Rush: Gay People Will Make Us Attack Them!

The utterly deranged Erik Rush went on a typical abusive husband style monologue on his radio show this week when complaining about Sally Kohn saying there should be a Disney movie where a princess marries a princess. He says those evil gay people are pushing people to get violent against them. People like…Erik Rush, of course, though he’s only just warning about “hateful nutjobs” going “homo hunting” (wink, wink). Baby, you have to make me stop beating you up!

"That must have been her saner relatives."

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  • I think he’s confusing gays with masochists.

  • No One

    My safe word is “Fuck off Rush”.

  • matty1

    Full-contact with Erik Rush? I don’t even want partial contact thank you very mch

  • birgerjohansson

    Matty, you beat me to it.

    The first second of looking at the image I thought “Eri Krush” wants to go “full contact” with gay men.

  • Larry

    It just makes me so mad! I’m walking down the street and I see people I hate doing all the regular things that people do and it just wants to make me go beat them up!

  • Hercules Grytpype-Thynne

    I’d never head Rush before, and I’m amazed at how soporific his speaking style is. He now officially joins Bryan Fischer on the list of people-I-couldn’t-stand-listening-to-on-the-radio-even-if-I-agreed-with-every-last-word-they-said.

  • busterggi

    Well if gays don’t want to be attacked by righteous righties they’d best not carry any Skittles or popcorn, those are considered lethal weapons and any gays killed will be done in self-defense.

  • eric

    Sally Kohn saying there should be a Disney movie where a princess marries a princess.

    Please no. The last thing we need is a bland faux-fairy tale to add to the bland remade fairy tales Disney has already sucked the soul out of. Just make good, original stories with perfectly normal, non-stereotyped gay characters in them instead. Please.

    Actually, Disney, just stay out of the business altogether. Keep doing what you’ve been doing lately: let the smaller independent shops pump out good movies, and then acquire them and suck the soul out of the sequels.

  • felidae

    Amazing how Rush makes the leap from a princess marrying a princess to anal fisting labs in grade school–kinda like comparing jumping over a mud puddle to leaping over the Grand Canyon