Vitter for Governor

It’s official, David Vitter has announced that he is running for governor of Louisiana in 2015. He recorded a video explaining why he’s running. It’s full of the usual list of empty platitudes and vague catchphrases that you would expect. Here’s that video:

He does promise to “make the hard decisions.” I presume he doesn’t mean which hooker to pay to put him in diapers.

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  • Gregory in Seattle

    Hows about we take up a collection to buy him some comfy cotton diapers?

  • cafink

    It depends on his competition (he wont be getting any loves or huggies from them for sure), but he wont be pampered in Baton Rouge like he was in DC.

    (shamelessly stolen from a Facebook friend)

  • Sean Boyd

    So, Senator Vitter, which is it: Pampers or Huggies?

  • daved

    Must be reassuring for Diaper Dave to know that even if he loses, he’ll still hold his Senate seat for another year after that. Though this raises an interesting point: if he wins, that means he’ll have to vacate his Senate seat with a year left on his term — does he get to select his own successor? (I have no idea how Louisiana fills Senate seats that are vacated after less than six years.)

  • Wylann

    Louisiana? How is it that these bozos just move around the country picking and choosing which state they want to run? Apparently, we need to increase the time required to live somewhere to run for anything higher up than local dog catcher.

    I would love to see someone put a package of diapers in front of his stand before a debate….. gotta be a prankster in LA good enough to pull that off.

  • scienceavenger

    Vote for the Perv, it’s important

  • daved

    Louisiana? How is it that these bozos just move around the country picking and choosing which state they want to run?

    Is this sarcasm? Vitter was born in New Orleans and went to Tulane. He’s been representing Louisiana (heaven help it) in Congress since 1999. I despise the man, but he’s not a carpetbagger.

  • LightningRose

    Sean Boyd @3

    “So, Senator Vitter, which is it: Pampers or Huggies?”


  • felidae

    I read a blog–Salon or Political Animal, I think–where the reporter asked Senators who the biggest asshole in the Senate was and the almost unanimous response was: David Vitter, so we can expect much more assholism from this POS in the future

  • howardhershey

    Just thinking. Would it not be interesting if someone (or several someones) at each stump speech and debate were to wave a diaper to remind the voters. I would suggest tossing one on stage, but in the “Sportsman’s Paradise” you might get shot as a terrorist as the bodyguards stand their ground.

  • Chiroptera

    Okay, now remind me how this all fits into the conservative framing: Is Vitter’s religious liberties being violated by talking about all of this?

  • had3

    Can’t stand the man, but how many people have to share a legal sexual proclivity (not the hookers, the diapers) before that choice is free from use as a slur? I mean, is it just below the homosexual line, or much lower?

  • cafink

    The diaper thing isn’t bothersome in itself, but the vociferousness with which Vitter attacks other people’s sexual relationships makes it hypocritical, which I *do* find particularly troubling.