Morton Grove Really, Really Doesn’t Want Dirty Atheist Money

Hemant has been trying like hell to donate $3000 contributed by his readers to the town of Morton Grove, Illinois and they keep insisting on not taking it. Originally it was to make up for the loss of a donation from the American Legion to a public park there, but the park board said no. Now the library board gave the same answer.

Following a fiery debate that pitted Morton Grove Library trustees against one another, the board voted 5-2 not to accept a donation of roughly $3,000 from an atheist blogger…

Reached by phone late Thursday, Mehta said he was surprised.

“I’m in shock right now,” he said. “I figured at least the library would take it.”

Library Board of Trustees Treasurer Catherine Peters said she stopped library staff from depositing the check earlier this month, calling it a matter that should be voted on by the board.

Board President Mark Albers, who voted to accept the donation, said he had no idea whether or not the funds even came from Mehta’s campaign, saying they could actually be Mehta’s own money.

But many board members were more alarmed by the nature of the Mehta’s blog and the ethical implications accepting money from him might pose.

Peters referred to the blog as a “hate group” and read aloud several comments made by readers of the blog.

Hemant’s blog? A hate group? By what possible definition of “hate”? I think it may be time to just tell Morton Grove to go to hell. They don’t want our money, they don’t get our money. Donate it to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society instead. I’d rather it go to help find a cure for cancer since there doesn’t appear to be a cure for being bigoted assholes.

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  • raven

    No big deal.

    Cost of not giving money to Morton Grove = 0

    Cost of Morton Grove xians demonstrating their bigotry, hatred, and ignorance = Priceless

    They never miss a chance to demonstrate the moral and ethical bankruptcy of their death cult.

  • heee heee

    Did you notice the lionk address?


    Course the actual story gets it right.

  • Hoist with my own paterd, I mean petard: for lionk read link throughout

  • oranje

    I said it there, I’ll say it here. There’s a food bank in the township, and this seems to be a particularly good time of year to help them stock up.

  • Sastra

    Hemant’s blog? A hate group? By what possible definition of “hate”?

    “The Friendly Atheist” blog is a hate group according to the standard definition of “friendly atheist” — which is “an atheist who is very happy that other people believe in God and so smiles, nods, and keeps their mouth shut.”

    Anything else is ‘unfriendly.’

  • Sastra

    Maybe Hemant’s group should agree to give the money to whichever worthy charity writes the best letter to the editor blasting the library’s decision and supporting respect for atheists. All local papers are eligible. Let the games begin.

  • Al Dente

    I like Sastra’s recommendation @6.

  • Loqi

    Hemant is definitely a Hatey McHaterson. Possibly the hatiest hater that ever hated.

  • wilsim

    I’m with sastra @6 as well.

    Petrography I cannot grasp how depositing a check in any way endorsed the message of the person donating.

    Fucking idiots.

  • wilsim


    Silly autocorrectautocorrect and failing at proofreading.

  • wilsim


  • Artor

    Sastra has won the thread. Close comments now: no more are needed.

  • John Horstman

    I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised – this is the same crowd that keeps insisting that money that is ever handled by someone who is affiliated with any organization that has anthing to do with abortion, including talking about it, somehow retroactively implicates anyone who previously had some money that went into a big pot with the money in question in performing abortions. Or something. (That sentence is about as confused as the putative reasoning involved.)

  • I will say two things.

    First, I never got a reply to my note to the assholes at the American Legion post in Morton’s Grove, after Ed wrote about them in an earlier post.

    Second, the check is too small. Put three more zeros in it and I see a far different “take” on the situation.

  • dingojack

    ‘Hate group’ = a group from which they hate to accept a donation.*



    * because it would make a nonsense of their ‘only religious people can be moral’ stance

    [speaking petrographically, of course]. 🙂

  • Actually, I’ll say a third thing.

    If the check were going to be donated to one of the aforementioned organizations and they turn it down let them know that their selflessness has made it possible for you to offer it to Planned Parenthood or some other satanic org.

    It’s been said before, Fucking. Assholes.

  • caseloweraz

    Maybe it has something to do with anagrams.

    Take the word “atheist.” Move the “h” from third position to first and you get “hateist.”

    Maybe the leaders of those two Morton Grove groups are all dyslexic. (I guess their refusal would require the auditory equivalent as well.)