Riley: Operation American Spring ‘Bathed in Prayer’

Harry Riley, the organizer of the Operation American Spring protest scheduled for May 16th, told a birther radio show host that this one will have success removing President Obama from power because it’s “bathed in prayer.” And if they don’t succeed, violence becomes inevitable.

It’s an honorable movement, it’s bathed in prayer. We’ve got a tab on our website where we’ve got a list of prayer warriors that are working every day in prayer for us. We’re bathed—it’s under God and we’re going to move up there and trust Him that it will work out because we believe it’s noble, it’s an honorable effort.

The facts I have, the documents I have say there’s 267 million armed citizens in the United States. We don’t want to get there, I’m sure you don’t because you’ve been probably in combat over in Iraq and the Middle East, that’s what we don’t want to do and that’s why we hope and pray that when we field 10-15 million people up there that that’s enough evidence for these boneheads in Washington D.C. to grasp our message, to grasp what we’re telling them that if they don’t do what we’re suggesting or what we’re demanding, then the next option is something that none of us want to see. Those of us that have been in a foxhole, we don’t want to see a violent condition erupt in our nation.

It’s quite amusing to me how they convince themselves that everyone is on their side, including God. Hey guess what? Larry Klayman’s rally was “bathed in prayer” too. About a hundred people showed up. Every one of these exercises in wingnut political theater is “bathed in prayer” and they’ve done nothing but embarrass the organizers. This one will be no different. And if it does erupt into violence, it will because of extremists like you telling people that Obama is destroying the country by making health insurance universal and treating gay people like human beings.

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  • matty1

    Pah, a mere 267 million. Our reptilian overlords can field an army of 700 squintillion Canadian-Mexican Muslimofascists.

  • JoeBuddha

    So, uh, 85% of the people in the US have arms? I find that a bit difficult to believe.

  • Nick Gotts

    85% of the people in the US have arms? – JoeBuddha@2

    Yes indeed. Most of them have legs as well!

  • Michael Heath

    Ed writes:

    Every one of these exercises in wingnut political theater is “bathed in prayer” and they’ve done nothing but embarrass the organizers.

    I don’t think wingnuts are capable of embarrassment. They’re always going to a rationale that keeps them in their delusional frame of mind. Otherwise religious belief would have died out centuries ago.

  • dingojack

    Joe – we’re talking about America. They give high powered super-assault weapons with armour piercing, incendiary rounds to toddlers and yet they can’t figure out why 17,000 people die from gunshot wounds every year in America. ‘Huh? How cum that happened?!?’

    Yep Gunloonz and sooper-geniuses, the perfect storm.

    And they wonder why even Sweden laughs at them.


  • D. C. Sessions

    The facts I have, the documents I have say there’s 267 million armed citizens in the United States.

    That’s remarkably close to the estimated number of personal firearms in the USA. I suspect he’s anticipating a Supreme Court ruling that the Constitution gives firearms, like corporations, citizenship.

  • matty1

    The facts I have

    OK children, who can tell me what is wrong with this statement?

  • teawithbertrand

    “bathed in prayer”


  • dingojack

    D. C. Sessions – even if they did, only about 10,680,000 would support the Teabaggers,, and of those only around 8.5 would turn up at a rally in Washington DC.*



    * based on current trends

  • Don’t worry, folks. I’m sure the NSA is monitoring all their communications. In fact, if you sit quietly, you can hear them giggling.

  • D. C. Sessions

    The facts I have, the documents I have say there’s 267 million armed citizens in the United States.

    BTW, that’s everyone in the country over the age of 10.

  • Michael Heath

    In 2011 Gallup found that 34% of U.S. adults reported personally owning a gun. That’s way below 267 million “armed citizens”. Cite:

  • D. C. Sessions “BTW, that’s everyone in the country over the age of 10.”

    He’s raising an army of child soldiers. Round, wheezy, child soldiers. With peanut allergies. Who have soccer practice at seven.

    Oh, well. You don’t go to pretend war with the forces you want…

  • dingojack

    Let’s assume 34% of adult Americans own a gun

    Americans over 15 years of age: 253,087,706*

    Americans over 25 years of age: 209,848,553*

    Estimated population over 18 (linear interpolation): 240,115,960 (round to nearest integer)

    Estimated population over 18 who own gun(s): 81,639,426** (rounded to nearest integer)

    267 million guns means that every American adult who own guns owns at least 3.2708 guns.




    * CIA World Factbook, July 2013 estimate.

    ** 34% of 240,115,960 = 81,639,426

  • If all of these 267 million supposed gun owners are against Obama, where were they on election day when only 60 million some odd people voted for the other candidate.

    If they aren’t willing to take the time to vote what makes him think they are willing to put forth the effort to take up arms and possibly die?

  • dingojack

    Sorry, not ‘at least’ but rather ‘on average’

    (GET IT RIGHT!! [Dingo is clobbered by a swinging punching bag])


  • There’s a suspiciously viable reason why events “bathed in prayer” and “blessed by God/Jesus” are ineffective, while events “bathed in cash” and “supported by real people and/or corporations” do quite well. At least the Tea Party’s gods provided buses, signs, and donuts.

  • I love the whole “We don’t want to kill you, but we totally will if you don’t give in to our demands,” routine. He’s already setting up the “you’re making me do this,” defense.

  • tfkreference

    Dingo, you’re giving the wingnut too much credit by assuming he meant 267M guns, not gun owners. Even that figure is wrong (low, unfortunately, the actual figure is over 300M).

  • Pierce R. Butler

    Bathing in prayer beats bathing in soap-&-water every time – bring two test groups together, see which one retreats.

  • Moggie

    Yeah, if they’ve bathed in prayer, I wouldn’t stand downwind.

  • dingojack

    tfkreference – OK, 3.6746+ per adult American. And you think that’s not plausible?!?


  • Sastra

    Every one of these exercises in wingnut political theater is “bathed in prayer” and they’ve done nothing but embarrass the organizers.

    The real purpose of prayer — even for fundamentalist wingnuts — is to strengthen their own faith. Thus they go to the rallies and see them with the Eyes of Faith. “Wow! Lots and lots and lots of people! Dozens! Praise the Lord!”

  • Just prayer? When are they getting their plastic key?

  • I don’t think it’s prayer their movement is bathed in. Rather it’s a certain substance generated by men when they’re really getting off on something. In their case it’s probably Obama being shot by firing squad, or lynched, or in some other way dying violently.

  • had3

    I’m having a prayer test for the most powerful deity. I’m going to pray to the wise and powerful ME to use my power to keep fewer than 1,000,000 of their followers from appearing. So, if there are fewer than 1,000,000; I trust they will concede that I am way more powerful than their deity and promptly turn their efforts to appeasing me. On the other hand, if they get more than 10,000,000; I’ll pray to their deity. Anything in between I’m willing to consider a wash.

  • felidae

    Bathed in stupidity is more accurate

  • lpetrich

    They ought to recommend praying with bullhorns. The intended recipient must be getting hard-of-hearing because of his age. After all, we were created in his likeness, and we get hard-of-hearing with age, right?

    Furthermore, what can one lose by doing so? If it is effective, so much the better. if not, then one’s no worse off than if one hasn’t used a bullhorn.

  • Lofty

    If they’re bathing in prayer what are their hands doing under the prayer level? Does excess prayer leave a scum ring around the tub?

  • @dingojack:

    Your estimate for gunz per person is accurate enough. Otoh, I don’t any and at least half a dozen people I know have LOTS of gunz–way more than a dozen. That 34% that Michael Heath talks about is not, IIRC, based on any actual count but just a telephone poll/survey sorta thang. A fair number of people who have a firearm in their house don’t know exactly where it is or whether it’s a shotgun, rifle, semi-automatic handgun or revolver.

    What’s far worse is that many of teh gunzloonz who DO know what is in their private arsenal, their firing rates, muzzle velocities, maximum “kill” range, joules/foot pounds of energy at impact (at different distances), magazine capacities, chambering for popular bores/loads and the other arcana of gunzloonzlore have NO FUCKING IDEA about how to decide when using one is appropriate.

    That 17,000 number you quote does not include suicides. The FBI’s Uniform Crime Report* offers a number of 14,173 for murders only in 2012. The latest data I could google (quickly) on suicides is from the CDC is for 2010 when the number was 37,793**. I can’t find it at the moment but, IIRC, the rate of suicide by gun is about 5-60% of the total reported by the CDC. They also acknowledge that suicide deaths are often mis or underreported.

    The CDC puts out an “at a glance” letter every year about suicide. There are a number of factors listed as being contributory and a number of good, common sense suggestions about how to help people who are suicidal. Keeping gunz a way from people with suicidal ideations is not listed as a possible mitigating factor. This omission is a feature, not a bug. Thank you, fucking “culture of life” asshole republicans and your partyin’ palz at the NRA.



  • Okay. WTF is this new layer on commenting and even reading the blog about having to check my fucking browser. “Cloud Flair”, WTF is that?

  • dingojack

    Demo – 17,000 was a number that was (carefully) rectally derived (my memory must be a little better than I remembered).

    Same here – all sorts of fun and games getting any response from Dispatches, including this irritating ‘checking

    your browser’ message. Funny, it never had to check anything before…..

    Not. Happy. Jan !!

    🙁 Dingo

  • caseloweraz

    If I may crib from the work of the late, great Pete Seeger:

    Bathed in prayer and smothered in firearms

    Our civilization is bound to go down,

    And the bears and the birds and the bugs will take over

    And the old green world go spinning around.

  • Guys, the weird stuff you`re seeing right now is because FtB got hit with a denial of service attack last night. So they`re running precautions to prevent it occurring again.

  • @34:

    Okay. But why is it that nobody’s yet figured out a way to spike those fuckers’ cannons? There’s gotta be people out there who know how to find out where that sort of shit comes from and do a little payback, doesn’t there?

  • eric

    when we field 10-15 million people up there that that’s enough evidence for these boneheads in Washington D.C. to grasp our message

    The irony is that if 15 million showed up in Washington to protest some policy, pretty much all three branches of government WOULD sit up and pay attention. He’s just bats**t insane in thinking he’s going to get any more than 0.0001% of that number to show.

  • 10-15 million people would create a logjam, for sure.

    The National Mall is approximately 150 acres. That would be about 100 K bodies per acre at the upper figure, 66K+ at the lower figure. Considering that an acre is about 43K square feet, the space would be the most densely populated place on earth, ever. Well, I’m sure that Starbucks will let the overflow use THEIR toilets, specially if they’re packin’ heat–oh, wait, that’s only in California.


  • greg1466

    I love how they are going to trust God that it will work out, but if it doesn’t they’re ready to get violent. They seem to have an unusual definition for ‘trust’.