Huckabee’s Contraception Mandate

I kept seeing references to “Huckabee v Huckabee” on the subject of contraception mandates but I didn’t bother to look because I figured it was just that Huckabee had said something in support of contraception at some point. Turns out that he actually signed such a mandate into law in Arkansas, one that had fewer protections for “religious freedom” than Obama’s law.

Four years later, the Arkansas law easily cleared that state’s Legislature, with help from Republican lawmakers, including two GOP cosponsors. Huckabee signed it in April 2005.

He defended the law in a statement. “Religious employers are not required to comply with this policy,” he said. “My position is, and always has been, that religious entities shouldn’t be forced to pay for contraception.”

But like the original federal regulation proposed by Obama, the Arkansas law did not exempt church-affiliated hospitals and universities. It exempts only “religious employers” that are nonprofit organizations whose primary mission is “the inculcation of religious values,” and primarily employ people who share the same religion, a standard few Catholic hospitals meet.

The ACA regulations exempt more religious groups than the law that Huckabee signed into law, which was passed with Republican support. Just another example of “it’s okay when we do it, but when Obama does it it’s Muslim commie Nazi stuff.”

""God's Own Party" would support Vlad the Impaler if it got them more tax cuts."

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  • To be fair, that was before Obama was for it.

  • Evangelical lather over contraception only exploded when the Catholic bishops and the Catholic right-wing crank contingent pitched a fit. Then Evangelicals saw an opportunity they could exploit to fuel the Obama hate and suddenly Evangelicals across America became Catholics on contraception. Amazing how they’ve been transformed from anti-Catholic to the best of friends.

  • Artor

    Hickabee is a lying, racist hypocrite? No! Say it ain’t so! My world view has just been shaken.

  • thebookofdave

    Huckabee wouldn’t be forced to oppose his own act if Obama had never been in office long enough to poison the well by signing Romneycare into law. I lay the blame at the feet of American voters.

  • smhll

    I am a middle-aged woman with a fairly common health issue with my uterus. Most of the methods to treat this condition are similar to birth control (one method is an IUD) or will prevent birth (like a hysterectomy). I am less than thrilled at that religious kooks want to possibly cut a big hole in my health insurance and tell me that if I want to reduce my risk of uterine cancer I need to pony up the money out of my own pocket. (Yes, I am beyond my fertile years, but how would they treat a woman ten years younger than me who was developing the same condition?)

  • cptdoom


    My sister is in a similar situation, and has been since she was a teenager. Without some form of hormonal treatment, she suffers severe and debilitating pain with her cycle. It took until she was in her early 40s to find a truly effective solution, and to think that some employer should be able to cut off her coverage for that just because it will prevent her-nearly-49-year-old body from conceiving is ludicrous.

    As for Huckabee, he is a slimeball wrapped in a sweet package. Wouldn’t trust him as far as I could throw him, but love to see him as the GOP front runner (by a nose) in the latest polling. Just shows how bankrupt of leadership the GOP is right now.

  • Matt G

    Will the REAL Mike Huckabee please… shut the f— up!

  • Huckabee is such a mendacious hack. I remember a few years ago he was going on about how Barack Obama’s views were shaped by growing up in Kenya, and Huckabee mentioned specific moments in Kenyan history. Then when it was pointed out to him that Obama didn’t visit Kenya until was about 20 and that he had spent part of his childhood in Indonesia, Huckabee said “Oh, I meant Indonesia, not Kenya.” But he had specifically cited Kenyan history.

  • sonwinks

    OMG!!…. I am baffled…truly …. That contraception is an issue again….. I genuinely thought that when we said goodbye to the fight in the 70’s… That we put that to rest…..???

    I sometimes feel that I am in a time warp….

    The irony is they- the religious right, are so against “Fundamentalist Muslim” doctrines, and the countries that steep their laws on the Qur’an and yet they are seriously and foolishly… Creating that very thing….in the western world!! How is it possible they cannot see that???

  • As I saw @LOLGOP tweet the other day:

    FUN FACT: Birth control isn’t so great for controlling your libido, but pretty good for your endometriosis.

    To Huckabee this appears to be some ideological game. Hope it’s fun, because it’s sure painful for the rest of us– literally.