Farah Thinks God is ‘Hardening’ Obama’s Heart

“Is Obama’s heart in the right place?” That’s the headline of a Joseph Farah column at the Worldnetdaily. Well, I’m pretty sure it’s in his chest, which is the only place it could be if he’s alive and walking around. That aside, Farah wonders how Bill O’Reilly could know whether Obama means well or not.

Do you agree with Bill O’Reilly that Barack Obama’s heart is in the right place?

How does Bill O’Reilly know?

Is it the job of a newsman to judge the hearts of their interview subjects?

What special insight does Bill O’Reilly have into the hearts of his interviewees?

It’s really a shame that we simply don’t have a press in America that understands its proper role as a watchdog on government fraud, waste, abuse and corruption.

Right! As a journalist, Bill O’Reilly has no business “judging the heart” of President Obama. And to prove that, Farah, who pretends to be a journalist, goes on to “judge his heart.”

In Egypt, God hardened the heart of Pharaoh to serve His purposes. God sought to deliver His people from bondage in Egypt. Is it entirely possible God is hardening the heart of Obama today to deliver His people from bondage once again?

The Hebrew people were not excited about leaving bondage in Egypt. As bad as conditions were, the unknown frightened them. Even after the Red Sea was parted, saving them from annihilation by the Egyptian army, many sought to return to Egypt from the safety of the wilderness.

In a similar way, I believe Obama’s role is to force Americans to make a decision about their future:

Will we continue down the road toward bondage or reverse course and seek liberty in the ways of God?

Well that sure clears it up.

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  • penasquito

    Nothing says “Freedom” like fascist theocracy!

  • tfkreference

    Great, now I’m hearing “I’m gonna harden my heart / I’m gonna swallow my tears…”

  • http://nigelthebold.com/ Avo, also nigelTheBold

    In Egypt, God hardened the heart of Pharaoh to serve His purposes. God sought to deliver His people from bondage in Egypt.

    Then why didn’t God just have Pharaoh let His people out of bondage? Seems easier for everyone all the way around.

    I mean, unless God is just one of those people who has to do everything the hard way.

  • garnetstar

    Farah seems to be right about one thing: Obama’s “role” does seem to involve “forcing Americans to make a decision about their future:

    Will we continue down the road toward bondage by supporting the Tea Party? Or reverse course and seek liberty?

    Although, he’s wrong about the God part.

  • noastronomer

    Is Farah saying that god is hardening Obama’s heart so that the christians will leave and go into the wilderness? Just asking because, you know, I don’t, personally, have a problem with that.


    PS Incidentally god hardening Pharoah’s heart is possibly the most insane story in a book not noted for it’s rationality.

  • http://twitter.com/#!/TabbyLavalamp Tabby Lavalamp

    The “hardening of Pharaoh’s heart” is one of my favourite parts of the Bible to demonstrate that the God character is a monster, especially when it gets to the point where he starts killing children.

  • http://www.ranum.com Marcus Ranum

    Yeah, god’s doing that because: free will!!

  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    This is good. I’ve heard too much equivocation on the god hardening the Pharaoh’s heart thing. The last goddist I argued with claimed that didn’t actual mean god did anything to the Pharaoh’s heart, it was just a figure of speech and the Egyptians totally deserved what they got.

    According to Farah, god really is the sick twisted fuck he appears to be. He had his twelve point plan to torture and murder all those Egyptians, and he was going to get it all done regardless of whether or not the Pharaoh wanted to let the Israelites go.

  • Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach

    Nope, sorry, that’s the traffic accommodation strategy I’m working on that has 12 points. God had 10. I need more caffeine.

  • iknklast

    I think they have the wrong person who has had his heart hardened; at least Obama shows some signs of compassion for those who have less than he has. Now, if he’d said God hardened Paul Ryan’s heart or Scott Walker’s heart, that I could see.

  • dugglebogey

    Since I have heard over and over again from the right that Obama is worse than Hitler because he wants to get health care to poor people, yeah, I don’t know if the question “Is his heart in the right place” makes sense coming from the same place….

  • Synfandel

    @tfkreference (#2):

    Great, now I’m hearing “I’m gonna harden my heart / I’m gonna swallow my tears…”

    Quarterflash (1981). One could do worse for an ear worm.

  • busterggi

    So will Farah now blame his god for all the complaints he’s making about Obama?

    After all, its his god’s plan.

  • markr1957

    Apparently because the ancient Israelites couldn’t read King James English they took the short route via the Sea of Reeds. Maybe that was Pharaoh was so pissed at them.

  • http://itsmyworldcanthasnotyours.blogspot.com WMDKitty — Survivor

    So… wait. If God is “hardening Obama’s heart”, wouldn’t that make God, Hirself, responsible for anything bad that comes of this “hardening hearts” business?

  • iplon

    If hardening Obama’s heart were to fail, that would certainly mean god is responsible for all damage that Obama does. Which is funny, because all of that damage would have therefore been avoidable if god didn’t do that.

  • Crudely Wrott

    Totally anecdotal but the last time I escaped an imposed situation that involved being forced to do unsavory shit I was really happy to be done with all the murky cacophony.

    No one, repeat, no one had to tell me. I figured it out on my own.


    I apply that principle to others for the simple reason that I and others are similar.

    Apologies if one is not similar. Regrets. And regrets. See you down the road . . .

  • anubisprime

    The impression given by the right wing christo-fascists. at least up until now, was that Obama was a ‘godless’ heartless atheist, that hates guns and apple pie, not to mention god’s own country!

    So now it appears that Obama indeed has communion with the great poobah in the sky and the great poobah wants Obama to harden his arteries or summat’?

    Very confusing but look on the bright side…

    Cue next Republican President complete with a get out from under clause for any and all transgressions…

    “God hardened my Heart”

    Gold plated gambit apparently and who would argue?…seems ‘Shrub’ has started a trend by pointing out the great poobah is the boss, at least in US foreign policy, and that the great poobah is the puppet master, Farah seems to confirm that!

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    “Is Obama’s heart in the right place?”

    Well, since Obama is alive and untroubled by cardiac issues far as I know I’d guess so – but it’d be easy enough for a doctor to check.

    Hmm.. maybe Obama has two hearts and is secretly a Time Lord / Gallifreyan as well. That’s no more ridiculous and a bit more plausible than some of the shit that’s been said about him.

    As for God hardening hearts? I don’t think so, Republicans are just fine at doing that all by themselves although the Murdoch press sure helps the process of heart hardening along. As #8. Dave, ex-Kwisatz Haderach notes even the Christians don’t seem to agree on what that means – whether figure of speech or literal and if the latter it sure blows the whole “free will” argument that a lot make in other contexts outta the water doesn’t it?

    Its interesting though that even there in the Bible itself they imply having a hard heart rather than a soft and compassionate one is a very bad thing.

    God wants us to be soft hearted if you believe what his supposed holy text says. Why then are so many Republican right wing Christians so hard hearted about others – women, LGBTQI folks and the poor most often but plenty of other examples? Its almost like they believe the opposite o’what they claim to believe so often ain’t it?

    Jesus as portrayed in their holy text was kind of a liberal, kind , softie,even communist and possibly himself gay dude.

    (Well he did remain un-straight married and hung around with a bunch of a dozen male “disciples” one of who was the one he apparently said he loved and famously pashed Judas at least once eh?)

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    ^ 19 (Responding to myself but then I always find I think of extra stuff that needs adding afterwards.)

    Yeah I know there’s stories told that Rabbi Yeshua (aka Jesus maybe pronounced “Hey-Zeus” or not)) the Nazarene was actually straight married after all to, say, Mary Magdalene hence the Holy Grail genetic legacy stuff and nonsense – but if so they sure kept it awful quiet in the bible and other books eh?

    Still I do like and get the impression Jesus as depicted in the bible was gay and a socialistic type liberal thinker. Both are consistent with and explain quite a bit about of his life as it is biblically described.

    Of course & as always, the bible can be interpreted in contradictory ways too. The whole deal that God sacrificed his own son condemning him to a horrible death after being wrongfully (or rightfully given the whole saying “I are God /Gods kid” is blasphemy* deal,but whatevs) accused to atone for two other peoples “sin” in failing a test they were set up to fail from the start – and an omniscient god knew they’d fail all along before he even set the test.

    A deity that sets all that up in full pre-knowledge of the suffering it involves for all – not least itself / its son and still goes ahead with that grand plan does seem pretty hard hearted sado-masochistic and quite an arsehole especially when being supposedly omnipotent it could just forgive or magic away the whole “sin” thing inthe first place c’est nes pas?

    * Blasphemy is a bullshit crime but then in the technical legal sense maybe Rabbi Yeshua was kinda guilty even the penalty is manifestly excessive and the crime victimless and thus not really that criminal. It doesn’t really matter anyhow.

  • http://www.thelosersleague.com theschwa

    I’m confused. Ed writes of a journalist, but then goes on to discuss Bill O’Reilly, and we never hear about this mysterious journalist again. What gives?