Limbaugh’s Irrational Opinion on Springsteen and Christie

Last week, Bruce Springsteen and Jimmy Fallon did a song parody making fun of New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, which should surprise no one. Rush Limbaugh, bizarrely, is bothered by that because Christie is a Springsteen fan, which he apparently thinks obligated Springsteen never to criticize him.

Limbaugh called rock star Bruce Springsteen a “low-rent character” for turning on his longtime fan, fellow New Jersey native Gov. Chris Christie.

“Governor Christie loves this guy,” Limbaugh pointed out. “It’s 127 different concerts he’s attended, and he’s mocked, he’s made fun of. He can’t be a real fan because he’s a Republican. You can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat, and even then for only as long as they can use you. … Why this isn’t seen by people is beyond me.”

Uh, when did Springsteen or anyone else say that Christie can’t be a real fan of Springsteen because he’s a Republican? I’m sure lots of Republicans love Springsteen’s music. But what does that have to do with Springsteen criticizing or not criticizing them? He can’t ever say anything that some of his fans might disagree with? He can’t criticize anyone who claims to be his fan? That’s patently absurd. Can he really believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth?

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  • sqlrob

    I think your headline is five words too long.

  • Anthony K

    Why this isn’t seen by people is beyond me.

    This is what Obama would call a ‘teachable moment’, Rush.

  • Can he really believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth?

    He doesn’t need to. So long as the rubes believe it and he gets paid, he’s happy to spew even more bullshit every day.

  • eric

    So, Christie attends 127 concerns and Springstein never says anything negative about him. Christie plans to illegally and immorally punish a town who largely voted against him, and Springstein says something about that. Yeah, that totally correlates with “I’m attacking him because he’s a Republican.”

  • colnago80

    Recall the incident that occurred during the campaign in 2012 when Christy got a call from Obama from Air force One. After the conversation as to how the recovery from Sandy was going, Obama told Christi that there was someone on the plane who wanted to talk to him and putb Bruce on the phone.

  • Alverant

    Didn’t some GOP candidate use one of Springsteen’s song without asking permission? Some fan.

  • Mr Ed

    By this logic if Obama comes out as a Limbaugh fan claiming to have seen 100+ shows then Obama is off the table for Limbaugh.

  • Larry

    Didn’t some GOP candidate use one of Springsteen’s song without asking permission?

    I think it was Zombie Reagan that used it. Of course, clueless as they are, the GOP thought it was a patriotic anthem based solely upon the title, not listening to the words that presented a very different message.

  • ” You can only be a real fan and friend to somebody like Springsteen if you’re a Democrat, ”

    Believing that merely being a fan of some celebrity is somehow the same as being their friend, and that you therefore are entitled to be treated by that celebrity as if you have a real interpersonal relationship, is delusional stalker territory. I’d ask if Rush genuinely wants to encourage delusion, but of course I already know that he does.

    Sorry, but anyone who is even vaguely aware of Springsteen cannot possibly believe that he would not be critical of Christie’s conduct. Acting shocked is transparently disingenuous.

  • Moggie

    This is a rare case of the shit supporting the fan.

  • Alverant

    Well it’s not like that was the first or last time they used a musician’s song without permission (or understanding what the song is about).

  • @ 8 and 11,

    Lee Greenwood’s godawful “God Bless the USA” is the only song that a Republican needs to ever use in a campaign.

    I think I threw up in my mouth a little just thinking about that vacuous pile of crap that is referred to by some as “music.” It’s so bad that playing it at someone in captivity is a form of torture.

  • keithb


    It was “Born in the USA” and they just used the chorus IIRC.

  • Michael Heath

    Ed asks (rhetorically):

    Can [Rush Limbaugh] really believe the bullshit that comes out of his mouth?

    I’m fairly confident that if you tested Mr. Limbaugh on what statements he made in the past, he’d flunk; even a day later. This guy lives in such an impervious bubble, even his own short-term memory is outside the zone. He’s just shootin’ the shit saying whatever’s convenient in the moment, with no one to argue otherwise along with no concern about what’s true, but also no concern with maintaining a plausible story line.

    The only consistency out of Limbaugh are his continual assertions that conservatives are always accurate and good when practicing conservatism and everybody else is always lying and bad. Where Mr. Limbaugh is the best example of a U.S. leader who doesn’t practice accuracy or promote that which is good. Second place in this category has to go to Mr. Limbaugh’s friend Roger Ailes, president of Fox News.

  • felidae

    Rush makes $50 million + a year selling outrage and he has to come up with 3 hours per day of outrage to keep the money flowing in, so one has to be impressed with his output. Rush’s fans need outrage (see what those bastards are doing us the virtuous!) to give their lives meaning, so the demand is huge and has spawned many imitators looking to cash in, so Rush has to up the ante to stay competitive. Hell of a business model–selling something available in unlimited supply to eager consumers. Kinda like prostitution if you think about it.