Library Journal Hammers Morton Grove Board

I’m sure you recall that the Morton Grove library board recently became the second local board in the city to refuse $3000 raised by Hemant Mehta because they don’t want any of that dirty atheist money. The Library Journal absolutely rips the board for that ridiculous decision.

One deluded board member called the blog a “hate group,” proving he doesn’t know what hate groups are really like. (Hint: they don’t call themselves “friendly” anything.) He apparently defines “hate group” as “people who disagree with me.”

The Morton Grove library board has decided to institute a religious test for donations, because of course money coming from atheists is dirty atheist money, and to accept it might put a curse of the devil on the library, or whatever people like that think.

That kind of goes against both American and library values, but who cares about freedom of religion when there are dirty atheists trying to donate money to the library? Only 2 people out of 7 on the Morton Grove library board, that’s who.

The next logical course for the intolerant bigots on the library board who want to discriminate against harmless groups is to enact new rules from the library barring atheists from getting library cards…

Anyway, so much for freedom of religion with the Morton Grove library board. They don’t like that kind of freedom. That thing about libraries being for everybody? Well, maybe everybody can use them, at least until the religious tests are enacted, but everybody certainly isn’t allowed to support them…

The library board is acting like a bunch of intolerant bigots refusing money for a public library for religious reasons. That’s a nice lesson for the end of the year.

Harsh but fair.

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  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Nothing beats a good rant, and that was a great one.

    A bit tangentially, this whole thing was predicated on “a board member refused to stand for the pledge of allegiance”, which kind of puts the lie to the meme that standing for the pledge in schools or anywhere else is optional. When that kind of attitude is present, you know that any kid that doesn’t stand is going to receive a huge amount of crap from his/her classmates.

  • richardelguru

    They are utterly stupid: I mean why not accept it and go buy bibles with it.

    (If offered money by a church, I sure as hell would go out and buy an expensive edition of something atheist)

  • Modusoperandi

    Look, everybody knows that Athiest money is cursed. People who have no souls have money that has no soul, which opens the gateway to the Devil. And you don’t want the Devil in your Mammon. That’s where Jesus is supposed to go! I saw an Athiest touch money, once, and the “In God We Trust” burned right off! I know!

  • Wylann

    That’s not at all harsh. The word asshat wasn’t used nearly enough, and there wasn’t a single use of all caps.

  • marcus

    Atheist cooties are the worst!11!!11one!!

  • d.c.wilson

    You got your Devil in my Mammon!

    You got your Mammon in my Devil!

    Two great tastes that taste great together. Reese’s Satanic Butter Cups.

  • bushrat

    @3 Modusoperandi – I think that Pirates of the Caribbean taught us all that if you use cursed atheist money you will turn into undead pirates.

  • tsig

    Undead pirates? What’s the down side?

  • democommie

    Morton Grove, one more place to avoid.


    The self-starting ads? The one for Airborne (which is shit, btw) cold and flu stuff. It’s under the “Foundation Beyond Belief” and above the “Support FTB” banners.

  • DonDueed

    tsig — well, your eyeballs do tend to fall out a lot.

  • had3

    You would think they could use a “they’re not really atheists” rationalization by taking the check to a bank and getting cash that has “in God we trust” on it and going from there. I mean, get the guy who won’t stand for the pledge to take it, his hands aren’t clean already. Amirite?