Savage: Muslim Immigration Upholds Morality

Michael Savage, one of the most extreme and ridiculous voices on right wing talk radio, offered a very strange opinion on his show last week. Responding to something called “No Pants Day,” he said that Muslim immigration may be “God’s way of saving the West from itself.”

“What if the large influx of Muslims is God’s way of saving the West from itself?”

That was Dr. Savage’s provocative question at the top of the week. He was reflecting on the decadent international craze called “No Pants Day,” when subway passengers travel half-dressed.

“Normally I wouldn’t even talk about this,” Savage said, “but in the midst of [the prank] this time, a Muslim woman in Brussels, wearing a headscarf, held up a sign that said, ‘Pardon my dignity.’ She was quietly protesting No Pants Day on Brussels’ public transportation. Remember: Nature abhors a vacuum. As the West declines farther and farther into the abyss of degeneracy and stupidity, the Muslims are filling the void.”

And once again we have evidence of the commonly held views of the Christian right, the Jewish right and the Muslim right. They’re all virulently anti-gay and anti-sexual freedom in general.

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  • MikeMa

    So he wants Sharia law or not? Can’t have it both ways.

  • colnago80

    Re MikeMa @ #1

    Michael Savage, aka Michael Weiner, wants those aspects of Sharia law that he agrees with. Aspects that he doesn’t agree with not so much.

  • Moggie

    Nature abhors a vacuum. Also, pants.

  • eric

    I was not even aware of ‘no pants day’ until I saw someone on the metro without pants. Then a local news camera crew got on the same car…and interviewed someone else, wearing pants, about sports. I felt kinda sad for the no-pants-person. I mean, whaddaya have to do to get a little media love?

  • outraged

    No pants day sound great, unless you live here in the Upper Midwest. It’s 15 below zero. No pants day would be better in July no matter what the cause.

  • colnago80

    As I understand it, the participants wear underwear and are not au naturale.

  • John Pieret

    Wait a minute! Savage has called Obama our “first Muslim President.”

    I guess that means Obama is God’s way of saving the us from ourselves.

  • greg1466

    That’s a provocative question? Vacuous maybe, but provocative…no.

  • laurentweppe

    As a citizen of the western country with the biggest Muslim minority, I can tell by experience that it doesn’t take long before devout muslims start voting en masse for the godless left. Of course, this fact also led to the appearance of a pseudo-secular atheist right in France, one that doesn’t shy away from palling around with their christian right, and jewish right kindred spirits (they also pall around with the muslim right, but not in front of cameras, for obvious reasons).

  • When you can’t make up your mind on something as basic as 1) they’re our existential enemies come to destroy us, or 2) they’re our saviors sent from God, you know your belief system has a coherency problem.

  • “…a Muslim woman in Brussels, wearing a headscarf, held up a sign that said, ‘Pardon my dignity.’

    Just as long as she wasn’t wearing pants, I’m cool with it.

  • eric

    @9 – that voting pattern makes a great deal of sense to me. IMO the same thing has traditionally been true in the US – minority religions (more often) vote left because they want their rights protected and enforced, while the majority religions (more often) vote right because they want to maintain whatever privilege there may be in the status quo.

    What’s interesitng about the US case is that, with us having a series of immigrations, the same sects have flipped sides as they’ve gone from minority to plurality or majority status. IIRC, baptists are one of the classic examples. Its a politically long way from Roger Williams to the SBC.

  • MattieF

    What’s all this talk about No Pants Day? I thought that was Dan Savage, not Michael Savage?

  • Michael Savage seems to have forgotten a lot of those Muslim folks don’t wear pants either. Look out, Michael, they’ll have you wearing a thobe before you know it!