Lively: Gay Hate Crimes Perpetrated by Macho Gay Men

Last week Human Rights Watch released a video showing clips of bigots bashing and beating up gay people in Russia. Scott Lively, an absolutely deluded bigot who hates gays with a fervor rarely matched by anyone this side of Fred Phelps, says some of those clips may be fake — and the real ones are perpetrated by gay people.

The Human Rights Watch video, released to coincide with the opening of he Sochi Olympics is fulfillment of my prophecy. I predict more will follow.

I have one final, very important point to make in this article. I am NOT saying that all of the incidents described in the video are fakes.

While it is true that “gay” activists are masters of public deception, and their ranks include not just veteran political propagandists but also billionaires like George Soros and movie producer David Geffin — with the capability of staging any possible scenario flawlessly – I believe some of the incidents depicted on the film are probably real.

But that raises the question, who are these perps? Q. What sort of men go out of their way to find and harass effeminate “gay” men on the public streets? A. They are, literally, NAZIs! Ultra-Macho Nationalists, of which Russia has many. Q. And who makes up a significant part of the Nationalist movement everywhere in the world through all of modern history? A. Masculine oriented homosexual men of the very same sort that created the Nazi Party of Germany.

Evidence that these anti-gay thugs in Russia are really gay people targeting their fellow gay people? Silly rabitt, evidence is for rational people, not hateful bigots.

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  • Gregory in Seattle

    There is so much crazy there, I don’t know where to begin.

    We have the Gish Gallop, defined as “the debating technique of drowning the opponent in such a torrent of half-truths, lies, and straw-man arguments that the opponent cannot possibly answer every falsehood in real time.” We need a new term, one named after Lively, to describe a mountain of bullshit so impenetrable, so patently false and so wackaloon crazy that it is extremely difficult, if not impossible, to rebut.

  • frankniddy

    How about the Lively Leap?

  • alanb

    I’m not sure that Lively deserves to have the “pull a big wad of crap out of your ass” gambit named after him. Jerome Corsi may be a more accomplished practitioner of that art.

  • dogmeat

    I’m pretty sure he managed a rare homophobe/liberal agenda double Bingo!

    Projecting prophecy onto someone else… check

    Not saying something is fake but then claiming it is fake… check

    Gay activists… check

    George Soros… check.

    A rare David Geffin… check.

    Nazis… check

    Ultra macho gays…check

    Blaming the victim… check

    Gays responsible for nationalism…check

    Gays responsible for Nazism… check

    Yup, he pulled it off, double bingo.

  • John Pieret

    We need a new term, one named after Lively

    “Gish Gallop” … “Lively Lope” …

    What sort of men go out of their way to find and harass [anyone]?

    Easy answer … bigots. Like YOU Lively!

  • dogmeat

    Darn, I just checked his card, if he had just used “force it down our throat” he would have pulled off the extremely rare triple bigot bingo.

  • dugglebogey

    This defense emerges every time there is a GOP or conservative caught on tape doing something horrendous. “How do we know that’s not just a dirty liberal in a disguise trying to make us look bad?”

    How predictable.

  • busterggi

    Ah the days when the Village People rampaged through NYC leaving demolished buildings, overturned cars and bleeding anuses in their wake – the history books all ignore that.

  • Strewth

    Gregory, I thought the de rigeur term was ‘fractally wrong’.

  • Modusoperandi

    To be fair, they are pretty sneaky and smart. They’re masters of camouflage, and have you ever seen one squeeze through a hole smaller than its body to get a clam which it patiently levers apart with its multiple arms?

    Maybe I’m thinking of octopuses.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    @Strewth #9 – “Fractally wrong” Hmmm…. I like that one!

  • groucho

    Perhaps Scott Lively is a covert homosexual commando working to undermine the work of anti-gay bigots. There’s no limit to their deviousness!

  • raven

    says some of those clips may be fake — and the real ones are perpetrated by gay people.

    Scott Lively didn’t lose his Xian Excuses card.

    1. It’s a false flag operation.

    2. Gay people do it to.

    3. You can’t prove they were straight, xian assaulters.

    4. They weren’t True Xians.

    Cthulhu, fundie xianity is so predictable it is boring.

  • Artor

    To be fair, the Russian Navy uniforms DO look pretty…fabulous? I saw a clip of a bunch of sailors harassing a gay man, and it looked like a scene from a Village People video.

    That said, Lively has his head so far up his ass, it’s not surprising that he sees teh gayz everywhere.

  • raven

    Needless to say, Putin and Lively are just pulling the Fundie Xian Gambit, also known as the Ancient Judeans Gambit. Or the Nazi Gambit, Commie Gambit, or Soviet Gambit.

    1. Find or create some outgroups and then turn up the hate and violence. In his case, Putin has an alliance with the Russian Orthodox church, one of the more malevolent of xian sects. And the hate group is right now gays,.

    It could have been, and has sometimes been in the past, Jews, Moslems, Chechens, Americans, Capitalists, Kulaks, atheists, Pagans, xians, or commies.

    The important thing is to have an identifiable outgroup that is smaller and weaker than your ingroup.

    2. It’s just tribalism again. The OT bible is full of tribalism, hate the Canaanites, Philistines, Babylonians, Assyrians, Romans, Greeks, Egyptians, and finally in the NT, hate the Jews. What goes around comes around.

    You don’t have to be very clever to use tribalism.

    3. It seems to be a human universal. As much as I don’t respect evo-psych, if there is one thing humans do, it is form up into groups.

    But not all tribes are equally as violent. It takes someone like Putin, LIvely, or Hitler to turn it into something violent and/or homicidal.

  • raven

    How do you tell who is a gay man or woman walking down the street anyway?

    In the Bay area, a lot of guys used to (and probably still do) come in from the boonies and gay bash. Some of these attacks were fatal. And in a lot of cases, their victims weren’t…gay.

    There have been at least 3 random killings of Moslems in the USA lately. Except they weren’t Moslems. They were Sikhs. Sikh men often wear turbans and the idiots think that means they are Moslems. Meanwhile, the Moslems are wearing baseball caps, T shirts, and blue jeans.

  • freehand

    raven – I remember a study from the 1970s in which a number of college student volunteers filled out forms the secret purpose of which was to identify antisemitism. They were asked to then look at numerous photos of people and asked to identify, based on appearance, which ones were Jewish and which ones weren’t, and their degree of confidence. The bigots were correct about as often as the non-bigots – but either way they were far more confident of their answers.

  • Thumper: Token Breeder

    … why does he think the Nazi party was set up by “Masculine oriented homosexual men ” (whatever that means)?

  • Ace of Sevens

    I believe he’s referring to Russia’s national animal, the bear.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    @Thumper #18 – Twenty years ago, Lively made a name for himself by writing and publishing The Pink Swastika, a “Protocols of Zion” type pile of filth that sought to blame the European theater of World War II and the Holocaust as a gay conspiracy. Because, apparently, the atrocities and horrors of the Nazi era could not possibly have been perpetrated by red-blooded heterosexuals.

    That book is what launched him as an internationally known extremist bigot, and it remains the ever-repeated motif in his rants.

  • raven

    by writing and publishing The Pink Swastika,

    And the truth is 180 degrees away from Lively.

    One of the groups the Nazis persecuted and sent to the death camps were…the gays. Lively has a lot in common with those mass murderers.

  • David Eriksen

    Re: Raven @21

    And the truth is 180 degrees away from Lively.

    I would say that Lively is orthogonal to truth; there is one point of intersection and then he is at right angles to reality. In the early days, there were both homosexuals and socialists in the National Socialist party, particularly in the Brownshirts. Then came the Night of the Long Knives and they became purely the fascists we all know and loathe.

  • jonathangray