Fischer: New Find Supports Noah’s Ark!

What happens when an ignorant git comes into contact with information that he doesn’t understand? He makes absurd claims about it without bothering to look at the information. Because actually looking at the information might put one’s beliefs in peril and that can’t be allowed. Here’s a textbook example:


No Bryan, not only does that find not support the Biblical flood account, it contradicts it. It’s a whole different god ordering the creation of an entirely different ark. And it predates the Biblical account by nearly 2000 years. This is evidence for a long-lost flood myth that has many later forms, including the one that is in the Bible. It does not in any way support the Biblical account.

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  • Well it does sort of confirm that there was a myth circulating in early Mespot.

  • birgerjohansson

    “Ark”? it would have been a circular reed boat, a larger-scale version of the circular boats that were used on Euphrates and Tigris into modern times. Not very good in open sea…

    But since Mesopotamia is flat, they had their share of damaging floods which eventually found the way into the corpus of their mythology as a world-destroying calamity.

    BTW, Bryan Fisher thinks the inscription supports Marduk’s claim for being chief god? Bloody hell, the Christians have backed the wrong horse all the time!

  • Something I ask the floodies on the increasingly rare occasions I run into them: The bible claims that Noah took seven pairs of certain holy animals. How come those animals don’t have anomalously large genetic diversity compared to other animals? (C.f. the cheetah.)

    It’s something they never seem to have a prepared answer for.

  • thascius

    @3-probably because they’ve only read the part that says he took one pair of every animal. To really make their heads explode try pointing out that there are at least two different (and contradictory) versions of the story that were scrambled together to create the Biblical narrative. (Though in my experience, literalists at this point put their fingers in their ears and sing “I CAN’T HEAR YOU!”)

  • Alverant

    Shouldn’t it be ancient christian myth supports Mesopotamian claims?

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    This just in: newly discovered manuscript of Béroul’s Le Roman de Tristan confirms Wagner opera.

  • sc_72717b0d8dc4053e632b6512091cef73

    In all seriousness, this is like saying that the Icelandic Ring Sagas prove that Lord of the Rings is a historical account (as long as you understand that the ancient pagan myths were garbled versions of the truth that Gandalf personally revealed to Tolkien).

  • iknklast

    Evidence of a flood myth is not the same as evidence of a flood. But obviously Fischer doesn’t quite understand the difference between literature and geology.

  • Wylann

    Hey, I’ve played Advanced Civ (the original board game) enough to know that floods are a pretty regular occurrence.

    What does that prove, again?

  • Sastra

    No Bryan, not only does that find not support the Biblical flood account, it contradicts it.

    Well, I think there are a lot of atheist/skeptics/humanists/evolutionists out there who can take a well-deserved pat on the back. When various blogs and websites reported on the New Find some people wondered how the YEC and Flood Geologists would deal with it. The almost universal answer was “they will think it supports the Biblical flood account and spin it as a victory.”

    Of course, it didn’t take ESP, prescience, or any particular insight to make this particular prediction but still — pats on the back are always nice.

  • peterh

    The mythologies of the world contain many flood stories – but they never seen to get on the same time schedule.

  • jefferylanam

    Ray Ingles, the reason there were seven of the clean animals was because some of them were sacrificed.

    Genesis 8:20 Then Noah built an altar to the Lord and, taking some of all the clean animals and clean birds, he sacrificed burnt offerings on it.

    Maybe some of the rest were eaten, since they were kosher. Although Genesis came before Deuteronomy, so how did Noah know which animals were clean?

  • davefitz

    I can’t wait unTil Russell Crowe’s movie proves all OF you heathens WRONG!

    (not sure if I got the random caps correct. still learning)

  • birgerjohansson

    Hmmm the Bible does not have random caps….so it proves the bible is not on the same side as the wankers.

    “Huge ark” Ffisher is welcome to build a reed ship of the dimensions men tioned, and see how well it holds up in the ocean. In fact, I would encourage Fisher to be on the vehicle…and don’t bring life jackets. those are for unbelievers.

  • dingojack

    birgerjohansson – for pre-“health and safety gone mad” see Luke 8:22-24. 🙂