The Worldnetdaily’s Usual Hyperbole

Jerome Corsi has another one of those “Worldnetdaily exclusives,” which, as always, mean that no other “news” outlet would publish something so stupid. The headline reads: Famous Republican about to fall out of sight? The famous Republican in question is Sen. John Cornyn.

In Texas, a test of the tea party’s power to oppose the Republican establishment is shaping up as Rep. Steve Stockman prepares for a final push to prevent Sen. John Cornyn from getting a majority plus one vote in this week’s Texas Republican primary.

A Human Events/Gravis poll of Texas GOP registered voters reported Feb. 17, 2014, showed Cornyn, the Republican Senate Whip and a fixture of GOP establishment politics in Washington, polling below 50 percent, with only 43 percent of the respondents favoring Cornyn in this Tuesday’s, March 4, Texas Republican primary, with Stockman, a tea-party favorite, with 28 percent.

As WND previously reported, in a primary contest where seven challengers including Stockman are vying to replace two-term incumbent Cornyn from re-election, Stockman’s goal is to deny Cornyn an absolute majority on March 4 (50 percent plus one vote), so as to force a run-off contest between Cornyn and Stockman, the two leading contenders, on May 27.

So in the world the Worldnetdaily inhabits, Cornyn may be “about to fall out of sight” because one of his seven challengers hopes that he may force a runoff with him while he himself is polling at less than 30%. And that’s the best he can hope for is a runoff. It’s not like he has any real shot of winning the seat. Brilliant analysis, as always.

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  • John Pieret

    I heard on NPR this morning that various tea party organizations in Texas have dropped support for Stockman because he has run a lackluster campaign up to now (probably saving himself and his finances for a runoff). So, once again, the teabaggers are lining up their AR-15s for a good shot at their own foot.

  • Pierce R. Butler

    If Cornyn gets a majority vote, he won’t need that “plus one”.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    “Majority plus one vote”? Isn’t a majority, by definition, anything more than 50%? Then again, I know not to expect any kind of fancy learnin’ stuff from the Wingnut Daily.

  • Modusoperandi


  • Crip Dyke, Right Reverend Feminist FuckToy of Death & Her Handmaiden

    @Pierce & Gregory (at 2 & 3):

    You are both correct that “majority + 1 vote” is WND nonsense masquerading as intelligible precision. Oy.

  • democommie


    Shouldn’t that header read:

    “The Worldnetdaily’s Used Hyperbole”

    Where the value of “used” = shopworn, beat up, not really worth a fuck?

  • stuartsmith

    If this is one of those challenge from the right situations, though, it seems likely that the votes for the other candidates were in some measure votes against the incumbent. I think it’s likely that Stockman will get a much larger share of the other candidates votes than his opponent.