Edwin Edwards Running for Congress

Man, you almost have to admire Edwin Edwards. The longest serving governor in Louisiana history gets out of prison after serving 8 years for racketeering and what does he do? Runs for Congress and says he’s the only hope the Democrats have of winning the seat — and he might even be right.

You’re wrong if you think politics couldn’t get saucier in Louisiana, where the ex-Democratic mayor of New Orleans was just convicted for bribery and the religious-right-supporting senator who got caught with hookers is a favorite to win the governorship: Edwin Edwards, the most colorful Louisiana politician since Huey Long, is running for Congress.

“I’m just figuring out all the legalities and how to set up a super PAC, and then I’m going,” Edwards said in a telephone interview today. He is running in Louisiana’s 6th Congressional District, where the Republican incumbent, Representative Bill Cassidy, is vacating his seat to run for the U.S. Senate.

Edwards acknowledged he faces obstacles — he is 86 and spent eight years in a federal penitentiary after a conviction for racketeering.

But Edwards insisted, “I’m the only hope the Democrats have here.” Voters who wouldn’t support him because of his criminal background, he added, “wouldn’t have voted for me anyway.”

If they ever build a chutzpah hall of fame, this guy is a first ballot inductee. But don’t be surprised if he wins. In Louisiana, they like their corruption right up front where they can see it. And Edwards remains popular despite, or maybe because of, his long history of saying outrageous things. This is the guy who famously said during a campaign, “The only way I can lose this election is if I get caught in bed with a dead girl or a live boy.”

And you know who his opponent may be? Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.

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  • doublereed

    Jesus, I wonder if he just uses his balls as a bean bag chair.

  • Freedonian

    I grew up there and was still living there when the choice for governor was between Eddie and David Duke. What a day! Louisiana is the home of full contact politics

  • D. C. Sessions

    Meanwhile, how many Louisianans are barred from voting thanks to a conviction for possessing weed thirty years ago?

  • cjcolucci

    Vote for the crook; it’s important.

  • freehand


    “Well Jimmy Bob, Edwins starts off strong but at 86 does he have the stamina to last three against Perkins?”

    “I’ll tell ya, Jean-Luc, the – oh my gawd! That’s a foul for sure! Didn’t the ref see that!”


    And so on.

  • Stacy

    @Freedonian #2

    I grew up there and was still living there when the choice for governor was between Eddie and David Duke. What a day!

    I read about that in William Poundstone’s Gaming the Vote. Bumper stickers said, “Vote for the crook, not the kook!”

  • Artor

    Yeah, right. Like even the most cynical voter is going to…

    “And you know who his opponent may be? Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council.”

    Oh. Nevermind. I guess I’m rooting for Edwards. Yay?

  • flatlander100

    And let us not forget that the Gret Stet elected to the US Senate a man caught hiring hookers to dress him in diapers before servicing him, and who ran on a Family Values platform.

  • Ichthyic

    Vote for the crook; it’s important.


    It’s like voting for Penguin Vs Joker….

  • birgerjohansson

    Regarding chutzpah: here is another one; Beat up a peaceful guy, then charge him and demand a five-year sentence!

    New Jersey man escapes 5 year sentence after dash cam footage clears him, indicts cops


  • Ichthyic

    ^^I watched the video….

    If I didn’t know better… and I don’t… I would say that this was a deliberate set up by a third party.


    in the beginning of the footage, you hear the cop with the shotgun yell very loudly… “WHY ARE YOU TRYING TO TAKE MY GUN?”

    …even though he was on the opposite side of the car… away from the driver.

    both cops say similar things, very loudly, all the while the tape is rolling, even though the victim is doing nothing but holding his hands in up in the air.

    to me, it looks like an old mob-style intimidation tactic. Like the victim in this case might have just pissed off the wrong people, and they sent their blue enforcers around to “set him straight”.

    I’m almost surprised you don’t here something like “Your uncle Vinny says ‘hello'” …. while they are beating him on the ground.

  • Ichthyic

    hear, even.

  • @12:

    How DARE you? To even suggest such a thing, Ichthyic shows just how hopelessly out of touch you are!

    No self-respecting NJ public safety employee would do errands for these guys:


    No, they’re too busy doing them for this guy: