Meet the Latest Christian Right Fear Mongering

You may have heard about the asylum case involving a homeschooling German family. The courts ruled against them but the Obama administration decided to grant them deferred status, allowing them to stay in the country. Despite that result, cue the ridiculous fear-mongering from the Christian right, promoted by the Worldnetdaily.

While that is a victory for the Romeikes, Farris warned that Americans need to be watching what actually was determined in the courts.

In a statement posted on HSLDA’s website, Farris said “the dangers latent in this case must be understood, combated and reversed.”

“Once these dangerous ideas are unmasked, it becomes apparent that they pose real threats to the principles of freedom that virtually all Americans would have believed were solidly established.”

Farris noted the government “contended that forcing a parent to have their children attend a school that violates their religious beliefs does not offend a conviction that one should not be required to change.”

“Hence, the first dangerous rule to emerge from the Romeike case is that governments may order children to attend schools that violate the family’s religious beliefs. It was not a direct ruling in this case … but the conclusion is present just the same,” he said…

“The long-term concern for American homeschoolers arising from the Romeike case is obvious,” he wrote. “If our government contends that Germany did not violate the principles of religious freedom when it banned homeschooling in order to gain philosophical control over children, then it implies that it would not violate religious freedom or parental rights if the United States decided to ban homeschooling for the same purpose.”

This is all nonsense. The case had nothing to do with whether American parents have a right to homeschool their children. That right has been firmly established in American law and there isn’t a chance in hell that legislation to change that would ever pass. The case was solely about whether a family fleeing another country because they couldn’t homeschool their kids qualified as facing persecution under the laws governing asylum. This is just the same old fear mongering by the Christian right. Anything to keep the money flowing in.

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  • raven

    It probably wasn’t even about a German family fleeing to the USA to avoid prosecution.

    They had other alternatives.

    1. By German law, all parents must send their kids to school.

    2. But Germany is part of the Europea Union. The EU allows free movement of people among them. So they could have moved to any of the other EU countries.

    3. Many of the EU countries permit homeschooling or at least ignore it. Some of which even speak German i.e. Austria. They could have gone to Austria or the UK.

    (At least this is my understanding of the EU. Anyone who lives there can tell me if I’m wrong.).

    4. It looks like the USA didn’t want to set a precedence that refusing to send your kids to school was a reason to claim asylum. Otherwise we could be flooded with people from anywhere who refused to send their kids to school for religious reasons, real or newly found and imaginary in countries with such laws.

  • gopiballava

    If being subject to laws that wouldn’t be upheld in the US was grounds for asylum, there’s probably not a person on the planet who wouldn’t qualify for asylum. Holocaust denial in most of Europe. UK has laws that are more expansive in terms of protesting – making the people you’re protesting against feel uncomfortable can be illegal. Etc.

  • raven

    What this case looked like was a simple case of illegal immigration. Complete with anchor babies since they have six kids and some are young enough to have been born here. They’ve been in the USA for years now.

    Illegal immigration is bad and evil if you are a Mexican Catholic or even a Mexican Protestant. If you are a northern European fundie xian death cultist, it’s a human right. To the other northern Euro-American fundie death cultists anyway.

    More tribalism.

  • qwints

    To be fair, a Supreme Court ruling that banning homeschooling counted as persecution would establish a precedent that doesn’t already exist. As far as I know, no such case exists. I don’t think there is an explicit precedent establishing the right to home school – just to stop schooling in 8th Grade (Yoder) and to send kids to a private religious school (Society of Sisters).

  • D. C. Sessions

    Damn Obama! Once again he’s attacking the basic human rights of Christians!

    Oh, what? Damn Obama! Here he is shielding illegal immigrants!

  • Mr Ed

    Rape, genital mutilation, slavery, torture, murder and kindergarten. If you have reasonable fear of any of these you may qualify for political asylum.

  • Richard Smith

    I want to emigrate to the US because the Canadian government won’t give me free kittens, but the US won’t grant me asylum on that basis. Obama hates kittens!!!!!

  • busterggi

    The Christian right just want to make everyone’s life equivalent to living in a bunker under seige. If only they confined that to themselves the world would be a happier place.

  • ospalh

    To expand on @1 point 1:

    The reason why those laws are enforced is the idea that not only an education (the three Rs) but also socializing with other children is good for a child, and that trumps pretty much every other concern. Especially the religious beliefs of the parents.

    There is also the bit of the constitution (articel 7, 4) that says (private school) teachers have to have an education and have to get paid a living wage.

  • steve84

    Normal people would just have moved to Austria. A country that allows home-schooling, has the same language and a culture similar to southern Germany. They could have moved *anywhere* in the EU without requiring special permits.

  • raven

    I want to emigrate to the US because the Canadian government won’t give me free kittens, but the US won’t grant me asylum on that basis. Obama hates kittens!!!!!

    Try Colorado or Washington state.

    Free kittens and buying marijuana is legal. I expect them to be flooded with people from countries where marijuana is illegal claiming persecution and asking for politcal asylum.

  • badgersdaughter

    Deferred status isn’t asylum. It isn’t even saying they are in the country legally. It is a temporary status that needs to be periodically reviewed and renewed (or revoked) if necessary. It’s the immigration equivalent of being out on bail.

  • Chiroptera

    …Farris said “the dangers latent in this case must be understood, combated and reversed.”

    What danger is this? The danger that parents may not be allowed to treat their kids as their own vanity projects?

  • Modusoperandi

    I can’t believe the Right is okay with this. Those people are sneaking across the border and stealing jobs from our morons!

  • raven

    Deferred status isn’t asylum. It isn’t even saying they are in the country legally.

    It’s clear that they got deferred status because the fundie xian kooks in Tennessee threatened to throw a major hissy fit. Because one of their own from Germany was about to get deported. We all remember the Elias Gonzalez case, the Cuban kid from the binational divorced family. It’s bad PR.

    Those people are sneaking across the border and stealing jobs from our morons!

    They might be. These parents have 6 kids. It’s not clear how they are supporting them or at least I don’t know how they are. Can you get a Green card with Deferred immigration status?

  • raven

    What the homeschooling fundies are doing is clear. They are brainwashing their kids and they know their religion can’t withstand contact with reality and the real world.

    IMO, a religion that fragile isn’t much of a religion and isn’t likely to be true.

  • Ellie

    HSLDA works hard to protect the “rights” of child abusers, although they call it protecting the right to homeschool. For some interesting articles on HSLDA, I recommend Libby Anne:

  • badgersdaughter

    Raven@15: No, you cannot get a green card with deferred status. You have to be in the country on a qualifying visa to apply for a green card within the US, and you have to return to your home country to apply for a green card if you are in the US illegally, on the visa waiver program, or on a non-qualifying visa. Deferred status is not itself a status, it’s just “stay here while we adjudicate your case”. A green card application still has to be made on qualifying criteria for an immigrant visa (marriage, family, work, green card lottery, certain rare cases including those that qualify for asylum). Asylum is normally granted when there is a credible threat to life and health. Asylum is not normally granted because you disagree with people in your home country who are not proposing to hurt or kill you.

  • raven

    Raven@15: No, you cannot get a green card with deferred status.

    Thanks. That is good to know. In case I have to flee the country because the police don’t like me jaywalking or overstaying at expired parking meters and have to seek asylum in Germany.

    If we let anyone in who disagrees with the laws of their country, the potential pool of asylum seekers is the entire world population. People do get arrested for things like marijuana that are legal here some places for one example. Who agrees with all the laws in their own country?

    This whole case looks bogus. Germany even has private Xian schools, Austria allows home schooling, and the UK probably could care less.

    1. These clowns have been in the USA since 2008. They now have 7 kids, some of which were born in the USA, AKA anchor babies.

    2. So who is suporting them and their 7 kids, a number which will probably increase since they seem to be from a breeder cult? They can’t get a Green card. No Green card, no job unless they are working…illegally.

    3. Well, I have no idea. I did read some news articles but my interest in kooks isn’t that great. My guess is they get fundie xian wingnut welfare.

    Some martyrs, they get free living expense (assuming my guess is right) and they can homeschool and breed as much as they want to.

  • raven

    It looks like what is driving this bogu looking case is the usual, tribalism

    Fundies can’t recruit so they have to reproduce. And their kids leave the cults anyway, in order of best and brightest.

    So they don’t mind importing breeders from wherever, as long as they are northern Europeans.

    There are a lot of Mexican and South American Evangelical and fundie xians. I suspect if this family had been Latino, they would have been tagged as illegal immigrants and on the next bus across the border.

  • had3

    They’re not stealing our jobs because we have an urban culture of laziness, or I’ve recently heard.

  • dingojack

    Psst Fundies – you know it’s not legal to get one of them highly desirable* homogehyseks marriages here, you won’t mind if I emigrate so I can get a dozen or so, right?



    * or at least, that’s how you’ve promoted them