Oklahoma Restaurant Named Best Gay Bar

Remember that restaurant in Oklahoma owned by a raging bigot who refuses to serve “faggots” and “freaks” and even the disabled and those on welfare? There’s an online campaign going on to name the restaurant the best gay bar in the state on ranking sites.

The owner of an Oklahoma restaurant who declared last week that he won’t serve “freaks,” “f*ggots,” the disabled, or people on welfare now finds himself the victim of an online campaign to brand his establishment the “Best Gay Club” in Oklahoma City.

Gary James of Gary’s Chicaros restaurant told KFOR last week that “I really don’t want gays around. Any man that would compromise his own body would compromise anything.”

The “gays” have responded on Yelp and Facebook by declaring James’s establishment the “[b]est place for hot man sex!”

Another reviewer notes that “Gary does’t serve tube steak. He asks for yours when you walk in the door. But don’t ask to use his backdoor, he saves that for minorities.”

Now that’s hilarious. And a very clever response that serves the asshole right.

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  • John Pieret

    Now that’s hilarious. And a very clever response that serves the asshole right.

    Until some gay guy not in on the joke walks in there and winds up getting the crap beaten out of him.

  • sh3baproject

    so much lulz

    until what the first guy said what would happen happens

  • Synfandel

    Can anyone tell me what chicaros are?

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=153100784 Michael Brew

    It’s all

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=153100784 Michael Brew

    It’s all fun and games until someone shoots their eye out.

  • besomyka

    As someone that is looking for reasonably safe spaces in a city I’ll be visiting in the coming months, the notion that people would intentionally game the resources that people sometimes rely on is horrifying :/

  • magistramarla


    When I lived in Midwest City OK back in the ’80s, my two best friends were a lesbian couple. They took my hubby and I out to their favorite gay bar in OKC. It was called Coyote’s. I don’t know if that bar is still there, but there is a small and quiet gay community there. Most of the state, however, is not redeemable.

  • http://drx.typepad.com Dr X

    Agree about the problem with using Yelp in this way, but It would be kind of fun to treat him to the Google Santorum experience.

  • A Masked Avenger

    Yeah, everyone else’s first thought seems to be the same as mine: some gay man, not in on the joke, is going to get the crap beaten out of him.

    My second thought is that I have mixed feelings about this whole approach. Gay-baiting as revenge for homophobia works precisely because of homophobia. If someone said, “I hate…” oh, I don’t know, “… liberals,” would there be any power in comebacks about how he secretly voted for LBJ and donates to the ACLU? Is it really appropriate or effective to harness homophobia to combat homophobia?

  • scienceavenger

    I wonder how many of the people creating this joke live in places like Oklahoma, and how many live in big cities or the East Coast where there is a lot of denial going on about just how intense bigotry in this part of the country is (I had a cabbie in NJ flat deny the reality of DWB). I love the joke too, but I sure hope there are dogwhistles in there to alert gay people that it is a joke. Regulars in that restaurant are not going to have a sense of humor about this. At. All.

  • Michael Heath


    What is DWB?

  • David Eriksen

    @Mr. Heath,

    I would guess Driving While Black.

    Additionally, I read a few of the reviews posted on Yelp a few days ago. It seemed pretty clear to me that they couldn’t possibly be serious. Just the description of the place should be a give away. Then again, I’m in on the joke.