RNC vs Peter King on the NSA

The Republican National Committee last week made the blatantly hypocritical move of adopting a resolution condemning what they called unconstitutional NSA surveillance programs. This from the same party that defended illegal surveillance under Bush (though to be fair, Bush isn’t black). Rep. Peter King is hopping mad about it because he may be wrong, but he’s consistently wrong.

Rep. Peter King on Saturday blasted a new resolution from the Republican National Committee concerning the National Security Agency, charging that the “hysterical” measure could be a “death warrant” for the GOP…

“We’re going to make the Democrats and Barack Obama the party of national security,” he said. “It’s signing our own death warrant as a party.”

King’s Long Island congressional district was deeply affected by the September 11 terrorist attacks, and he has long been a proponent of an aggressive approach to combating terrorism, even as voices more wary of intervention, like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.), have grown more prominent within the GOP.

“Republicans are supposed to be the party of national defense,” King said. “It would be one thing if people wanted to pass legislation [posing] questions. But to talk about ‘spying’ and unconstitutionality … it’s basically repudiating the policies of the Republican Party over the last 12 years, policies that kept us safe.”

He’s obviously right about the resolution repudiating the policies of their own party. He’s just wrong about everything else, as usual.

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  • pass legislation [posing] questions.

    Is this a thing?

    I look forward to the “What’s the Deal with the NSA? Act” or the “Who touched the Thermostat? Act” (this would be the first bill introduced if my dad were in Congress)

  • dingojack

    Who knew ‘unconstitutionality’ was an official PoG policy?*



    * Rep. King THAT’s WHO!!! (See: he said it’s kept the Republicans safe for the last 12 years)

  • “Who touched the Thermostat? Act”

    The invisible hand of the market did!

  • Wylann

    “Republicans are supposed to be the party of national defense,”

    As usual, it’s more about the labels/memes and party unity than actually doing what’s right for the country. Statements like this make it clear that the GOP is almost to a person, more interested in winning GOP elections, than in doing what’s right. (I know, there are some hardcore lefties that are similar, but, as with most things like this, it’s a difference in scale, and how mainstream it is.)

  • had3

    But winning GOP elections is what’s doing right for the country! How can you not see that?