Baltimore Police Threaten Man Who Filmed Them

Here’s yet another case where a man is videotaping the police making an arrest and they tell them that he has no freedom of speech and threaten to arrest him for having committed no crime whatsoever. It’s all caught on video. Every single officer involved should be facing punishment for this.

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  • sh3baproject

    correction: he has freedom of speech. they just dont want him to have it.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    Just last week, a man in Minnesota was acquitted of charges of disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice for filming police. Hopefully, more and more such cases will come to a jury, and precedent will finally be set.

    Of course, that will still mean nothing if cops are allowed to get off with nothing more than some pious clucking and a finger wag or two.

  • Marcus Ranum

    “If you’re not doing anything wrong, you’ve got nothing to hide” – right, cop?

  • Gvlgeologist, FCD

    These cops apparently think that “disrespecting” is illegal.

    Lawsuit time… That’s the only thing that will get the city to act.

  • danrobinson

    “Don’t disrespect us”. Ha!

    Fucking moron pig. He even looks more like a pig the closer you get to him. We desperately need a different way of deciding who gets to be a cop. These assholes are nothing but thugs in uniform.

  • chriswalker

    While the threats of arrest and such are over the line, I understand the impulse to not let a random stranger video tape you doing your job, especially one as contentious as being a police officer. All it takes is one viral video to screw you over hard – just as ACORN or Shirley Sherrod.

  • Michael Heath

    sh3baproject writes:

    correction: he has freedom of speech. they just dont want him to have it.

    Obviously, but notable here is that law enforcement is legally obligated to defend this man’s freedom of speech. We don’t merely have a right to exercise our speech rights, the government must also defend that right in certain venues and situations, which includes this one.

  • freemage

    chriswalker: I’d accept that line of reasoning IF the cop’s unions weren’t invariably dead-set against rules requiring vest- and dash-cams being used constantly while on duty, with the recordings being automatically available to defendants’ attorneys. The concern isn’t merely over some random viral video being carefully edited to cast them in a bad light; it’s in being subject to any form of oversight whatsoever.