Mikey Weinstein Ruins Christmas!

Mikey Weinstein has done it again. Not only does he spend his time eating Christian babies, he hates Jesus and Santa Claus as well and is destroying Christmas by demanding that the military comply with their own regulations and put a nativity scene in the base chapel.

The commander of this remote outpost said Wednesday night he would move two Nativity scenes from U.S. troops’ cafeterias to the base chapel, ending a daylong controversy kicked up by a few troops who protested to the Pentagon in secret.

“No one’s ever complained to me about it. We’ve been doing it for 10 years,” said Capt. J.R. Nettleton, commander of this Navy base, which has a school, a golf course and about 6,000 residents, a third of them civilian contract workers from Jamaica and the Philippines.

Still, he said, he took a look at the two créches in the dining rooms and concluded the more suitable place to put them was, as recommended, in the base chapel on a hilltop above the McDonald’s.

“The spirit of the Navy’s policy on this is, if it’s religious, it goes to the chapel,” Nettleton told the Miami Herald after a day of controversy. “It’s more appropriate there.”

A total of 18 U.S. service members stationed here, five of them officers, appealed to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation after an agonizing, secret meeting earlier this week about what to do about the two créches and other Christmas decorations that festoon the main prison and base dining rooms, the rights group’s president, Mikey Weinstein, said Wednesday.

And that, says someone named Sara Noble at a site called The Independent Sentinel, is ruining Christmas for the troops there.

Weinstein is responsible for having nativity scenes removed from two locations in GITMO. Our soldiers aren’t allowed to enjoy Christmas because Weinstein said 18 cowardly practicing Christians and Protestants were very upset about their presence. Of course these supposed complainants are anonymous. I hear the military at GITMO are on a mission to find out who they are – if they even exist. I have my doubts.

The commanders on the base who removed the scenes are cowards too. They caved to the jerk Weinstein.

Melodramatic much? Aren’t allowed to enjoy Christmas? Seriously?

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  • http://atheist-faq.com Jasper of Maine

    The way people react to these things, and the increased religiosity of the armed forces, it’s no wonder no one’s complained.

  • blf

    Can we ask Mr Weinstein to use his military expertise and set up an ambush for the Easter Bunny? The nutters are providing plenty of ammo — have you seen the laughter an absurdly over-the-top whingeing causes?

  • borax

    Wow, apparently the biggest civil rights issue at GITMO is a lack of manger scenes. Now assume the stress position and prepare for the force feeding.

  • http://pandarogue.blogspot.com Kevin, 友好火猫 (Friendly Fire Cat)

    Of course they’re anonymous. If their identities were found out, they’d be at the bad side of a military beating.

  • Subtract Hominem, a product of Nauseam

    Well, at least with this distraction gone, the brave troops stationed there can resume there tireless, heroic efforts to expose Barry Hussein Osama’s secret plot to nuke the US from the secret underground fortress in his birthplace of Benghazi, Kenya.

  • dingojack

    An unnamed military source from GITMO stated:




  • caseloweraz

    The Miami Herald: Signs of the Christmas holiday season abound on the base, which has a holiday parade with floats and a hillside is decorated with holiday lights that depict Santa Claus, a sleigh, a Christmas tree and candy cane among other holiday symbols.

    And I suppose all those things disappeared or were banished when Mikey Weinstein made his move? Whoa, whatadrag, dude!

    Waitaminit! Wasn’t Candy Cane a stripper? I’m sure it would improve morale immensely if she were brought in to perform in the cafeterias.

  • erichoug

    I was actually in Guantanamo about 2 years ago. Aside from being a total shithole, it is also an incredibly small world. If the people who complained about these items were actually exposed it would, first of all, be the end of their military careers and secondly put them in an extremely dangerous situation. Gitmo already has an extremely high rate of sexual assault And yes, much of it is male soldiers being assaulted.

    Anyone else notice how the response of the Christian right is almost exactly the same as the Mafia when someone informs on them:” If they were really men, they would stand up and face me.” Knowing of course that they will be shot as soon as they do. But, let’s all play pretend and say this has nothing to do with getting back at them.

  • had3

    The appropriate compromise would have been to include the Herod baby decapitation scene and leave it in the cafeteria. That way the food bill would have gone down too. Ha!

  • dingojack

    erichoug – did you escape on a raft made of raincoats? Enquiring minds….

    :) Dingo

  • gshelley

    I hear the military at GITMO are on a mission to find out who they are

    I can’t begin to imagine why they might prefer to be anonymous

  • caseloweraz

    I have never been to Guantánamo, but I have read about it. From books like David Rose’s Guantánamo (The New Press, 2004), it’s clear that it’s far from a plum assignment for U.S. troops (unlike, say, Clark Air Base, where I served for 18 months back in the day.)

    But as rough as it may be for the troops, it’s far worse for the prisoners. And it still represents a threat to America’s foundational principles. To quote from David Rose’s book (page 159):

    “How could an American administration have contemplated and executed such actions, and in so doing, as we have seen, turn its back on the very philosophies that informed the genesis of the nation? The answer has to be that Guantánamo reflects other battles being fought for the soul and direction of American society, deep conflicts that have been aptly described as a “culture war.” On the one hand are the secular and constitutional principles of the American republic. On the other is the Christian authoritarianism of Boykin, Ashcroft, and Bush, an exceptionalism that for the rest of the world means only the justice of theocratic American might, in some senses a mirror image of the millenarian obscurantism espoused by Osama bin Laden in his mysterious Asian cave.”

  • erichoug

    @ Dingo Jack

    did you escape on a raft made of raincoats? Enquiring minds….

    HAHA, No. My brother is in the military and he got me down there on a family visit pass to do some Scuba. I will say that Gitmo has some of the best diving I have ever done. Highly recommended.

    Also, the twin engine prop plane flight down there would have been terrifying if the view out the windows at 5000′ hadn’t been so incredibly beautiful.

  • dingojack

    Wow – talk about going to extreme lengths to have the beach to yourself. :)

    Still, it must have been a great place to dive, a paradise virtually free of all human interference (all thanks to an human-created inhumane shithole).


  • erichoug


    Actually the beaches aren’t very good. I think Cable Beach was OK but they are mostly small and rocky with a lot of sharp coral where you would swim.

    Bit the Diving is absolutely phenomenal.

    The base itself is ridiculous, prior to 9/11 the only reason they kept it open was to thumb our collective noses at Castro. The gate into Cuba isn’t even manned anymore. They just put a Kryptonite lock on it. The much fabled guard towers are now all manned by web cams and the Cubans haven’t manned their side in years. the machine gun nests and mortar emplacements haven’t been used in decades. And, shipping traffic coming into or out of Guantanamo Bay doesn’t even bother to stop when they go through the base. The navy scrambles an “Escort” for them and the Cuban and Chinese sailors just smile and wave at them. Bet you didn’t know that the US navy base only encompasses the lower 1/3 of Guantanamo bay and the upper 2/3 is an active port.

    I did get to see camp X-ray while I was there. They really should bulldoze that place, it’s got “war crime” written all over it.

  • Moggie

    The Christian thugs manning Gitmo should probably spend less time contemplating the baby Jesus, and more time contemplating the lake of eternal fire, where their mythology suggests they will end up for their crimes against humanity.

  • zenlike

    I did get to see camp X-ray while I was there. They really should bulldoze that place, it’s got “war crime” written all over it.

    They shouldn’t. It should remain as a monument, to be visited by future generations as a black mark on the history of the United States.

  • http://missingthepoint.wordpress.com/ W. Kevin Vicklund

    Our soldiers aren’t allowed to enjoy Christmas

    All you have to do to enjoy Christmas is go to church.

    Oh, I see the problem now….

  • http://www.christianfighterpilot.com JD

    Ed said Weinstein was

    demanding that the military comply with their own regulations and put a nativity scene in the base chapel.

    True, there’s that regulation that says…no, wait, that’s not it. But then there’s that one on religious accommodation…no, that doesn’t say it.

    Come to think of it, there isn’t a single military regulation that says a nativity scene has to be at a chapel, despite Ed’s statement to the contrary.

    It’s a shame things Weinstein and Ed say can’t be taken at face value, since they’re so often wrong…or intentionally misleading.

  • dingojack

    Hey JD, Happy Holidays! –

    A quick google search found this*. Care to comment?



    * amongst about 43.6 million other hits

  • http://www.ranum.com Marcus Ranum

    They shouldn’t. It should remain as a monument, to be visited by future generations as a black mark on the history of the United States.

    I was struck yesterday by headlines that appeared together in google newsfeed. One was Obama wishing the troops a happy holiday, and the other was complaints about Japanese prime minister Abe visiting one of Japan’s war memorials – the Chinese and Koreans were less than impressed. Once the US is no longer top dog, that is what the future looks like.