Pathfinders in Haiti

Having gone to Cambodia, Uganda, Ghana and Guatemala, our four Pathfinders are now in Haiti where they are working with Children of the Border building latrines to protect the water supply in rural areas of that country. Rural Haitians are still suffering from the consequences of the 2010 earthquake, and the cholera that was most likely brought in by U.N. forces in the aftermath has since killed more than 8,000 Haitians and stricken 650,000 more. Latrines are needed to stop the spread of the water-borne illness, and the Pathfinders are working to nearly DOUBLE the number of latrines Children of the Border has built to date. $300 is all it takes to build a latrine. $300 is all it takes to protect clean water not just for individual families, but for an entire community. You can donate to those efforts here.

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