Allen West’s Self-Serving Disingenuousness

There are a number of stock rhetorical strategies used by politicians that are self-aggrandizing while pretending to be humble. There’s the “I don’t want to run, but if the people demand it I will” strategy. And then of course there’s the “I just do what God tells me to do” strategy. Allen West makes a lame and self-contradictory attempt at the latter in an interview with the deranged Jesse Lee Peterson.

First he says that the reason he lost in 2012 was that both parties conspired against him because they perceive him as “a threat to us and our business as usual way of ruining this great country.” Right. Then when asked if he was going to run again in 2016 he said “oh yeah, I will definitely come back … In the 2016 cycle, we’ll look to getting back in and running myself. Whatever God would have me do.” So you already know what God would have you do in two years? What if God tells you not to? Oh wait, what am I thinking? This is one of those special gods who tell you whatever you already want. How convenient for you. And time-saving for God!

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  • Marcus Ranum

    Why doesn’t god just run? That’d close so many open questions, and who’d be able to refuse to vote for the red-handed bastard?

  • otrame

    “who’d be able to refuse to vote for the red-handed bastard?”


  • matty1

    In fact the gods do run for election they just don’t publicise their identity. Mitt Romney for instance was actually Baal and Sarah Palin is widely believed to be Isis in disguise.

  • dingojack

    “… who’d be able to refuse to vote for the red-handed bastard?”

    Voters in blue-handed voting states?


  • Marcus Ranum


    He’d just poof you into doing what he wanted. He obviously doesn’t care about real respect, or love, or free will.

  • stever

    “I only do what God tells me to.” So you obey the voices in your head. Call your doctor. Your meds need adjusting. I can’t believe that lunatics who admit that they’re lunatics can get votes in a First World country.

  • Marcus Ranum


    lunatics who admit that they’re lunatics

    He’s probably not suffering from mental health issues. Unlike someone who is really suffering from mental health problems – who probably did not wish to – West is making a “lifestyle choice.” He chose to be a lying sack of shit, in other words.

  • karmacat

    What’s up with the picture in the background. It looks like he smelled something awful. Maybe his campaign staff is trying to make him look as ridiculous as he sounds

  • sezme

    That’s not West in the background, that’s the host, Jesse Lee Peterson.

  • dingojack

    karmacat – all black guys look alike, I’m guessing…. 😉

    Just looking at the initial still, the host looks like he gonna stamp his little foot and flounce off home and Mr West looks as if he’s had a few too many of those heavy-duty CNS depressants.