Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Sarah Palin

The Bryan Fischer award is given to those who display a staggering lack of self-awareness, accusing their opponents of displaying their own worst traits. Here’s Sarah Palin in an interview with Newsbusters talking about the Martin Bashir situation:

NEWSBUSTERS: Moving away from the book for a moment, I have to ask you about something truly disgusting that happened involving you last month: Martin Bashir’s awful comments about you. First off, were you aware that NewsBusters was the first to expose his remarks doing so roughly 45 minutes after he uttered them?

PALIN: Yes, NewsBusters is always the first to report these things! I don’t think you guys sleep! I’m in awe of how fast you are to spot things and spread the word. What would we do without you guys? Thank you so much for all you do to defend conservatives and insist on fairness and accuracy in media.

NEWSBUSTERS: As this happened at 5PM on a Friday, it’s conceivable that had we not published that piece, no one would have known what he said given how terrible his ratings were. Would you have preferred we hadn’t have published it, or are you pleased this came to light? Why?

PALIN: I’m always glad you hold the media accountable. For me, this would be easier to talk about if I weren’t the subject because I never see myself as a “victim.” I’m used to the attacks. It’s important to call out the double standards and utter lack of professionalism in journalism though.

No one sees themselves as more of a victim than Sarah Palin. She is a professional victim, always suffering the slings and arrows of outrageous criticism. As for the double standards, how about Palin demanding that Bashir be fired while claiming that duck dynasty douchebag is having his First Amendment rights violated? Oh, I’m sorry. I’ve just victimized Sarah Palin by pointing out her hypocrisy. Boo hoo.

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  • As for the double standards, how about Palin demanding that Bashir be fired while claiming that duck dynasty douchebag is having his First Amendment rights violated?

    Oh, please! There’s no double standard. The situations are completely different. Sarah Palin disagrees with Martin Bashir and agrees Phil Robertson. She doesn’t think that she should be forced to eat poop, but does think that gay men should like vagina and that black people were happier back during Jim Crow.

  • NewsBusters was the first to expose his remarks doing so roughly 45 minutes after he uttered them

    How does one “expose” something that occurs on a news/commentary program with millions of viewers?

  • Donnie

    The only thing about this that makes me cringe is the phrase, professional victim. I would refer to Sarah Palin as a professional hypocrite. It is more closer to the truth and eliminates the whole victim aspect. Personally, I am glad Martin Bashir was called out because what he said was dehumanizing. From what I understand, both left and right called him out, but maybe I am only hopeful on the left calling him out. Sarah, and the right wing noise machine, are hypocrites because, as Ed said, there is no difference between what Martin and Phil said expect for the first referring to a specific named person and Phil using a general smear for an entire portion of the population. I feel the later is worse because it feeds to dehumanizing a whole group while the former allows some sort of rejoinder.

  • Zeno @2:

    Let me copy and paste from my Wingnutese-to-English Dictionary:

    Expose (N): To publish a hysterical screed of fake outrage over something that everyone has already seen but were not sufficiently outraged about the first time.

  • sharonb

    And of course, Sarah the P admitted later that she had rushed to Robertson’s defense without having, you know, actually read what Robertson actually said.

  • Larry


    I saw that, too. What wasn’t clear, however, was whether that meant Palin the Quitter now repudiates duck man’s screed or, upon not having read said interview, prefers that her support or lack thereof remain nebulous, the better to keep on grifting the flock whilst appearing to not be otherwise idiotic to normal folk.

  • mobius

    I had a weird conversation with my neighbor last night. He was all in a dither about the Duck Dynasty patron being fired by A&E. And it was all the doing of evil gay people. Of course, he didn’t have a clue about what guy had actually said.

    I pointed out that my neighbor in the past had said he had nothing against gay people. He said that was true, but that he also thought they were immoral and were forcing him to…??? When I asked what they were forcing on him, it came down to, well, forcing him to be tolerant. And he didn’t want to be tolerant. And that women were made to serve men, not men to serve men…or something like that.

    I just gave up at that point.

  • felidae

    Poor Sarah, its sooo hard being St Joan of the Wingnuts where every little comment is an attack on her, our country, Christian values, the Constitution, the family and God hisself but everything she says about gays, Obama, Democrats, secularists, gun control advocates, liberals, the media and environmentalists is holy and beyond reproach

  • “Bryan Fischer Award Nominee: Sarah Palin”

    Isn’t about time to retire Ms. Wassillabilly’s down-filled Kevlar vest? It should be hoisted into the rafters at the next Values Summit, preferably while she’s wearing it,