WND Pimps the War on Christmas

All this bullshit you hear about the entirely fictional “war on Christmas” appears to be little more than a marketing campaign for useless products (in the Christian bookseller business they call this stuff “Jesus junk”). The Worldnetdaily wants you to buy a “Merry Christmas” bracelet.


That’s exactly what is happening! We are celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ, but political correctness has deemed it “incorrect” to state so. The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to wish someone a Merry Christmas.

This is political correctness run amok. We have reached an all-time low point in our nation’s history when human sensibilities are elevated above offending our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is long past the time for Christians to stand firm in our faith.

It’s an all-time low point in our nation’s history! Slavery? Pfft. The Civil War when hundreds of thousands of Americans died? Surely you jest. No, saying “happy holidays” is obviously the worst thing to ever happen in the history of this country. Because that’s a completely reasonable thing to say.

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  • Mr Ed

    I say happy holidays. Most people I know celebrate Christmas and new years, happy holidays is a quick greeting. I tried “merry Christmas the glorious birth of JESUS CHRIST™ who died for our sins, opened the kingdom of heaven and made America great and a happy New Year,” but it was a little wordy.

  • Wylann

    Did you see the news: Larry Klayman won a lawsuit!

    See, miracles do occur! Checkmate, and all that.

  • Nathair

    Hmm, how would I feel about things after I gave my life for someone? Rotten.


  • matty1

    Nothing says celebration like selling fear and anger. I know I always mark my birthday by snarling at anyone who doesn’t address me by name.

  • Taz

    I hope you’re Merry at Christmas

    I hope you’re Happy during the Holidays

    I hope you’re Happy during Hanukkah


    They’re all wishing you well. You’re a fool if you get upset at hearing any one of them.

  • Next thing you know we’ll start letting non-Christians celebrate Christmas, and the institution of traditional Christmas will cease to exist as we know it.

  • Cause it wouldn’t be at all weird to wish random people Happy Franks Birthday, or Happy My Moms Birthday. “oh you dont know who Frank is, WHY ARE YOU BEING INTOLERANT”

  • gshelley

    Is there anyone in the whole country who would buy one of these and think to themselves “I’m so brave, publicly acknowledging that I am a Christian”?

  • Why do they want to be reminded that the 25th is a Roman Catholic Mass rather than that the day is Holy? Are they all secret papists?

  • Sorry, please inset ‘celebrated with’ at any appropriate part of that.

  • Reginald Selkirk
  • rationalinks

    @8 gshelley – Sadly, yes…yes there are.

  • cptdoom

    The enemies of Christmas have succeeded in making Christians feel as if we are bad and intolerant to wish someone a Merry Christmas.

    Oh how true this is – why I just got one of those “Merry Christmas” cards on it, and I immediately called my friend to tell her how bad and intolerant she is – oh, and that the pictures of her kids on the card are totes adorable.

  • Sastra

    Since the new campaign is for atheists to endorse Christmas without Christ, simply saying (or singing or wearing) “Merry Christmas” will no longer mark them as brave, bold Christians unafraid to wish people a merry Christmas. No, now even the atheists are saying, singing, and wearing Merry Christmas — “Christmas is for everyone!”

    They’re going to have to double down on “Keep the Christ in Christmas” and “Jesus is the Reason for the Season” instead. But it’s going to be very hard — not to mention awkward — to make this a common greeting at the check-out.

    It also invites a cheery “no, thanks” in return. Followed swiftly by “Merry Christmas!”

  • My folks were persuaded to buy a doormat that says “We say Merry Christmas!” (Don’t forget to wipe your feet on it!)

  • jnorris

    Institutional Traditional True Christian ™ Christmas is, as it was in the Beginning, is Now and Ever Shall Be, between One Messiah and One Yule Tree!

  • dugglebogey

    How insecure can people be? Even when I was a kid I realized that Happy Holidays was more polite, because some of the people I was talking to might be Jewish.

  • chilidog99

    Jesus was born to go shopping

  • John Pieret

    Wylann @ 2:

    Did you see the news: Larry Klayman won a lawsuit!

    See, miracles do occur! Checkmate, and all that.

    More miraculous than winning … he was actually right (that the NSA’s bulk collection of telephony metadata violates the Fourth Amendment)!!!!

  • John Pieret

    I think what this whole “war” on Xmas is that Christians are torked off that, after they successfully stole Saturnalia from the Romans, other people are moving in on them with Hanukkah and Kwanzaa and New Years (which is just Saturnalia repackaged).

    It’s kind of like “You kids get off my lawn!!”

  • Moon Jaguar

    @2 and 19: file that victory under “even a broken watch is right twice a day”.