Another ‘Witch’ Killed in Africa

The horrifying trend of people in African countries killing others after accusing them of being “witches” continues with this story of two men in Zimbabwe killing an 81-year old man because they thought he had killed their uncle through his use of “witchcraft.”

Asst Insp Muzondo said Chikurunhe and Miranza were assisting with investigations into the death of Peter Goora of Manyange Village under Chief Mangwende.

He said on December 14 at around 11pm, Goora and his wife, Euna, were sleeping at their home when Chikurunhe and Miranza knocked on their door.

They persuaded Goora to join them for a drink at the nearby shops. When Goora opened the door the pair accused him of causing the death of their uncle, only identified as Tonderai, through witchcraft.

They assaulted Goora with logs and he died on the spot.

The article says that the murderers were actually assisting the local police in investigating the murder of their uncle. This is barbarism. Utter barbarism.

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  • Michael Heath

    Fascinating article in the NYTs regarding African belief in demons and witches:

  • raven

    It is horrifying.

    It’s also routine. A week or so ago, there was another series of witch killings in a xian village in Kenya. Most of the victims were old people

    It’s not known too well how many witches are killed in Africa per year. Estimates run up to 1,000, mostly children.

  • raven

    Elderly Kenyans burned alive as ‘witches’ after refusing to give up …

    www. dailymail.…/Elderly-Kenyans-burned-alive-witches-refusing-…‎

    Nov 4, 2012 – Monday, Dec 30 2013 3AM 37°F 6AM 35°F 5-Day Forecast …. Some were burned to death in front of villagers. … showing five people burned in the village of Nyamataro, Kisii, in the west of Kenya, over witchcraft allegations.

    This happens a lot in Kenya and routinely in this area of Kenya.

    I put, witches killed in Kenya, into Google and got hits going back to 2008.

  • busterggi

    Utter barbarism or biblical justice, let’s ask the Christian Dominionist here in the US for their answer.

  • raven

    Trigger Alert!!!

    showing five people burned in the village of Nyamataro, Kisii, in the west of Kenya, over witchcraft allegations.

    You all want to be a little careful with these stories. One of the articles I read, might be this one, had photo documentation i.e. photographs. Which I looked at. And wished I hadn’t.

  • raven

    Religion in Kenya – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    en. wikipedia.o rg/wiki/ Religion_in_Kenya‎

    The predominant religion in Kenya is Christianity, adhered to by about four-fifths … Islam is the religion of approximately 11.2 percent of the Kenyan population.

    FWIW, Kenya is a Christian nation. In fact, it is way more xian than the USA. It’s 80% xian versus the US at 68%.

    There are claims that what is enabling the epidemic of mostly old people witch killings is fundie xianity. It’s known that the leading witch hunters are xian ministers including a friend of Sarah Palin.

    (and now the usual fundie excuses. False flag, atheists do it too, can’t prove it was fundie xians, and they weren’t Real Xians.) Cthulhu, these excuses are so old they must have been around before xianity was even invented.

  • Markita Lynda—threadrupt

    Mr. Hagee could get his jollies in Kenya accusing people of not being Christian enough for him.