‘Psychic’ Scammed $2 Million From Credulous Victim

A woman in Connecticut, coincidentally named Stacy Caputo (presumably no relation to the “Long Island Medium,” Teresa Caputo), says she gave $2 million to the “psychic” who falsely claimed that Lindsay Lohan had assaulted her in a nightclub.

Stacy Caputo says she gave a South Florida “psychic” more than $2 million over a five-year period and doubts that she will ever get any of that money back.

Caputo said she believed for a long time that the psychic, a woman known as Tiffany Ava Mitchell, was giving the money to God and to charities as part of a mission to clear “negativity” and “bad energy” from Caputo’s life…

Caputo said she was shocked when she saw the woman she knew as “Ava” on a celebrity gossip TV show in November 2012. Mitchell, clasping a Louis Vuitton bag, was surrounded by paparazzi as she accused troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan of slugging her in a hip nightclub in Manhattan. Police later said video footage revealed no assault.

Caputo, who lives in Connecticut, said that’s when she began to doubt Mitchell and question if her money was really going to charity. Mitchell wouldn’t answer her questions, she said.

“I started asking her for receipts,” said Caputo, now 45. ” ‘Show me what you did with the money’ — I really thought there would be a homeless shelter with my name over the door. … She just said she had to pray on it, but she never gave me any receipts and she never explained where the money went.”…

Caputo said West Palm Beach detectives later told her that her allegations were too weak to file criminal charges, but she hopes her story might encourage other people to come forward if they believe they were misled.

“It’s a shameful type of thing to admit, but I don’t think I have a legal leg to stand on to get that money back,” said Caputo. “If people are more aware of this, they’ll be less likely to get taken.”

I simply don’t understand how anyone could fall for this, but it happens all the time.

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  • This merely confirms my opinion that we should change our Linnæan binomial from Homo sapiens—or in extreme cases Homo sapiens sapiens (to distinguish ourselves from that close cousin, you know the one we never invite to family get-togethers Homo sapiens neanderthalensis)—to the much more believable Homo credentis or maybe even to Homo pontesbrooklyniensisemptor.

  • Trebuchet

    I’ve long been aware that human beings have a seemingly limitless capacity — make that a NEED — to believe in the sheerest nonsense. Whether it’s religion, libertarianism, Planet X, the Moon Hoax, TeaPartyism, or a combination, there’s just about always something. In my case, I believe pumpkins can fly.

  • tbp1

    I’m with Ed. I know it happens and happens a lot, but I honestly don’t see how someone who is not literally insane and/or mentally deficient could possibly fall for something like this. But then, I don’t understand why transparent phonies like Benny Hinn can fill football stadiums and get poor people to finance a lifestyle that would make a czar or maharaja blush in embarrassment, either.

    In my weaker moments, there’s a not-nice part of me that thinks anyone this credulous deserves to get taken, but then I remember how much actual suffering is caused by such frauds.

  • Abby Normal

    Trebuchet @2

    In my case, I believe pumpkins can fly.

    Bravo, sir! Bravo.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Gotta give Caputo some gutsiness-credit for speaking up, under the circumstances.

    I suspect she must have bragged to her friends about all the good things she imagined Mitchell was doing for her. Wonder what they say to her now?

  • Trebuchet, what else would a trebuchet believe, but anyway you of all people must have clear evidence for this!

  • Johnny Vector

    “‘Who’s that pumpkin in the trebuchet?”

    “That’s ‘Arold. He’s that most dangerous of creatures, the clever pumpkin. ‘E’s realized that a pumpkin’s life consists of growing in a field for a few months, then getting your guts scooped out and your body carved up with a knife. ‘E’s patently ‘it on the idear of escape.”

    “Well why don’t you just stop Harold?”

    “Because of the enohrmous commerrrcial potential should ‘e succeed. (pause) If you could lend me 2 million quid I’ll ‘appily make you a parrtner in my venture.”

    “Why would I do that?”

    “To ‘elp make this comment seem relevant to the original post.”

    “Ah yes. Right-o”

  • Moggie

    Caputo said she believed for a long time that the psychic, a woman known as Tiffany Ava Mitchell, was giving the money to God and to charities

    Wait, you can give money directly to God? What does God need with money?

  • jasonfailes

    He’s saving up to buy a starship.

  • busterggi

    Pumpkins can fly – its landing safely they have a problem with.

  • tubi

    Why wouldn’t she just give the money directly to charity? Wouldn’t that remove any built-up negativity right there? I respect her willingness to come forward, but seriously, what a maroon.

  • tubi

    @ busterggi #10

    “As God is my witness, I thought pumpkins could land.”

  • had3

    The pilot said “we’ll have you on the ground in 3 seconds,” not “we’ll have you safely on the ground…” Always bothers me when I fly like a pumpkin.