Help Avicenna Raise Money for Acid Victims

FTB’s own Avicenna is doing a serious fundraiser for the Acid Survivors Trust International, a group that aids women who are victimized by having acid thrown on them, almost exclusively in the Muslim world. For this fundraiser, he’s going to be hiking many miles in the Himalaya mountains. You can donate to the cause here as I just did.

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  • neXus

    A very worthy cause- thanks for bringing it to my attention, Ed!

  • Sastra


  • michaelcrichton

    A good cause, but that “almost exclusively in the Muslim world” bit is BS and you should correct it. In the top three countries for acid attacks, they’re almost as common in Hindu areas of India as in Muslim ones, and Cambodia hardly has any Muslims at all. Hell, they don’t have many Muslims in Nepal either, and that’s also one of the top five.

  • iangould

    “…, almost exclusively in the Muslim world. ”

    Not even vaguely true unless India, Ethiopia and Cambodia have fallen to the revaening horses of Islamofascism.

    Now I”m sure I’ll get people outraged that I’m deflecting discussion of a worthy cause.

    Imagie efor a second Ed was writing ins support of a fundraiser for child victims of sexual abuse and happened to throw in a blatantly false comment about how the perpetrators were overwhelmingly gay. Or how about an appeal to assist rape victims that tossed in a claim that the rapists were overwhelmingly black?

  • dingojack

    I had to make sure. Yep, definitely Ed’s fuck-up.

    See here. Can you can spot where “[acid attacks occur] almost exclusively in the Muslim world” is opined?

    Maybe you need a secret decoder ring.