Pathfinders Bring Clean Water to Thousands

pathfinders with logoSome of the things the Pathfinders have done around the world in the first few months of their journey has been difficult to quantify. They’ve worked with kids in humanist schools and helped people at refugee camps. But here’s a very clear example we can point to of something they did: Opened a water purification center that is bringing clean, safe drinking water to thousands of people in Ecuador.

Conor, Wendy, Michelle and Ben worked their tails off on this project, for this reason:

Until recently on Isla Puná, Ecuador’s second largest island, there were two choices when it came to drinking water: Pay $1 for a 3.5-liter bottle of purified water from the mainland, a price few residents of the rural town can afford, or take a chance with water from one of the local wells. With the cost of bottled water prohibitively high, most opted for well water, which came with its own cost—every week, children and adults flooded the local hospital with diarrhea, vomiting, and rashes and sores on their skin, all symptoms of infections that come from drinking dirty water.

But as of this week, everything changed. The Azul Pura water purification center is complete! This project, a collaboration between Pathfinders Project and Water Ecuador, will sell pure water to residents at $1.50 for a five-gallon jug (a cost of 8¢ per liter, compared to 29¢ per liter for other bottled water).

One of the purposes of this yearlong journey is to build relationships with organizations around the world that the Foundation Beyond Belief can work with again when we launch the full Humanist Service Corps. There’s so much to be done, so many people still struggling with the most basic needs that we all take for granted. They have now left Ecuador for Columbia and they will be working on water sanitation there as well. If you’d like to help fund their work (all donations go directly to the service projects), click here.

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