Lobbyist Loses Client After Trying to Ban Gays from NFL

Some PR folks like to say that there’s no such thing as bad publicity. Republican lobbyist Jack Burkman is finding out that his publicity stunt of trying to pass a bill to ban gay men from the NFL proves that maxim wrong. He’s already lost one client due to his bigoted grandstanding:

DC Solar Solutions, Inc., a California-based green energy company, told ThinkProgress on Tuesday that it would no longer allow Burkman to represent the company because of his comments. The company’s CEO Jeffrey Carpoff and COO Paulette Carpoff released a joint statement saying that the company has “severed ties” with Burkman “effective immediately”:

DC Solar does not condone or support Mr. Burkman’s homophobic views, and since learning about his misguided efforts to write legislation banning gay athletes from the NFL, we have ended our relationship with him. DC Solar values diversity within our company and within our communities, and we do not tolerate discrimination of any sort. As a company working to address issues about our country’s future, we have no intention of working with those who are stuck in the past.

I suspect they won’t be the last client to do this. I’d love to see his company go bankrupt as a result, though that isn’t likely.

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  • busterggi


  • dhall

    Funny how a lobbyist gets to write legislation. Who elected him to office . . ? Ah, America, where so much is so wrong . . .

  • timberwoof

    I’m going to make popcorn. I expect some right-wingnut to whine about how this touchy-feely Librul California solar energy company is immorally denying this lobbyist his freeze peaches.

  • roggg

    There’s always Chick-Fil-A… Or he could be the Hobby Lobby Lobbyist.

    I suspect this will change his clientele but wont hurt him in the end.

  • shouldbeworking

    But the client is preventing Freeze Peach!

  • gwangung

    Heh. Heh heh heh. Heh heh heh BWAH HAH HAH HAH HAH HAH!

  • http://adventuresinzymology.blogspot.com JJ831

    Yep, can’t wait to hear this spun as discrimination.

    Which will extra funny with the crap this week from AZ. We can discriminate because if we do, you can just not come to our establishment. But, if you actually do that, then you are discriminating against us.

  • dingojack

    Here is the last post on the subject of Mr Burkman and the NFL, just for reference.