FLOTUS Partners With Subway. Cue the Wingnuts…

Subway announced it was joining forced with Michelle Obama’s Let’s Move initiative to encourage kids to eat healthier and exercise more. But those crafty wingnuts won’t be fooled by this Muslim communist propaganda straight out of Saul Alinsky and they let their feelings be known on the Subway Facebook page. I’ll leave the names in to not protect the stupid.

Doug Jones My family eats with Subway a LOT. But the first time we see the face of ANY Obama plastered over stores – we’re done. You have that right. But there are other places to dine.

Keldon McFarland I can’t believe the poor judgment the Subway Suits have made by teaming up with Michelle Obama. Whatever tax breaks(i.e. bribes) were dangled in front of them will be moot compared to this colossal PR blunder. It’s as if they’ve never take Management and Coustomer Service 101! The real victims here are franchise owners who are probably vomiting and hyperventilating as they take angry calls, letters, Emails and customer loss.

LarrynLisa Hawkins omg!! do you ppl not know putting an anti American heifer like mooooooshell on your bizz like that is going to destroy your bizz..wooohhooo thats great you can let her destroy your company like her P>O>S freak husband is destroying our beloved country….i feel bad for all your employess who will be out of a job when you have to shut down for your shi### choice!!!

Liz Johnston I will never eat there again. And will encourage everyone I know to never eat there again! We are a family of 6 and eat at subway regularly. We have also bought 6 foot subs and many party platters over the years. Please do not put a picture of that nasty excuse for a human being up in your resturaunt!!

Paula Dunaway Foster You have Michelle Obama’s face in your stores and I am NOT coming back. I still have not been back to Cracker barrel since that stunt with Phil Robertson even though they apologized.

Jamie Cooper You must be a liberal. Patriots are fed up with the Obamas and what they are doing to this country. Subway will see, we speak with our money and our money will not be talking at Subway. There are plenty of other sandwich shops and we are sick of those muslim/Marxists/communists in the White House.

Carrie LovesJesus Won’t be supporting any business that wants to further the government’s control over our food choices. This administration has done enough to destroy this country and take away our freedoms. Sorry but I will no longer be eating at subway…while I’m free to choose

Lucy Malkani I just threw up in mouth when I heard you were supporting obama. A loser is born every minute. Will not Subway again.

Robert Martin Neither I nor anyone in my family will eat at any Subway so long as you have affiliated yourself with this abomination .. if you want to encourage children to make better food choices then do so without this hypocritical idiot being your spokesperson!!

Matthew Greene Even though I tend to like your sandwiches, I will be taking my business elsewhere. Teaming up with a person to encourage healthier diets for kids is not a bad thing. However, having images of the “first lady”, wife of the most disastrous president in American history, is enough reason for me to hop on over to Quizno’s. The site of either of the Obama’s is quite revolting, as are they.

Jim Tucker NO MORE SUBWAY for me. It’s unconscionable that you’re doing this to your franchisees. I will not return until her name and image has been expunged from your site, advertising materials, store posters, and media outlets. SHAME ON YOU, Subway for partnering w/ a socialist b**c* who despises my country and capitalism!!!

Angel Young Dear Subway….Sorry you made the decision to do business with traitors…we don’t support anyone that does not support America…You just lost the business from my family and my company. There is no way EVER that I would have any Obama speaking for me about anything…Can you say communist, marxist, fascist, and LIAR and he has violated our Constitution. Not to mention Benghazi, Brian Terry, and all the top level military you have tried to smear. Both Obama’s have squandered taxpayer money and both of them need to get out of OUR White House. (and for all you race baiters out there..I don’t like his white half either). Give me some Allen West, Ben Carson and Trey Gowdy…all Patriots…something the Obama’s have no clue about.

Melinda M Pace So proud to take my business elsewhere! We eat there 3-4 times a week and sometimes more. If I were you, I would not put that woman’s mug on my store or advertisements!

Carla Longfellow Nobama = No Subway. Now to watch Subways close all over the nation you have made a very bad business decision to partner up with Obama. Never will eat at Subway again

Stuart Kaufman You just lost this customer. Any company that allies with that woman is too filthy to patronize.

Jamie Cooper With her muslim connections I wonder if she will force Subway to remove ham and bacon from their menu?? Bad move Subway R.I.P.

Leatha Hill West If you follow through with this plan I will no longer patronize your restaurant! First woman Obama (Trust me she is no lady) has done all she can to waist our money and demean our people, and I will not support any business that support either Obama! That being said, that’s sad because I live in a small town and Subway is the only chain restaurant any where around here.

Jamie Cooper You should have checked with America before you decided to make this boneheaded movement. She hates America and is ashamed of it, oh except for all of the perks she gets that the taxpayers pay for. Subway, you just lost my business forever, enjoy lunching with Moooochelle, but watch your food on your plate, she promotes healthy eating for others, but any picture of her eating shows her shoveling food into her ugly mouth as if she hasn’t eaten in days. Bad move Subway.

Those were all within the first 100 comments out of nearly 2000. And it spawned its own Facebook page, I Reject Michelle Obama and Subway. Here’s one of the first posts on that page, with the caption “No more hoagies for Michelle Obama.”


And this:


They aren’t even pretending not to be racist. I just don’t understand this kind of visceral hatred. I don’t.

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  • Wylann

    There’s a meme amongst right wingers that Michelle is fat, and like most anti-anything-Obama memes, I’m pretty sure it’s just dog whistle racism for having the nerve to be the first lady while black.

    I think Michelle is probably the most fit and most attractive first lady in my lifetime (the first pres I remember is Ford). Hrm, maybe it’s really just jealousy.

  • lldayo

    What was that saying from Mrs. Lovejoy? Oh yes, “Won’t somebody PLEEEASSSEE think of the children! ….unless your black then GFY.” That seems about right.

  • cheesynougats

    To be fair, Michelle Obama is black. And a healthy weight for her age and build.

    Has anyone actually asked one of these people who continually use the commiefascistNazi labels if they realize those words mean more than “someone I don’t like”?

  • cadrpear

    The very first thing written on that group is something like “We don’t hate Michelle for the color of her skin”.

    A bit defensive, aren’t they?

  • Michael Heath

    Ed writes:

    They aren’t even pretending not to be racist. I just don’t understand this kind of visceral hatred. I don’t.

    I grew up around it where it still infects the people I interact with in meat-world. I get it. What still surprises me is how so many of these people claim they’re not racists while spouting obviously racist statements and hating people for reasons where racism is the only feasible explanation.

    One of the most blatant and recent examples of racism from this group came via a conservative viral email that had a supposed picture of a grown-up Trayvon Martin. The picture was of another individual who was a musician milking the whole gangsta rap style. The email’s point was that this proved that Martin was the criminal here, not Zimmerman.

    Not only was it obvious this couldn’t be Trayvon Martin, so what if it was? How did becoming an adult with darker skin and tattoos “prove” that Mr. Martin was guilty of some unknown crime that caused Mr. Zimmerman’s demonstrably negligent murder of Martin to be okey-dokey? It’s racism squared where they’re oblivious to both aspects.

  • http://howlandbolton.com richardelguru

    Look on the bright side, there’ll be another place where you can be sure not to meet ignorant hate-filled poop-headed lyncher-wannabees, and since they aren’t exactly common (at least in the frequency meaning of common) there’s really no down side.

    Subway here I come!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360322113 aaronbaker

    Yes, the virulence of the Michelle Obama-hatred is (frankly) very strange. By the time he left office, I hated George W. Bush as much as I’ve hated any politician in my life–but that visceral loathing and contempt never extended to his wife or his children. One might suspect that these folks are having trouble discerning individual differences because of . . . something or other.

  • matty1

    Can you say communist, marxist, fascist

    Hell I could even give a rough definition of each of them, can you?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=153100784 Michael Brew

    Looks like I’ll have to go to Subway more often. Being in Central Texas, there are few places I can go to get away from toxic conservatives like this.

  • a_ray_in_dilbert_space

    You know, I am really starting to hate the racist-scumbag-pigfucking-asshole-jerkoff douchenozzles on the right.

  • Loqi


    It’s a typo. They meant to write “We don’t hate Michelle Obama *only* for the color of her skin.” She’s also a woman, a Democrat, and uppity!

  • Alverant

    Well to be fair Subway does make lousy sandwiches that make me sick which they pretend are healthy. But that has nothing to do with Michelle Obama.

  • oranje

    Where’s the sense of perspective? And can they point to any of these freedoms they’ve lost? Or lies? Or even define socialism, let alone communism? They seem to have such a knee-jerk reaction, and I’m stumped how it has anything to do with reality…

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    To be fair, it is pretty bad that Michelle Obama is encouraging things, particularly things that are demonstratively, objectively good; non-controversial things that everybody can agree on, especially.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    While we should not underestimate the racism involved here, I also see a major element of obesity-defensiveness.

    The politics of this get complicated from the start, what with corporate-media fetishization of extreme skinniness and sculpted bodies, but M. Obama’s campaign against the rising tide of overweightness among US children surely produces a lot of intrafamily frictions within the high-fructose corn syrup (etc) crowd.

  • Nentuaby

    Are you *fucking serious*, Pierce? You look at the vitriol above about “moochelle” and that photochop and your explanation is “it must be the fatties?”

  • dugglebogey

    I hated GW Bush about as much as anybody anywhere, but I don’t remember ever having ill feelings towards Laura Bush. I never liked GHW Bush and never had feelings one way or the other about Barbara Bush. I hated Ronald Reagan with a passion and actually had respect for Nancy Reagan, even though I eventually resented that respect.

    When did it become okay to attack the President’s family? I remember people saying nasty things about Amy Carter and Billy Carter, and I remember Rush Limbaugh going after Chelsea Clinton like a disgusting pig. Hillary Clinton received tons of abuse when Bill was president.

    The absolute hatred for Michelle Obama is obviously based on race, isn’t it? If she were white it seems like this kind of talk would be out-of-bounds.

    Is this a one-way thing or am I just remembering things incorrectly? There was some making fun of Reagan’s adult children at some point, maybe?

  • dugglebogey


    Subway sandwiches are kind of gross. Food costs keep going up and up, yet their prices never do. How can that be? Can the quality go any lower?

    Also too:

    Michelle Obama is CLEARLY the most attractive first lady since the Kennedy administration, isn’t she?

  • http://www.ponychan.net/chan/dis/ Brony

    Here is your connection Ed,


    A lot of emotions operate in a “paper-scissors-rock” fashion against one another in functional terms. In order to most effectively operate as a group they have to maximize every way of avoiding substance that they can. A willingness to seriously consider the arguments of another person is a form of empathy to me.

    So as a group these folks are pulling every bit of stereotype and insult that they possible can to work up a nice good frothing disgust so that they don’t accidentally consider the other person equally human, let alone spend a brain cell on actual substance.

    It’s about winning, not being most correct about reality.

  • cry4turtles

    I wrote the book on being called “Fat Ass” https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/70976 It definitely has nothing to do with the size of the butt, and everything to do with the size of the ego you just stepped on. By the way, I think Michelle has an awesome butt. She inspires me.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360322113 aaronbaker

    I decided to troll the site for a bit, and I learned some valuable truths:

    Comparing someone to an animal is NOT racist, so comparing Michelle Obama to an ape is NOT racist. That logic seems air-tight to me!

    If you shout racism when NO ONE has mentioned skin color, YOU’RE the racist. Who thought it was so easy to avoid legitimate charges of racism?

    Of course I was an idiot for even going there–but it makes for a good tour of mental pathology.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Nentuaby @ # 16 – Yes, I’m *fucking serious* – the backlash against “fat-shaming” goes well beyond progressive circles.

    That the wingnuts express their resentment in racist terms should not surprise anyone, but that her official FLOTUS pet cause hits a red-state sore spot bears a good look as well.

    Compare a map of obesity within the US to one of political leanings.

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1360322113 aaronbaker

    Another insight from the Wingnut Wurlitzer: Michelle Obama is a whore. I can get their not knowing what “Marxism,” “socialism,” and “communism” mean–but “whore”?

    As for other First Ladies: Hillary Clinton caught an enormous amount of flak just because she wasn’t a conventional FIrst Lady–but instead was a politician and activist in her own right. For this, she was pretty thoroughly savaged; but it was nothing like the dehumanizing, the bestialization, of Michelle Obama. And oddly enough, Michelle fits the traditional “First Lady” template better than Hillary did, I think. She pursues a favored cause, like Ladybird Johnson’s beautification, but she wasn’t–and wasn’t presented as–an architect of the Affordable Care Act, unlike Hillary with the Clintons’ reform proposal. The hatred directed at Mrs. Obama is like nothing else I’ve seen hurled at a First Lady.

  • http://timgueguen.blogspot.com timgueguen

    I hate to think what’s going to happen when we have a mixed couple as President and First Lady. That should bring out all sorts of nastiness that people like to pretend has gone away. Endless variations on “I’m not a racist, but interracial marriage is wrong!”

  • Doug Little

    I’d wager good money that Michelle would probably kick all of their asses in a fitness test. I’ve seen her do push-ups on Ellen before. I also find this comical as Subway is one of the only healthy fast food places to eat, so these morons are only doing themselves harm by shifting from subway to another fast food outlet. Alas we will most probably pay for their medical bills when obesity and heart disease take their inevitable conclusion.

  • eric

    Pierce @15 and @22 – you’re wrong. Just plain wrong. If the response was due to perceived fat shaming, then we’d expect the same response to the ads about the NFL’s “Play 60” campaign. But its pretty clear that this vitriol has nothnig to do with people being upset about being told they are unhealthy, or being encouraged to be more healthy, because of the many many other pro-health programs that don’t evoke such vitriol

    In fact the only pro-health program to evoke this sort of partisan vitriol (at least that i can remember) is this one, by Michele Obama. So IMO the only rational conclusion is that the vitriol has more to do with her personally than with her pro-health message.

  • eric

    I should add that I’m willing to be proven wrong. Show me a far right message board where the NFL’s “play 60” program provokes is attacked (to the tune of thousands of messages), where people say they will never watch football again because if it, and vhere the NFL players who promote it are shown side by side with apes. Then I’ll change my mind and agree you’re right, its all about the fat shaming.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    eric @ # 26 & 27 – you make some good points, then blow it by gratuitously distorting my position.

    I think this particular subset of the Great Redneck Resurgence has multiple aspects, and a perception of a War On Obesity/The Obese resonates with a lot of Americans – white evangelical undereducated overweight Americans in particular. I also think skilled professional opinion manipulators seek out grievances real or imagined to cultivate as part of the Culture Wars, and that they use every angle to convince their fellow patriots that the Obamas hate everything about them.

    When personal resentments against a specific target are agitated again and again, without regard for consistency or evidence, anyone with a feeling of defensiveness can be brought to align their issue with the propagandized scapegoat.

    Or do you think plain racism all by itself accounts for the hate-Obama(s) campaign?

  • had3

    I thought the right taught us that boycotting a business was infringing on freedom of speech? I need a bingo card.

  • dingojack

    The good news is that (rusted-on) Republicans make up about 23% of voters and the teabaggers make up about 20% of Republican voters. Expect to see Subway’s market shrink by less than 1% due to this campaign (assuming no Streisand Effect’).



    PS: *ahem* you’re aware that all humans are apes aren’t you? Or are you denying being human at all?

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    had3 “I thought the right taught us that boycotting a business was infringing on freedom of speech? I need a bingo card.”

    Oh, please! Boycotting companies that support groups I don’t like is what America was founded on! Boycotting companies that support groups I like is the opposite of that for some reason!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1421558174 michaelnewsham

    I’ve got a good friend who’s a total TeaPartier/Glibertarian who absolutely hates that KenyanMooslimMarxist Usurper- and owns a Subway franchise!

    Sent this to him immediately.

  • freehand

    Eric – the response to a message depends a lot on how much a person* likes the source of the message. Teabillies typically like football and competitive athletes. They dislike liberals and uppity colored women. For six years now Rush Limbaugh and his ilk have been ragging on Michelle for trying to get American kids healthier. Googling

    “rush limbaugh” kids diet exercise michelle

    …gave me 450,000 hits.

    For example,

    “Michelle Obama’s Menu is Starving Children”


    “Food Marketing and Advertising is None of Michelle Obama’s Business”


    This site pulls together numerous RW pundit rags on the FLOTUS and health:



    Certain hot buttons, like body image issues, plunges many people straight into the non-rational mode. They don’t necessarily react rationally to the content of the message. Like Pierce says, there are many processes at play here.

    But a message from the NFL is not the same message as the one from the uppity liberal Fascist Commie so-called First Lady, even if it’s the same message.

    * Especially people whose beliefs are based on tribal affiliations rather than, say, evidence.

  • scienceavenger

    Gosh, after all that insightful intellectual commentary on Michelle Obama, I don’t know WHY GOPers are so often painted as facists, loons, and idiots. I guess if you call someone else an idiot, it makes you the idiot…or something.

    Michelle Obama is CLEARLY the most attractive first lady since the Kennedy administration, isn’t she?

    That’s akin to being the best ice hockey player in Ecuador. First ladies in my lifetime have been universally UNattractive, measured by the general metrics of society (IOW, none of them resemble in the slightest anyone else generally considered attractive). And isn’t it just a bit sexist to feel compelled to talk about how attractive they are anyway? When a woman is president, are we all going to fall over ourselves to talk about how attractive the First Man is?

    Michelle Obama has been a great First Lady IMO, this health drive being one excellent example. She’s intelligent and classy. Who gives a damn what she looks like?