OH Public School May Hire Daubenmire

You might want to put something soft down on your desk before reading this to avoid a concussion from your head hitting your desk. A public school in Ohio is actually considering hiring Dave Daubenmire as their next football coach.

Lakewood school board members will vote on a new football coach tonight, but no matter how they cast their ballots, people are likely to be upset.

There have been strong opinions on both sides ever since it was announced that outspoken minister, radio host and motivational speaker Dave Daubenmire was in the running. Tonight, Lakewood Superintendent Jay Gault will recommend hiring Daubenmire; it’s then up to board of education members to decide yes or no, Gault said…

Daubenmire is the founder of Pass the Salt, a ministry dedicated to bringing together Christians to be the salt and light of the world, as is stated in the Book of Matthew. He is also a 1971 Lakewood High School graduate, but he is perhaps best known for his time coaching at London High School, where the American Civil Liberties Union accused him of mixing religion with teaching and coaching.

Daubenmire also was head football coach at Heath High School from 1981 to 1988 and, more recently, at Fairfield Christian Academy.

He lost his job at London when the school board settled that lawsuit and the court ordered him to stop pushing players to pray with him. And he was fired a few months ago even by a private Christian school where he coached, who couldn’t take his antics. They can’t really be stupid enough to hire this guy, can they?

Update: The answer, happily, is no. The board voted 3-2 not to hire him. I’m sure this will be more proof to him that Christians are being terribly persecuted.

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  • matty1

    I’m surprised this is something that would go to a vote, doesn’t the principal have hiring authority for school staff?

  • http://www.ranum.com Marcus Ranum

    Lakewood Superintendent Jay Gault

    Who is Jay Gault?

  • Phillip IV

    Pass the Salt

    And the schoolboard agreed: “Pass…”

  • illdoittomorrow

    That’s encouraging! Only 40% of the Lakewood school board is too dumb to learn from other people’s fuckups.

  • http://en.uncyclopedia.co/wiki/User:Modusoperandi Modusoperandi

    [Book of] Statistics 4:19 “And the Judges did ask, ‘Do you believe?’ And he said ‘I do’. And they were overjoyed.

    And they did ask ‘What’s your record?’ And he replied ‘Nine and twenty-three.’

    And they did reply ‘We’re going another way on this one. Sorry.'”

  • garnetstar

    Ed gets it in one: Daubenmire has pubiished a rant about just that topic, “This just proves Christian discrimination”.

  • Artor

    So will Superintendent Gault be up for review or (hopefully) ejection any time soon? If he’s this cavalier with the school’s legal standing, I have to imagine he might be less than scrupulous in other matters as well.

  • Erp

    It was interesting reading the comments on the first article. Some in Lakewood seems to be pretty desperate for a winning team (though others elsewhere on the net seem to state that baseball and band are the important teams at the school not football) and Daubenmire is a alumni of the school with a lot of connections in the community and a winning record at previous schools. At least they seem to have counted the potential cost.

    The decision on his libel suit against Sommers et al. is interesting reading in regards to his tenure at London


  • tsig

    I wonder if their insurance told them that they wouldn’t cover the costs if they hired him?

  • jameshanley

    You might want to put something soft down on your desk before reading this t

    You maybe should have had that warning before the headline, eh?

  • anubisprime

    It says a lot more about the school board then they should feel comfortable with.

    They seem to have dodged this particular bullet but to even consider hiring this orc dork in the first place does demonstrate they are lamentably naive if not rather stupid.

    But at least their asinine quality was not fatal this time around…it does not guarantee a future free of other dumbass ideas though!

  • marym

    I live in Daubenmire’s neck of the woods and know him slightly through a family connection. I was surprised how much media coverage there was about his tempest in a teapot. All three TV news stations did stories at 6pm and 11pm, There were articles in many of the Gannet-owned small town newspapers as well as the big city newspaper. (OK, ok, it was a slow newsweek and everyone is buried in snow). A petition was set up supporting his NOT being hired, eventually garnering 4600 signatures. In the comments sections of the newspaper articles, links were put to direct people to Daubenmire’s craziest rants.

    I think his reputation – he’s widely considered to be a good coach but an extremist rightwing nutcase – took another hit.

    At the school board meeting, Daubenmire, red-faced and shouting, repeatedly jabbing his index finger at 100+ people in the auditorium, stated that he has “no desire to evangelize your sons”. The next day Daubenmire said on his Facebook page that “People gripe all of the time about the need to get God back into our schools…well…I was gonna carry Him in the front door.” He talks out of both sides of his mouth…. on record. This guy shoots himself in the foot whenever he opens his yap.

    I don’t think this episode is over quite yet.

    Daubenmire wrote a press release 2/13 for a Christian news source claiming that “The Homosexual Lobby Bullies Ohio School Board Into Not Hiring Christian Coach”. “The message that the Lakewood Board of Education sent last night is that anyone with deeply held Biblical beliefs is not welcome in our public schools. The board’s actions were both immoral and illegal.” Ilegal!?!?!? Do I smell a lawsuit coming? Daubenmire’s lawyer was at the school board meeting to support Daubenmire. Maybe they had talked in advance about filing suit for discrimination if Daub didn’t get the job.

    And just for fun, you gotta take a look at Daub’s video where he defends Phil Robertson of Duck Dynasty for homophobic remarks. I believe the beard is a fluffy white bathmat with holes cut in it.

  • m Sandman

    Sorry, forgot to leave URL for “I Stand with Phil Robertson” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p_hLGNWEuw8

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1531393070 danrobinson

    Pass the salt. My baby’s getting cold.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Daubenmire is the founder of Pass the Salt, a ministry dedicated to bringing together Christians to be the salt and light of the world, as is stated in the Book of Matthew.

    I guess they rejected pass the light then?

    (Which of course suggests a rather different mental picture.)

  • ah58

    I hear that the crazy Pennsylvania sheriff, Mark Kessler, is looking for a job too. Think he could get a position with their school teaching political science? At the very least, he could be a hall monitor. You’ve got to keep those liberal, Commie high-schoolers in line.