Barton Declares Himself Selfish

For the second time in a couple of weeks, David Barton has declared that a Christian who refuses to run for public office is doing something wrong. This after he himself decided not to run for office against Sen. John Cornyn after being practically begged to do so.

Appearing on “The Difference With Matthew Hagee” yesterday, Barton repeated the Parable of the Thornbush while declaring that a Christian who refuses to run for office when asked to do so by his or her fellow Christians is being selfish.

“If your fellow citizens tell you they want you in office, you don’t have a right to say no,” Barton said. “That’s pure selfishness.”

Of course, just four months ago a movement to draft Barton to run for the US Senate in a challenge to Sen. John Cornyn that was championed by none other than Glenn Beck was quashed when Barton declared that running for office was not right for him because his “role is to continue educating, equipping, and inspiring citizens through the work we do at WallBuilders.”

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  • Gregory in Seattle

    Come on, Ed, you’ve been at this long enough to know that rules and commands are for OTHER people, never for the person speaking. Duh.

  • RickR

    What the hell is he wearing??

  • Trebuchet

    Wait, he’s shellfish? Those are forbidden by the bible. Not kosher, no not at all!

    Oh wait….


  • corporal klinger

    Preach water and drink wine; Religion 1.01

  • ArtK

    All he needs to do is declare himself stupid, dishonest and a con man and he’ll have more facts in one place than in any of his other writing.

  • thebookofdave

    It’s not too late to change your mind, Mr. Barton! Please reconsider our plea for you to challenge John Cornyn’s senate seat. Think of it as an act of self-sacrifice, to serve a nation in desperate need of a good laugh.

  • d.c.wilson

    You’re forgetting that Barton has given himself a loophole here. He said he had to be asked by his “fellow Christians.” Beck is Mormon, ie, not True Christian (TM), therefore, his request doesn’t count.

  • felidae

    Barton is just what the country needs now: another ignorant dickhead from Texas to join the ranks of Stockman, The other Barton, and Gohmert in the Congress