I Guess Cornyn Won’t ‘Drop Out of Sight’

The results of Tuesday’s Republican primary in Texas have shown just how absurd the Worldnetdaily’s claim that Sen. John Cornyn may “drop out of sight” after losing to Rep. Steve Stockman. In fact, Stockman didn’t even come close to mounting a serious challenge to Cornyn, who got 59% of the vote to Stockman’s 19%. The Worldnetdaily is the Bill Kristol of “news” sites.

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  • To be fair, Stockman would have won, had he gotten a bunch more votes.

  • sinned34

    It’s because of NOBAMA and ACORN stealing votes from Reel Americans. They’ve divided America and are suppressing the votes of true white male voters with their so called gay marriage and evolution. BENGHAZI!

  • Trebuchet

    ACORN probably got a bunch of illegals to vote for Cormyn.

  • Trebuchet

    Dang, beaten to the punch by sinned34!

  • dingojack

    Trebuchet – ‘peccavi’.


  • John Pieret

    One wonders if Stockman, a Tea Party favorite, was a stalking horse for Cornyn. He jumped into the race at the last minute, while giving up a run for his House seat, and proceeded not to run any campaign to speak of. He divided and demoralized the Tea Party set who wound up repudiating him in the end. Look to see if, after the elections, he is given some plush political position by the establishment Republican pols.

  • sinned34


    Don’t feel bad. I find that over the past while the only thing I do on this site is try to out-modus Modusoperandi. (It sounds more painful that it really is.)

  • dingojack

    John Pieret – oohh a cynic! I like the way you think!

    🙂 Dingo


    And, sadly, I think you’ll probably be shown to be correct.

  • Michael Heath

    sinned34 writes:

    It’s because of NOBAMA and ACORN stealing votes from Reel Americans. They’ve divided America and are suppressing the votes of true white male voters with their so called gay marriage and evolution. BENGHAZI!

    Re the Benghazi’s shout-out: I rarely get into political discussions in meat-world, that’s a primary reason I hang out here. But I was in one with a Glenn Beck, Pat Robertson, Fox News disciple last Autumn. I wasn’t promoting any political positions, I was instead criticizing the premises they were using to defend their favored politicians and media sources and attack the ones they hate, e.g., Barack Obama and CNN’s Fareed Zakaria and Anderson Cooper.

    When I was pointing out that they were misinformed because they rely on Fox News where we empirically understand that Fox misinforms its viewers – with multiple studies validating this finding, and that Fox misinforms its viewers far worse than other popular media outlets, the response was to sputter, “Benghazi”. That was it, just that shout-out.

    sinned34 is repeating a delusional idiocy that actually occurs. That has me remembering how Tina Fey’s portrayal of Sarah Palin resonated far more when she merely repeated exactly what Ms. Palin stated.

    This is a sad state of events. I have hopes this predominately generational affliction will decrease to the point we perceive such ignorance and bigotry as quaint. But there are real intra-familial travesties because of what conservative Christian churches and conservative media outlets spew.

  • John Pierot @6:

    The theory I lean toward is that Stockman’s entire campaign was just a scam to separate stupid donors from their cash. I wouldn’t be surprised if Stockman announces he’s forming a new “nonprofit” PAC with the money his “campaign” raked in.

  • sinned34

    Michael Heath @ #9:

    I used to be an evangelical Christian, young-earth creationist who listened to Rush Limbaugh and subscribed to Alberta Report magazine (think Fox News in print for Canadians). Much like how adults can remember the stupid things they thought and did as children after they grew up, I can I still can remember how I used to think (or rather reacted instead of thinking) about world and political subjects.

    Which frustrates me to no end when I wind up talking to aunts, uncles, and people older than me who exhibit those same unthinking attitudes I used to follow. I found one of the biggest things that pushed me out of that sort of mindframe was watching shows like the Daily Show that outlined the hypocrisy and mocked the stupidity of so much conservative media. Unfortunately, making fun of my family members that live off of Fox/Sun News hasn’t worked as well as I’d hoped.