Colorado Pastor Impersonates Cop to Rob Gay Men

A Colorado pastor has come up with a brilliant way of combating the sin of homosexuality. He takes out ads on Craigslist to set up meetings with gay men, then flashes a fake badge and confiscates their phones, computers and money. Except that’s kinda sorta illegal to do.

According to Denver’s CBS Channel 4, friends and relatives of Set Free Christian Ministry’s Rev. Michael Abromovich are completely baffled to discover his secret other life.

Abromovich allegedly used the online classified ad site Craigslist to solicit other men for sex. Using the name “Mike,” Abromovich allegedly lured a man to a Motel 6, then leapt from the car, shouting, “U.S. marshal!” He then threw the man against the door, handcuffed him and pointed a gun — which police now believe was a paint gun — at him.

Abromovich reportedly confiscated the man’s laptop, iPad, cell phone, money and debit card. According to court documents, “Mike then told him they were taking his computers and phone to be sent to the lab to look for evidence.”

He then told the victim that he would come to his house in the morning “to discuss the case with him and impound his vehicle at that time.”

Denver police say that Abromovich notified the hotel desk that he was a law enforcement officer and showed a badge to the desk clerk. They filed a nationwide warrant for the pastor on a trio of felony charges — kidnapping, robbery and impersonating a peace officer.

He was pulled over in Phoenix, Arizona by police. Abromovich again pulled a badge, but Maricopa County police were suspicious. When they discovered the warrant out for the pastor, they took him into custody.

Doing his part to strike a blow against The Gay. Very clever.

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  • kyoseki

    Maricopa County? He’s in Sheriff Joe’s jurisdiction?

  • Harvey Keitel is playing him in the movie, Bad Pastor.

  • jba55

    Since it’s Maricopa I hope he has his long form ID and isn’t brown or have an accent.

  • It’s kind of surprising Sheriff Joe the Jerk’s boys actually arrested hm. Then again they probably don’t want anyone horning in on a potential racket of their own.

  • John Pieret

    You mean Joe Arpaio didn’t give him a medal and offer him political asylum?

    Somehow I missed the part in the New Testament where Jesus said “Verily, those who commit crimes against gays will see heaven.”

  • I don’t see why all the fuss, I mean isn’t it just a slight extension of the usual pastordly activity of jumping out waving Hell at parishioners and taking their money?

  • noastronomer

    Tim nailed it. Harassing people is a job for trained professionals, not just some nut with a badge and a paint gun.


  • Moggie

    So it’s a false fag operation?

  • Abby Normal

    Moggie wins an internet!

  • Randomfactor

    I suspect Haggard’s Law is in play here.

  • DaveL

    How sad is it that my first thought was “at least he was kidnapping grown men at gunpoint instead of children“?

  • jaytheostrich

    “discuss the case with him”.. what case, exactly? Since no mention was made of money.. there was nothing illegal going on, was there? And, why would a U.S. Marshall care if prostitution was the alleged ‘crime’?

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    “discuss the case with him”.. what case, exactly? Since no mention was made of money.. there was nothing illegal going on, was there? And, why would a U.S. Marshall care if prostitution was the alleged ‘crime’?

    Apparently we as a country, and stigmatized minorities in particular, have become that accustomed to police officers arresting people who are neither doing anything wrong nor violating any laws…

  • matty1

    Is that even how police work? “You’re under arrest – now go home and I’ll be by in the morning to talk this through with you” I assume he said it because unlike an actual cop he had no station to take his prisoner to for processing but surely the real thing wouldn’t work like that. They’d either release someone with a caution or take them in and sort out bail later not promise to follow up the next day.

  • freemage

    I don’t… the words… logic breaking down… synapses melting….

  • Sastra

    jaytheostrich #12 wrote:

    “discuss the case with him”.. what case, exactly?

    The pastor is clearly trying to playact the good old days when homosexuality was illegal. Didn’t matter if it was between consenting adults — to the slammer you go!

    Back then, gay people felt shame for what they did because it was treated as what it was: a crime against God, Nature, and Man. That’s when you could present Christ’s forgiveness to them and they would jump gratefully into His loving arms. The good old days, inside their fevered imaginations. Now they’re all defiant because society encourages them.

    It’s sad that there’s just not enough information here to know if the pastor really thought he was justified or not.

  • Sastra

    matty1 #14

    Is that even how police work?

    It’s how Dad works.

    “Okay, young man — you’re busted. Now give me the beer and cigarettes and go to your room to think about what you did. Your mother and I will talk to you about this in the morning.”

    Would a Personal Savior do any less?

  • “So it’s a false fag operation?”

    False RAINBOW FLAG operation.

    No cavity search? What kinda KKKristian is that pastor?

  • illdoittomorrow

    Ed Brayton: “Except that’s kinda sorta illegal to do.”

    Yabbut that’s man’s law. As I’m sure the good pastor will testifah!! at his trial, he was enforcing Gawd’s Law. Also, the Lard works in mysterious ways.

    From the linked article:

    ‘Pastor Robert Murphy expressed shock to reporters. “Impersonation of this, robbery — that is so the opposite of what any Christian would be about. We know there is definitely something wrong,” he said.’

    Oh, I’m shocked too, you betcha. So shocked I bet I’d never find a single Christian in prison.

  • Larry

    OK, +100 points for originality but a minus bazillion for execution

  • lorn

    Gawd’s law … you mean throwing stones … or lighting up a joint?

    Hopefully someone in jail will be kind enough to teach the pastor the protocols of the gay hookup.

  • dmcclean

    God damn it.

    For the first 20 threads I thought this was going to be the one crime-related comment thread on the internet that didn’t include a prison rape joke.

  • sonwinks

    @Freemade ‘I don’t… the words… logic breaking down… synapses melting….’

    Exactly what was thinking…..then this quote from the article caught my eye….

    “Kidnapping, robbery and impersonating a peace officer”

    Wow what a typo!!….. At least I hope it’s a typo…..

  • escuerd

    I suspect Haggard’s Law is in play here.

    Wouldn’t be surprising either way. It’s also possible he just saw a group of people he believed he could take advantage of with impunity, especially if he targeted “discreet” (read: closeted) guys, as many ads do. They’re less likely to report something like this. Of course, that doesn’t preclude him also being gay.

    Speaking of Ted Haggard, he’s also from Colorado springs. There was a lot of potential for one hell of a weird encounter.

  • Sonwinks @23: No, that’s not a typo – so much that it took me several tries to figure out which word you were even referring to. In this part of the world, sheriffs and constables, “civilians appointed to safeguard the public peace”, have often been called “peace officers”.

    As opposed to what exactly, I don’t know. But there it is.

  • “In this part of the world, sheriffs and constables, “civilians appointed to safeguard the public peace”, have often been called “peace officers”.

    Not to be confused with “Peace Train”, which is actually, y’know, about peace.

  • Thumper: Token Breeder

    Set Free Christian Ministry’s Rev. Michael Abromovich

    I am so sick of the “Set X Free!” movements. Why is it when someone commits a crime there’s always some moron looking past it and demanding they be freed? Bieber’s fans are doing it right now. Buju Banton’s fans did it when he was arrested on drug charges. There was a case here in the UK where Danny Nightingale, an SAS man, was found to be in illegal posssession of a handgun and was charged, and loads of people demanded he be freed. And this pastor, who is guilty of kidnap. They all committed crimes. Why do people want them to get off scott free just because they like their music, or worship the military, or happen to be the same religion? It does my fucking nut in.

  • I misread it as a “Free somebody” movement at first as well. Some xtian groups have weird names like that.

    Internet search brought up Set Free Christian Fellowship, if not this particular group.

  • busterggi

    Does Colorado have an extradition treaty w/ Arizonia? Bet they don’t and the pastor will be released to live free in any red state.

  • sonwinks

    @Barefoot Bree … I genuinely thought the word was supposed to be ‘police’ officer….. Thinking that accosting another human being was most certainly not ‘peace’-ful…….in any sense of the word!!….

    But I understand now….. Thanks for clarifying Barefoot Bree….. 🙂

  • @29:

    I think that Colorado has reciprocity with other states regarding things like felony arrest warrants and the like. Whether they are honored is a different matter.