causing their henchmen to crash into one another? Was he going to challenge Obama to a drag race, with the “real” birth certificate as the stakes?

  • Talking about who killed whom, for what reason, the Hawaii state official who verified Obama’s birth certificate, just recently died in a small plane crash.

    You just KNOW Obama did it because… well, just because.

  • Walker starred in the Fast & Furious films.

    Obama masterminded the Fast & Furious operations.

    Think about it.

  • Abby Normal

    Loqi, the Illuminati controls Hollywood. They did it to boost the post theatrical run revenue to help pay for their Winter Solstice virgin sacrifice and potluck.

  • jnorris

    Wrong Ed, The WND just hasn’t yet found a Paul Walker conspiracy theory associated with a book it can sell.

  • caseloweraz

    You know they got Dale Earnhart too. Somebody is killing the great chefs race car drivers of America. Obviously they know too much about something other than racing, or are too politically active. Danica Patrick better watch her step.

  • bushrat

    WND doesn’t think the Illuminati killed Paul Walker because they themselves are controlled by (DUN DUN Dun) The Illuminati. My sister’s hair dressers, cousins, boy friends, dad knows a guy that once met the director of one of the Fast and Furious movies while in Paterson New Jersey…home town of Joseph Farah. PROOF!

  • “My sister’s hair dressers, cousins, boy friends, dad”


  • brianwestley

    think he was killed by the Illuminati or some other dark, mystical force

    Newton did it. F=MA.

  • mobius

    Clearly the WND’s claims PROVE that the Illuminati actually exists. If it did not exist, there would be no need to print stories about it not existing. By publishing such stories, the WND shows they are merely a tool of the Illuminati, trying to keep its existence in the shadows.

    Oh…and the NRA, with the help of the Illuminati, will attempt to take over Professional Sports.