Ken Blackwell’s Incredible Dishonesty

Ken Blackwell, the former Ohio Secretary of State who is now on the faculty of Liberty University and a fellow at both the Family Research Council and the American Civil Rights Union (Get it? It’s just like the ACLU! Isn’t that clever?), shows just how dishonest he can be in this article at Catholic Online.

Nuns hopeful of stay,” read the headlines. No, they weren’t going to be executed. Only their consciences were to be violated. The HHS Mandate was going to force them to cover abortifacient drugs that can end the lives of unborn children. Now, and only temporarily, the Supreme Court has stayed the execution of the HHS Mandate under ObamaCare.

Never in America’s long history has such a headline even been imaginable. The gravest threat to religious freedom has been part of what President Obama meant when he said he would “fundamentally transform this country.” Nuns have faced anti-Catholicism, Bible riots, and various forms of Klan-instigated bigotry, but never has the federal government itself threatened to snuff out the lamp of freedom. Evangelicals and Lutherans, too, face a hostile administration.

That’s in part why the Hobby Lobby and the Conestoga Wood Company have appealed to the Supreme Court to exempt them from the HHS Mandate that violates their deepest religious convictions.

So what do you suppose Blackwell, who is black, would say about the “deepest religious convictions” of Christian racists? Would he support their right to discriminate against him? After all, he’s making the argument that the government doesn’t have any authority to make religious people violate their beliefs (though in the case of the contraception mandate, it isn’t doing that at all; the law explicitly exempts those nuns from having to provide contraception). But it’s not an argument he would likely apply consistently.

President Obama has not only sought to crush religious freedom at home. He delivered a 2009 address at Egypt’s Al Azhar University. He extended an olive branch to what he termed “the Muslim world.” By bowing to Islamic supremacist ideas in that hotbed of Muslim Brotherhood, the new U.S. leader was signaling to Islamists throughout the region that this country would henceforth side with them provided only that they came to power democratically.

Again, incredibly dishonest. Notice how he jumps from “extending an olive branch” to the Muslim world to “bowing to Islamic supremacist ideas.” He did nothing of the sort, of course. Not even close. But this is what you have to do when the only thing you care about is attacking your political enemies, with no regard at all for the facts or logical consistency.

Undeterred by the overthrow of Hosni Mubarak’s regime, Mr. Obama showered U.S. foreign aid on those who seek to murder their neighbors who worship differently. In Egypt, for example, this administration shoveled Americans’ tax dollars into the coffers of Mohamed Morsi, the Muslim Brotherhood candidate for president.

Again, rank dishonesty. Obama did nothing of the sort. Congress has appropriated aid to Egypt. That aid went to Egypt, as it has for decades. Obama didn’t do anything but follow the law.

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  • John Pieret

    the law explicitly exempts those nuns from having to provide contraception

    Ah! But it requires them to sign a form saying that they don’t want to provide contraception which then triggers their employees right to get it from the insuance carrier and/or the Federal govenment.

    So, essentially, making them say what their religious beliefs are for the purpose of avoiding violating them is violating their religious beliefs.

  • Trebuchet

    (Second try, because my cable provider ate the first one…)

    Note also the utterly dishonest description of contraceptives as “abortifactant drugs that can end the lives of unborn children.”

  • Reginald Selkirk

    who is now on the faculty of Liberty University…

    Nuns have faced anti-Catholicism,

    Being Catholic at Liberty University

    Many of my professors at Liberty, however, have been much like my teachers at LCA: good, friendly people, but biased and ignorant when it comes to Catholicism. Once again I am sitting through lectures where the professor’s anti-Catholic comments are prefaced with “You have to understand, it’s not that I’m against Catholicism,” and where teachers betray an ignorance of history and of Catholic teaching, telling the class, for example, that the veneration of Mary stems from the ancient pagan worship of Venus. It’s extremely frustrating when I get a professor who tells the entire 400-person class untruths about Catholics. Of course the class believes him or her because he or she is the one with the doctorate, the one who is supposed to be the most knowledgeable. These men and women seem to be perfectly knowledgeable in their fields, and I usually enjoy learning from them. It’s only when they stray into the apparently unfamiliar territory of Catholic beliefs that they start saying ridiculous things. One of my theology professors, for example, told our class that Catholics don’t believe that Jesus physically rose from the dead, based on something he apparently heard from a Catholic. How was he to know that this isn’t true?

  • sc_72717b0d8dc4053e632b6512091cef73

    I’m not one to agree much with Liberty faculty, but ” the veneration of Mary stems from the ancient pagan worship of Venus.” sounds pretty much true.

  • Michael Heath

    Let’s not forget that in 2004, Ken Blackwell was Sec. of State in Ohio while simultaneously serving as the Republican leader in Ohio chartered with getting George W. Bush re-elected. Because of his actions, we can’t determine that President Bush legitimately won re-election in 2004. That’s because we don’t know how many people in Ohio looking to vote who were predominately John Kerry voters were turned away at the polls based on how Blackwell authorized the allocation of voting machines across partisan districts.

    President Bush won that election, but we don’t know if his win was based on winning more votes than Sen. Kerry.

  • So anyone working for a company run by a Jehovah’s Witness or Christian Scientist should just forget about getting a life-saving blood transfusion because the procedure is against their religious beliefs?

  • Obama has “crushed” religious freedom at home?

    That must be why all my religions friends and family members are complaining they are not allowed to attend church or synagogue anymore because Obama’s ACORN army are blocking them from getting to their houses of worship.

  • Evangelicals and Lutherans, too, face a hostile administration.

    That’s funny. I was raised in the ELCA and not once were we told that contraceptives were a sin. Must be a different branch that’s facing a “hostile administration.” Probably those heritics in the Missouri Synod.

    John Pieret @1:

    What’s got the nuns in a bunch is that they’re not allowed to dictate to their employees whether or not they can use contraceptives. It’s another example of “My right to impose my religion on others is being tampled on!”

  • cottonnero

    Wait, why do the nuns need contraception again?