Franklin Graham Hearts Putin Too

Add Franklin Graham to the long list of Christian right leaders who are gushing with praise of Vladimir Putin because of Russia’s crackdown on any pro-gay expression in the country. He only wishes President Obama were more like that instead of the pro-equality radical he imagines him to be.

Graham, who now heads the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association started by his famous father, praises Putin in the March issue of the group’s Decision magazine for signing a bill that imposes fines for adults who promote “propaganda of nontraditional sexual relations to minors.”

The Russian law came under heavy criticism from gay rights activists, and from Obama, ahead of the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia. In response, Obama included openly gay athletes as part of the official U.S. delegation to Sochi.

“In my opinion, Putin is right on these issues,” Graham writes. “Obviously, he may be wrong about many things, but he has taken a stand to protect his nation’s children from the damaging effects of any gay and lesbian agenda.”

Wrong. What he has done is used the protection of children as an excuse to violate the free speech rights of gay people. Isn’t it ironic how the Christian right screams bloody murder over their imagined violations of their right to speak out against homosexuality — which they do very loudly, every day, in a million different ways and with no attempt to censor them whatsoever — and then praises a law that puts people in prison for speaking out in favor of LGBT equality? They gleefully demand actual persecution of those they oppose while expressing outrage at the mythical persecution they claim to face.

“Our president and his attorney general have turned their backs on God and His standards, and many in the Congress are following the administration’s lead. This is shameful.”

I know, right? Of course, the entire nation “turned our backs on God and His standards” the moment we allowed non-Christians to run for office, guaranteed religious freedom for other religions, and refused to punish people for blasphemy, adultery, making graven images, having premarital sex, wearing clothing of mixed fabrics, eating shellfish and a thousand other imaginary “crimes” that their God allegedly demands punishment for.

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  • busterggi

    Theists just love those absolute authoritarian types – they choose to be sheep no matter what that costs.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    Consistency of thought has never been big in Talibangelical circles.

  • Abdul Alhazred

    … Of course, the entire nation “turned our backs on God and His standards” the moment we allowed non-Christians to run for office …

    See what happens when folks reject the divine right of kings? :)

  • Modusoperandi

    Obama’s the ammoral tyrant and Putin is the benevolent protector.

    We’re through the Looking Glass here, people.

  • sinned34

    So they’d rather exchange a president presiding over a domestic spying program that is the worst thing since the KGB for the actual KGB spying program?

    I’m reminded of Sideshow Bob’s speech from 20 years ago (when the Simpsons was still good):

    Because you need me, Springfield. Your guilty conscience may move you to vote Democratic, but deep down you long for a cold-hearted Republican to lower taxes, brutalize criminals, and rule you like a king.

  • laurentweppe

    They gleefully demand actual persecution of those they oppose while expressing outrage at the mythical persecution they claim to face.

    Why of course: for bullies, not being allowed to bully is persecution

  • sharonb

    Another Authoritarian Armbander pining for his Social Dominator Tru-love!

  • anubisprime

    The sheer glut of religiotards peeing themselves to line up and fellate Putin signifies just the one point above all…in Russia you can discriminate and hate openly teh ghey!…that is all!

  • Ichthyic

    We’re through the Looking Glass here, people.

    It IS pretty freaky for anyone old enough to have witnessed first hand the tail end of the anticommunist paranoia of the last century.

  • Nick Gotts

    We’re through the Looking Glass here, people. – Modusoperandi

    No, we’re clearly in a opening chapter of a spoof science fiction story: reprise of the Cold War, with the right accused of being Russia’s fellow-travellers* and the left calling for increased defence spending!

    *And it looks likely there will be a lot more truth in the accusation than for most of the Cold War western left.

  • colnago80

    It is alleged that Franklin Graham once tried to convince then Israeli Prime Minister

    Sharon to raze the Al Aksa mosque in Jerusalem and rebuild the 3rd Temple on the site.

  • Reginald Selkirk

    Well, this new development is going to throw a wrench into the Christian right’s love affair with Putin:

    Putin officially divorces his wife Lyudmila: Kremlin

  • busterggi

    Divorce is no problem, just look at Gingrich & the rest. Its always the ‘un-Christian’ spouse’s fault.