Murdered Man’s Brother Slams ‘Psychic Detectives’

Keith Bennett was murdered in 1964 but his body has never been found, but a group of “paranormal investigators” have been trying to help find him. The victim’s brother Alan is not happy about that and hasn’t been for a long time, calling them frauds who are of no help at all.

The brother of Moors Murder victim Keith Bennett has slammed paranormal sleuths for claiming they know where he is buried.

Alan, 58, accused them of being “immoral” after using EVP, electronic voice phenomena, to “locate” the 12-year-old’s grave…

Alan said: “It is nonsense based on psychic messages.

“We have been plagued by this type for as long as I can remember. They gave false hope but have no answer.

“They never will be of any use in the search for Keith.”

It’s nice to hear someone with a close connection to one of these cases make such a statement. Far too often, the families of the victims grasp at any straw that gives them hope, including “psychics” who pretend to be useful in such situations. (Hat tip: Sharon Hill)

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  • Mr Ed

    Thirty two years ago a cousin who I was close to decided find himself and headed west to go backpacking. He called in from the Grand Canyon and then just disappeared. He wasn’t a child, he wasn’t murdered and he wasn’t my brother but not knowing what happened is a very raw nerve. To play ghost hunter like this just twists the knife.

  • noastronomer

    As the article says, Keith was 12 years old when he was killed. Hardly a ‘man’.