Obamacare Scare Victim Actually Saving Money

Remember that Michigan woman who starred in a commercial paid for by Americans for Prosperity to slam Rep. Gary Peters for voting for the Affordable Care Act, which claimed her health insurance costs would now be so high that she might die from cancer as a result? The conservative Detroit News reports that she will actually save at least $1200 a year.

A Dexter cancer patient featured in a conservative group’s TV ad campaign denouncing her new health care coverage as “unaffordable” will save more than $1,000 this year.

Julie Boonstra, 49, starred last month in an emotional television ad sponsored by Americans for Prosperity that implied Democratic U.S. Rep. Gary Peters’ vote for the Affordable Care Act made her medication so “unaffordable” she could die. Peters of Bloomfield Township is running for an open U.S. Senate seat against Republican Terri Lynn Land.

The Detroit News and fact checkers last month cast doubt on the accuracy of the TV ad. On Monday, Boonstra acknowledged which health plan she chose, offering the first evidence of cost savings..

Boonstra said Monday her new plan she dislikes is the Blue Cross Premier Gold health care plan, which caps patient responsibility for out-of-pocket costs at $5,100 a year, lower than the federal law’s maximum of $6,350 a year. It means the new plan will save her at least $1,200 compared with her former insurance plan she preferred that was ended under Obamacare’s coverage requirements…

Boonstra’s old plan cost $1,100 a month in premiums or $13,200 a year, she previously told The News. It didn’t include money she spent on co-pays, prescription drugs and other out-of-pocket expenses.

By contrast, the Blues’ plan premium costs $571 a month or $6,852 for the year. Since out-of-pocket costs are capped at $5,100, including deductibles, the maximum Boonstra would pay this year for all of her cancer treatment is $11,952.

When advised of the details of her Blues’ plan, Boonstra said the idea that it would be cheaper “can’t be true.”

“I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

Funny thing, though — math doesn’t change based on your personal beliefs.

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  • John Pieret

    math doesn’t change based on your personal beliefs

    Sure it does, Ed! It says so right over the door to the wingnuts’ alternate universe: “Nothing is true in here unless we want it to be!”

  • barry21

    Her cancer may be treatable, but there’s no cure for asshole.

  • Johnny Vector

    The winning quote in the chutzpah category:

    She was unable to provide documentation to back up her belief that her costs are going up because she has not received any bills. “I can’t really comment on numbers when I haven’t received the statement yet,” she said.

    Coming in second is the bit where she’s worried she might get billed all at once and not be able to pay. Cause first of all that totally depends on whether your insurance has Obamacooties, and secondly no hospital in the history of ever has sent their bills directly to Blue Cross/Blue Shield

    Republicans. Putting the BS in BC/BS since 2009.

  • Chiroptera

    When advised of the details of her Blues’ plan, Boonstra said the idea that it would be cheaper “can’t be true.”

    “I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

    Huh, doesn’t this belong on that Common Core math thread?

  • D. C. Sessions

    Ed, arithmetic is like evolution, cosmology, and embryology: another lie from the pit of Hell.

    It’s been recognized as a CommieProgressiveLibtard plot against all that is good and holy since at least the first Paul Ryan budget, and at the very least under suspicion since Reagan’s first term.

  • zero6ix

    I ran that “I personally do not believe that” line through google translate, and here’s what I got:

    “Basic arithmetic is the work of demons and wizards.”

  • greg1466

    And once again: No, no, no. That can’t be true. It says so right here in my script…

  • Reginald Selkirk

    This bit is just coincidence, I’m sure:

    Boonstra is the ex-wife of Mark Boonstra, the former Washtenaw County GOP chairman whom Gov. Rick Snyder appointed to the Michigan Court of Appeals in 2012.

  • busterggi

    Thus is the mystery of faith.

  • You know, when I was a young man if you’d told me that a full 27% of the population were willing to cut off their own noses to spite someone else’s face, I’d have thought you mad.

  • So, Ms. Boonstrawwoman is an ex-wife, which means that her former hubby has NO responsibility to help her with her medical bills or health insurance expenditures.

    I wonder; in the true spirit of “Freehandonomics”, did the AfP (which organization is supported by nothing but the donations of widows and orphans who are in hiding from the ObamandiingoFEMA death panels) offer to y’know, throw her a few simoleons for helping to spread “De Troot” about ObamaScare? Did they at least offer to hook her up with a friend of theirs who does chemo infusion/hazmat disposal?

    Is she, btw, driving an Escalade when she goes for her subsidized healthcare?

  • Sastra

    “I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

    Oh, my. This is the language of faith, where beliefs are deeply felt and sacred. “I personally do not believe that” translates into “Back off.” It signals an ideological world view where “truths” have no common ground other than a commitment to see what the heart reveals. Respect my identity, and that I know what I know.

    You hear this phrase when a paranormal or pseudoscientific claim is roundly debunked. “They even tested the blood and it didn’t match anything known on earth! We’re dealing with Extra-terrestrials.” “No, look. The lab report right here says it’s blood from a fox.” “I personally don’t believe that.”

    And never will.

  • @10:

    Yeah, that’s crazy.

    But, do you know what’s REALLY CRAZZEEE? If they’re BLACK or ILLEGAL they get FREE plastic surgery to replace their noses AND get boob, eyelid, and nose jobs*, adam’s apple “planing” tummy tucks, face lifts, vagina “toning”, penile implants, removal of spiderman veins** and a large cash settlement while they vacation in beautiful ARUBA!!

    * Yes, they will need one after that trauma!

    ** No, I’m not sure what they are, either.

  • raven

    “I personally do not believe that,” Boonstra said.

    Oddly enough, reality doesn’t care what Boonstra or anyone else believes.

  • Maybe it’s just me, but I like to check exactly what my healthcare plan costs before I go on TV to complain about it.

  • pocketnerd

    Thus Spake ZaraEdBrayton:

    Funny thing, though — math doesn’t change based on your personal beliefs.

    Ha! PROOF that all liberals are closet fascists! If Americans (by which I mean Real Americans, by which I mean the right kind of American, if you know what I mean) says that $13,200 is less than $11,952, just who are you to challenge the Will Of The People?

  • whirligig

    Those Muslin-Soshulizm-tainted dollars count negative.