Threats Kill SSA Club in North Carolina

Remember the fight over an SSA club at Pigsah High School in North Carolina, where the school initially refused to allow it to form and then gave in when threatened with a lawsuit? Abusive Christians bullies have now managed to do what the school could not, prevent the creation of the group. Kalei Wilson, the student who tried to get it started, wrote on the fundraising page for the group a few days ago:

I’m nervous about the first meeting this week. This morning I brought some flyers to hang up at school but I don’t think they will remain on the walls long.

We have permission to post them but if the people who continue to message me with horrible stuff sees them, I bet they tear them down.

This morning I was called “Satan” by one Christian girl who first called me a “dumb c&^t b*&^h!”

I know what I’m doing is right but it’s scary. Hopefully the students who have said they will come will actually show up.

Thank you for the kind words and support. We just received a big package from the SSA with pens and stickers and goodies to give out.

love Kalei

But the intimidation continued and this was posted the next day:

It saddens us to report that due to the numerous threats and the verbal attacks on Kalei along with the vindictive which-hunt to hurt the reputations of affiliated local groups and our own family , Kalei will not be continuing with the group.

We have contacted GoFundMe and requested they return your generous donations. They have assured us that your funds will show back up in your respective accounts within 3 to 5 days.

Your love and support are priceless and we apologize in letting you down. It was our single goal to support Kalei in her efforts to start the much needed SSA club.

However, we never expected our family and friends to be sought out and demonized. Please know that we recognize the importance of the club but we can not justify our involvement with the risk of our families safety and well being.

I’m certainly not going to criticize Kalei or her family for their decision. Imagine being a 15 year old girl in North Carolina with a school full of people harassing and bullying you when you’ve done absolutely nothing to them whatsoever. Unfortunately, this is exactly what we’ve come to expect in such situations. It’s the same thing Jessica Ahlquist went through, the same thing the Bell family went through, the same thing most people go through when they challenge Christian privilege.

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  • subbie

    It warms my heart to see Christian love at work.

  • brucemartin

    Just remember what the Bible tells us that Jesus supposedly said to the woman who had been brought to be stoned to death. I think he said: Woman, where are your accusers, “dumb c&^t b*&^h!”

    It’s nice that modern “Christians” follow the (made up) example of their lord and leader, like this.

  • John Pieret

    “By this shall all men know that ye are my disciples, if ye have love one to another.” – John 13:35

  • raven

    Brings back not so fond memories. Fundie death cult xian threats are why I haven’t had an internet presence under my own name for almost 15 years. And partlly why I’m an ex-xian.

    Fundie xians can be violent, sponsor xian terrorism, and are sometimes killers. Below is an old list of their terrorism against scientists and science supporters.

    FWIW, fundie xians can and occasionally are violent. This vandalism in Florida is just more xian terrorism.

    Below is an old list of their other victims. It is long and getting longer all the time.

    The real story is the persecution of scientists by Fundie Xian Death cultists, who have fired, harassed, beaten up, and killed evolutionary biologists and their supporters whenever they can. [link goes to Blake Stacey’s blog which has a must read essay with documentation of the cases below.]

    Posting the list of who is really being beaten up, threatened, fired, attempted to be fired, and killed. Not surprisingly, it is scientists and science supporters by Death Cultists.

    If anyone has more info add it. Also feel free to borrow or steal the list.

    I thought I’d post all the firings of professors and state officials for teaching or accepting evolution.

    2 professors fired, Bitterman (SW CC Iowa) and Bolyanatz (Wheaton)

    1 persecuted unmercifully Richard Colling (Olivet) Now resigned under pressure.

    1 persecuted unmercifully for 4 years Van Till (Calvin)

    1 attempted firing Murphy (Fuller Theological by Phillip Johnson IDist)

    1 successful death threats, assaults harrasment Gwen Pearson (UT Permian)

    1 state official fired Chris Comer (Texas)

    1 assault, fired from dept. Chair Paul Mirecki (U. of Kansas)

    1 killed, Rudi Boa, Biomedical Student (Scotland)

    1 fired Brucke Waltke noted biblical scholar

    Biology Department fired, La Sierra SDA University

    1 attempted persecution Richard Dawkins by the Oklahoma state legislature

    Vandalism Florida Museum of Natural History

    Death Threats Eric Pianka UT Austin and the Texas

    Academy of Science engineered by a hostile, bizarre IDist named Bill Dembski

    Death Threats Michael Korn, fugitive from justice, towards the UC Boulder biology department and miscellaneous evolutionary biologists.

    Death Threats Judge Jones Dover trial. He was under federal marshall protection for a while

    Up to 16 with little effort. Probably there are more. I turned up a new one with a simple internet search. Haven’t even gotten to the secondary science school teachers.

    And the Liars of Expelled, the movie have the nerve to scream persecution. On body counts the creos are way ahead.

    These days, fundie xian is synonymous with liar, ignorant, stupid, and sometimes killer.

  • D. C. Sessions

    It’s the same thing Jessica Ahlquist went through, the same thing the Bell family went through, the same thing most people go through when they challenge Christian privilege.

    No, Ed, it’s not “the same thing” at all. Ahlquist, at least, was demanding a change in what the school officially did. In this case, though, the only thing that the SSA wanted was to get together. The other students weren’t just demanding privileges, they were demanding submission.

  • Chiroptera

    And it isn’t the fault of the Christofascist bullies, either. Someone who is more familiar with these situations can correct me, but my belief is that the school administration and local l as enforcement have the ability to create and maintain an environment that can allow an unpleasant situation to become dangerous.

  • Chiroptera

    Hoffman auto-correct! That was meant to be “school administration and local law enforcement.”

  • Chiroptera


  • raven

    If the xian religion was true, they wouldn’t have to lie, threaten, intimidate, and kill people all the time.

    They are always standing up for jesus and god. Because the supposedly most powerful beings in the universe they created themselves can’t do it. It’s just hard to do anything…when you don’t even exist!!!

    I can’t blame these kids in North Carolina for giving up.

    Even on the coast here, we have trouble with violent fundie xians and there aren’t even that many, outnumbered by New Agers and Pagans.

    1. I don’t have a Darwin fish on my car. The xians steal them and usually scratch the paint as much as possible while doing it. What would jesus vandalize?

    2. The two terrorist attacks nearest my house were by xian terrorists. One guy got in a shootout with the cops while on his way to bomb an environmental group. And the local xians firebombed the local mosque.

  • raven

    …but my belief is that the school administration and local l as enforcement have the ability to create and maintain an environment that can allow an unpleasant situation to become dangerous.

    In some places, the school administration and police would be on it and put a stop to the bullying and threats. Most schools have anti-bullying policies these days and threats and intimidation can be illegal and a matter for the local police to handle.

    My guess is that in some backwoods place in North Carolina, the school and police wouldn’t do anything because they are secular hating christofascists themselves.

  • Modusoperandi

    Akin was right. If it’s a legitimate SSA, the student body has ways to try to shut that whole thing down.

  • hunter

    Take as a given my disgust over the behavior of schoolmates and neighbors.

    But I also want to point out that it’s “Pisgah,” not “Pigsah,” however much more descriptive the latter may be. (I know the area — mother’s family, etc., etc.)

  • Azkyroth Drinked the Grammar Too :)

    Cure ignorant wide-eyed theorist:

    But…but…but…but atheists aren’t Societally Oppressed!

  • democommie

    Fuck North Carolina. Fuck every single person in the state that supports these KKKristofascistic pieces-of-shit. In a world where there GOD actually fucking existed, he would reward their hatred by having an earthquake or six to help reconfigure the landscape and make sure that the 38K tons of coal ash spilled by Duke Energy gets into every nook and cranny of their water table AND have the head satanist, Obamandingo, shut off the gummint spigot that Duke Energy caused them to open.

    GODfuckingdamn those assholes.

  • cactuswren

    Maybe we need an “It Gets Better” project for young skeptics, like the one for LGBT youth. Because Kalei, I promise you, it does get better.

  • dickspringer

    At least Jessica Ahlquist got police protection in Rhode Island, unlike what happened in North Carolina.

  • D. C. Sessions

    At least Jessica Ahlquist got police protection in Rhode Island, unlike what happened in North Carolina.

    That was relatively-civilized New England. This was, after all, the Confederacy where she would have been more likely to get “protective custody.”

  • raven

    Maybe we need an “It Gets Better” project for young skeptics, like the one for LGBT youth.

    If she and the NC SSA can make it across the border and to a refugee camp, they do have options.

    They would be eligible for immigration and resettlement on the basis of religious persecution in New England, the mid-Atlantic, or the US west coast. These areas already have large populations who have escaped from fundieland.

  • jnorris

    All those good little True Christian ™ boys and girls will get a standing ovation when then go to church tomorrow to be with Jesus.

  • zbeeblebrox

    #9. I, too, have had a Darwin fish removed from my car. I find it especially delicious that the perpetrator broke a commandment when they did it.

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    Those Christians must be so proud.

    And for those who say that these weren’t “REAL Christians” ™, where are the “REAL Christians” standing up for the rights of the SSA children?

  • Marcus Ranum

    I suppose that christianity is too big to consider a terrorist organization…

  • dingojack

    Those poor self-hating Christians, ’cause they’ve got be, right? Seeing that they follow Jesus’ commandments:

    ‘”And the second is like unto it, Thou shalt love thy neighbour as thyself”..

    :/ Dingo

  • borax

    To Kalei and her family, get out of Canton and come to Asheville. We welcome everybody here.

  • StevoR : Free West Papua, free Tibet, let the Chagossians return!

    Awful news. I thought people were better than this and very unchristian of them albeit that’s sadly typical.

  • paulburnett

    Ed – first line in your article – it’s “Pisgah” not “Pigsah”.

  • U Frood

    Come on, there’s got to be at least one Christian down there in North Carolina willing to denounce this behavior.

  • democommie


    Not a “TROO KKKristian”!

  • countmagnus

    The school district’s attorney has released a report that calls all of the family’s allegations lies and claims this is a scheme cooked up to get money, possibly in collusion with the FFRF and/or the ACLU. It cites supposed irregularities in the process of applying to form the club, and the attorney has also seen fit to make insinuations about Kalei Wilson’s father’s “criminal past” – which from a link I saw elsewhere, seems to involve a sexual abuse conviction twenty years ago. Because that’s totally relevant.

    There’s a lot of “she said/they said” going on, but it’s obvious whose story is more plausible,given the way these sorts of church/state cases usually go in small conservative communities. I hope we haven’t heard the end of this.

  • Ichthyic

    But…but…but…but atheists aren’t Societally Oppressed!

    that would be… Heddle.

    in his own words:

    Give me a break. Apart from anecdotally, a resort to which any group (including Christians) can turn, atheists are not oppressed. Not even close. They are not systematically discriminated against in statutes, housing, jobs, medical benefits, etc. The fact that you have to put up with proselytizing cannot even be compared in the same breath with anyone who is truly oppressed. I get proselytized by the Mormons and the JWs–I find their admonitions just as wrong as you find an evangelical Christian’s message–but it’s simply (and obviously to anyone without a victimhood complex) a modest price for living in a free society.

    that was from 2007. I wonder if he still thinks this way? probably.

  • Ichthyic


    Calling what atheists face in this country a human rights issue is an absurdity.

    remember this, the next time you see him. He is NOT your friend.

    He’s a bloody Calvinist!

  • The Other Lance

    These people would throw Jesus out of their school if he showed up. So sad.