Fischer: The FCC Is Going to Shut Me Down

Bryan Fischer’s hypothetical persecution complex is flaring up again. On his radio show this week he told his listeners that the FCC is going to shut down his show and all other Christian shows that speak out against homosexuality. Without a shred of evidence, of course.

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  • D. C. Sessions

    What was that about false prophets?

  • Larry

    And if you want me to fight back against the Kenyan/Muslim usurper and his jack-booted thugs, send me mo’ money!

  • petemoulton

    I believe that’s on PBO’s agenda, right after he takes away all their guns.

  • eric

    So, a right-winger who wants all talk about gays removed from the media is complaining about the possibility that government media watchdogs might stop him talking about gays in his media program. Got it.

    Hey Fischer, did it ever occur to you that the only future in which the FCC stops you saying words like “gay” or “homosexual” on your broadcasts is the future in which you won?

  • RickR

    It’s always projection with these assholes. Always.

    Nobody wants Bryan Fischer to shut up. I sure don’t. The quicker normal people associate “devout Christian” with “bigoted fascist asshole”, the sooner the day will come when their religion’s influence on the country dwindles until they’re as relevant as the KKK.

    So talk, Bryan Fischer. Talk.

  • magistramarla

    The teabaggers in my local paper were freaking out about this yesterday.

    The FCC is planning to do some research, so the RWNJs think that they are going to shut down the right wing stations.

  • jnorris

    magistramarla, Mr Fischer knows the FCC research on right-wing broadcasting will be done the same way Gov Christi studied traffic patterns on the George Washington Bridge.

  • fifthdentist

    “There’s great public risk to normalizing this type of behavior.”

    Yeah, but that pesky First Amendment lets you religious whack jobs get away with it.

  • thompjs

    We can dream can’t we?

  • leonardschneider

    @ RickR (#5):

    That’s actually kind of the problem: noisy dicknoses like Fischer are the ones who get all the attention, simply because they’re the loudest. (Like the saying goes, “Talk is cheap, but shouting is free.”) Meanwhile, the people out there actually doing some good are ignored. The Congregationalists (UCC), the Unitarians, Episcopals, Methodists… They’re the ones running soup kitchens, organizing winter clothing drives (and regular clothes too), creating homeless shelters, battered women’s shelters, opening their doors for AA/NA meetings, running free day care for employed-but-poor single women (and they don’t evangelize the kids: the attitude is, “That’s entirely up to the parents”)…. Overall, trying to help anyone who needs help.

    They also don’t witness or evangelize the people they’re helping, for the most part. The most you’d run into would be having a conversation with a volunteer worker, they might ask “So are you a Christian?” And you’re perfectly free to answer, “Oh, shit no,” and the volunteer will leave it alone. They might say, “Well, if you ever have any questions, come on by,” but that’s it. They’re there to provide services, period.

    You also have powerhouses like Glide Memorial in San Francisco. Holy shit, do they stay busy: they serve three meals a day — I think it’s something like 1400 plates served daily — plus alcohol and drug counseling (they’re in the Tenderloin, so that’s a biggie), single and family shelter, mental health services, a needle exchange(!) — oh hell, just click here, then mouse over “Our Work” and make a selection. Go through and see all the stuff they do. They are some busy fuckin’ people there at Glide.

    You and I would seem to be at cross-purposes over the concept or definition of “devout Christian.” Like, Bryan Fischer is not a devout Christian: he’s a fuckin’ asshole. The people putting in their time and energy running and organizing all the programs at Glide, now, most of them are devout Christians. Their faith is what drives them to make their own little corner of the world a better place.

    (Please, please let’s not get into a discussion about “faith.” Doing so is every bit as constructive as arguing about what your favorite color is. There is no right answer and it wastes everyone’s time. If you respond to this and ask me about my own, sure, I’ll answer you… But, just like a favorite color, it’s really goddamn irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, or even to Ed’s blog. For now, I’ll just say I’m a Deist and leave it at that.)

    I’m not trying to put words in your mouth, but I think what you mean is Conservative Christians. Those are the ones who hide their bigotry behind a Bible, who use selected chunks out of the Old Testament to excuse their fear and hatred of the world around them. (I wish some of ’em would devote their time to the Song of Solomon, a.k.a. “An Ode To My Wife’s Awesome Rack.” Seriously, Solomon is all about the tits!) FSM knows, there’s plenty of them around; Mr. Brayton documents their public idiocy pretty damn well.

    To me, it’s not semantics, it really is about defining what someone who calls themselves a “Christian” is all about. Yes, there are conservative Christians who are devout… But their devotion is pretty useless, really. They’re the ones handing out Bible tracts at the bus station, bellowing rants into a Mr. Microphone at the park, and generally thinking anyone who doesn’t believe like they do needs to be fixed. I can think of plenty of churches that, after thirty seconds of me talking, would throw me out as a heretic. And according to their specific faith, they’d be right!

    So really, it’s not the “devout” you should be concerned with, it’s the “conservative.” I may not agree with some of the devout, but — especially the ones I talked about above — they have my respect. It’s the conservative ones you gotta watch out for. They were the ones who seemed like they were only telling me they were Christians so they could also tell me how much better they were than me.