Some Old School Fundie Hilarity

Came across this video while watching some Led Zeppelin videos on Youtube. I can’t find who the guy is in it or when it was recorded (the porn stache is out of the 70s and so is the hair, but the clothes look more modern), but it reminds me a lot of the stuff I was made to watch in the early 80s about the evils of rock music. It even has the old “backward masking” nonsense on it. Here’s the one about Zeppelin specifically:

And here’s the full video, which is almost two hours.

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  • If you read some copies of Plato backwards it says “The gods aren’t real”… True story!

  • I wonder if anyone’s tried reading bits of the bible backwards?

  • Marcus

    Isn’t that the old Black Mass (presumably held on a Black Sabbath)


    What do you get if you play C&W music backwards?

    You get your woman (or man) back, your dog back and (most important) your truck back.

    ….well someone had to do it.

  • michaellatiolais

    My parents and grandmother(she was the prime motivator in this tale) made me watch those when I was younger. It was a massive miscalculation. I had literally never heard Zeppelin, AC/DC or heavy metal in general prior to those videos. Some of those “evil” songs were downright catchy, and I was soon a fan of hard rock and metal.

    Thanks, grandma!

  • dingojack

    Richard – well see that’s the difference -play C&W music backwards and you get a resurrection (or two).

    Hallelujah, it’s a miracle!!

    Dingo (Formerly deceased)

  • I see it all now

    DINGO IS REALLY PAUL!!! (rather than Ringo)

  • Alverant

    Richard, do you know what you get if you play New Age music backwards? New Age music.

    (Yes, I’m a fan of the music just not the mythology. The music is good for relaxing after a hard day of work.)

  • Can anyone tell me what you get if you play Cage’s 4’33” backwards?

  • @1&2:

    Marcus. I believe that reading Plato frontwise might lead to the same result.


    They don’t NEED to read it backwards, they’re getting it backwards, just fine, already. Otoh, you might be onto something.


    Do you know what you get if you listen to classical music backwards? Longer decrescendos.

    A genuinely sad note:

    Pete Seeger is lunching with Elvis.

  • There was an ad on the left, just a moment ago, showing a “Zombie Hanger”, available at a place called, “Dude, I want THAT!”. It looks like it would be a really good tool for hurting oneself, badly.

  • Trebuchet

    @7: I tune the TV to the New Age music channel every afternoon. When I take my nap.

    Regarding the hair and clothes: Remember, these guys tend to be about 20 years behind the times. ’70’s hair in the ’90’s makes perfect sense for them.

  • dingojack

    Richard – Hamlet’s last words.

    🙂 Dingo

  • Fuck. “Zombie Hammer”. Cut a knuckle and it’s throwing off my usually exemplifurious keyboardfu.

  • unbound

    I think the title of the video is probably not the original name of the program. If you skip through the long video, you can see that the speaker is Joe Shimmel who apparently runs Good Fight Ministries. On that site, he is peddling a few different flavors of “They Sold Their Souls For Rock N Roll”…so I assume that is where the youtube originates from. Information on those DVDs says publishing in 2004…and from an image search, Joe Shimmel does still look like what is in the video.

  • colnago80

    The gentleman is holding up a vinyl phonograph record. It is my information that such items haven’t been manufactured for 25 years, having been replace by CDs.

  • Ecne liss its ereht!!

  • raven

    Oh gee, this is so 20th century.

    1. Today they are onto bigger and better tools of the devil. Yoga. Meditation. Tarot cards. Free public education. Democracy and voting.

    2. Xian rock. I was on a long trip recently and listening to the radio. A lot of stations were playing xian rock. I’d heard of it but never listened to it much. It’s definitely an abomination. It all sounds the same and the same doesn’t sound all that good to begin with. There is little creativity or artistry to it.

    3. They need to up their game and find something else to whine about. Not too many people are going to cower in their closets over a deck of Tarot cards or some old lady doing Yoga. I suppose that is why demons and gay people are gaining in popularity these days.

  • sc_72717b0d8dc4053e632b6512091cef73

    I went to a Christian school called Cedarville College (now University) briefly in the early 80s and heard some of these talks. They also were heavily promoting a book called “The Kids Are Alright?” that claimed that the Cincinnati Who Concert Stampede was caused by the evils of rock music (instead of the stupidity of opening a single door for an large, eager and freezing crowd).

    Anyway the funny thing is, every guy looked about like this: the mustache, the blow dried hair. I think it was a way to feel just a little bit hip. People there at the time felt that the school was fairly liberal, because unlike Bob Jones University, guys could have a mustache (but no beards, although I’ve heard that’s changed), and have their hair just touch their collar. Even crazier, both guys AND girls could wear jeans after five o’clock in the afternoon. They also liked to point out that unlike Bob Jones they did allow interracial dating…with written parental permission.

  • What do you get if you play C&W music backwards?

    You get your woman (or man) back, your dog back and (most important) your truck back.

    That’s like if you play “Godzilla” backwards – a friendly giant lizard reconstructs Tokyo then gracefully exits by sneaking into the water.

  • Scr… Archivist

    unbound @14,

    This does appear to be Joe Schimmel’s “Rock ‘n’ Roll Sorcerers of the New Age Revolution”. The webpage for that video says that it was recorded in 1991. The hairstyles and clothing of some of the people in the audience also point more toward the late-80’s early-90’s than the 70’s.


    colnago80 @15,

    Vinyl records have still been manufactured all this time. Hip-hop and electronic dance music never gave up on them, since they have long been key elements to mixing and scratching. Also, many small, independent labels still pressed them, especially for singles. What has surprised me in the last couple of years is to find that some music stores don’t even carry CD’s anymore. Many new records come with digital downloads, which gives you the best of both worlds: bigger art and richer sound, with a portable copy on the side.

  • tfkreference

    After watching a show like this back in the ’80s, some friends and I tried to play Another One Bites the Dust backwards to see if it really said “decide to smoke marijuana.” After a few tries we gave up and went out to get high.

  • It is my information that such items haven’t been manufactured for 25 years, having been replace by CDs.

    What is this “CD” thing you speak of? Manufacturing music? Physical media is so 20th century.

    But seriously, I’m one of those hipster types who still buys new albums on vinyl.

  • Taz

    I wonder if anyone’s tried reading bits of the bible backwards?

    You certainly get a more benevolent god, resurrecting all those innocent people who died in various odd disasters.

  • Rus

    An early ’80s contemporary of this guy was Gary Greenwald. He had a show on the PTL network and he’d constantly rail about satanic rock. He advertised a two-cassette sermon on the evils of Halloween, and my family and I had a hilarious time listening to him while driving to Disney World one summer. Greenwald, apparently, is still pontificating out of California…and making money faith healing.

  • Dave Maier

    Whenever this was made, I think the reason he’s got a vinyl record (I had one just like that — I recognize the Atco label) is that you can’t play CDs backwards. Of course nowadays you can rip the CD onto your computer and reverse the soundfile digitally. Also, it’s more impressive to hold up that big black disc than a silver one the size of your hand.

  • Fuck. “Zombie Hammer”.

    Is he still around?? “You can’t touch this” really was pretty epic, but I hated the dhoti pants.

  • bmiller

    But Rock N’ Roll is EVILLL, I tell you. Evil.

    Just look at this touching retelling of the Robert Johnson story.

  • leftwingfox
  • bushrat

    It said DRINK MORE OVALTINE!!! Oh the horror!

  • There’s a lot of vaguely rock influenced religious music out there these days that gets lumped under the Praise and Worship banner. Apparently a lot of it sounds like watered down U2. It came out of US Pentecostal churches, but other denominations have adopted it. It’s sufficiently big in the US that you’ll sometimes see posts on guitar playing message boards asking about what kind of guitars, amps, and effects to use for it.

  • dogmeat

    I looked at the guy and thought:

    “What stupid thing did Jeff Foxworthy say now?”

  • bmiller

    There is absolutely nothing more ennervating to me than Christian Contemporary Lite Rock.

    Plus, the almost sexual longing for Jayzusssss is almost creepy. Over that terrible, terrible accoustic guitar strumming.

  • leonardschneider

    When Judas Priest were sued by the parents of two teenagers who attempted suicide in 1985, the whole “backwards masking” hoo-hah was resurrected, with Christian DJs playing all sorts of vinyl backwards, mostly the Usual Suspects: Led Zeppelin, AC/DC, Pink Floyd, and — get this — Jefferson Starship.

    The case was thrown out in 1990. JP singer Rob Halford said at the time [paraphrasing here] “If we were to put hidden messages on our records, they’d say, ‘Buy tickets to our concerts! Buy more of our records and t-shirts!'”

    Me, I was always surprised — nay, a bit miffed — they never bothered with any hardcore punk records. You gotta wonder what sort of messages Black Flag, the Dead Kennedys, or MDC would include. (The Circle Jerks would probably have said something about beer.) Makes you feel sorta left out…

    …. Although The Victim’s Family did include a backwards message on their White Bread Blues album. The message, completely unmasked, simply said, “I hope you break your needle, cow” when played backwards.

    Something else that piques my curiosity: what hidden messages are there to be found if you play the vinyl of John Cage’s “4:33” backwards? Or at a different speed?

  • @ dogmeat

    “If you waste your time listening to albums backwards trying to find satanic messages … you just might be a Christian.”

  • Steve Morrison


    Well, damn their gall for exploiting a tragedy for their culture war garbage! Of course the disaster at the Who concert was caused by inadequate crowd management, as you say. I’ve seen the book by John G. Fuller, and it is every bit as ludicrous as his other books, on subjects such as “psychic surgery”.

    And if I sound bitter, it’s because this is a very personal matter for me; my fifteen-year-old sister, Karen, died in that crowd surge, along with her friend Jackie Eckerle and the other nine people.