Ruse Fired by American Family Association

A few days after saying on the air that liberal academics should be taken out and shot when he was guest hosting for Sandy Rios, the American Family Association has cut ties with Austin Ruse of the Catholic Family & Human Rights Institute.

When Right Wing Watch and other groups criticized Ruse for his violent rhetoric, he responded defensively.

“These people, these dumb leftists, are really smear merchants, they’re out to hurt, to harm, to isolate,” Ruse said on the air on Thursday. “They don’t like me, they don’t like you, they don’t like your children, they don’t like anything about you and they want you to basically shut up and go away…It’s quite astounding what these folks are able to get away with and it’s also astounding how dumb they are.”

Also on Thursday, Ruse announced on Facebook that he had deleted his Twitter account, blaming a “leftist swarm.”

American Family Radio removed the two episodes from its website on Thursday evening. On Friday, AFR announced via Facebook that Ruse has been fired.

“The fill-in host on AFR Talk that made those comments is no longer on the air with us and will not be filling in on AFR in the future,” wrote a spokesperson in response to an angry comment.

“Mr. Ruse, the fill-in host on AFR Talk that made those comments is no longer on the air with us and will not be filling in on AFR in the future. AFR condemns such comments, no matter who makes them,” said the spokesperson in another post.

So I guess those “dumb leftists” who were criticizing him included the American Family Association. But how on earth can the AFA fire Ruse and not Bryan Fischer?

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  • sheikhmahandi

    Ruse doesn’t bring in as much advertising revenue ?

  • raven

    But how on earth can the AFA fire Ruse and not Bryan Fischer?

    What I want to know. There is no such thing as too kooky, vicious, or appalling among the xian rightwing nuts.

    There is nothing that Austin Ruse said that they haven’t said over and over one place or another.

    Rousa Rushdooney, the highly influential founder of xian Dominionism wanted to kill 99% of the US population. This is a record of wannabe genocide only equaled by the Big Boat Incident genocide of the OT god.

  • John Pieret

    But how on earth can the AFA fire Ruse and not Bryan Fischer?

    Bryan has pictures of the Wildmons at the orgies?

  • raven

    Wikipedia Gary North:

    Range of capital offenses[edit]

    North favors capital punishment for a range of offenders; these include women who lie about their virginity, blasphemers, nonbelievers, children who curse their parents,[22] male homosexuals, and other people who commit acts deemed capital offenses in the Old Testament.[23] North also favors capital punishment for women who have abortions.[24][25] North stated that the biblical admonition to kill homosexuals in Leviticus is God’s “law and its morally appropriate sanction”, arguing that “God is indeed a homophobe” who “hates [homosexuality] and those who practice it” and “hates the sin and hates the sinner.”[26]

    North has said that capital punishment should be carried out by stoning, because it is a biblically approved method of execution and it is cheap due to the plentiful and convenient supply of stones.[27][28]

    Gary North is a leader of the xian right, a leader of Libertarian economics, and married Rushdooney’s daughter.

    A lot of fundie xian leaders have Want To Kill lists. I’m on them. So are most of the people reading Freethoughtblogs.

    Because nothing says, Jesus Loves You, like killing someone or a few tens of millions slowly with a hail of rocks.

  • Larry

    Don’t worry about ol’ Ruse, people. He’s gonna be just fine. There are plenty of xtian hate groups or teabagger associations who are more that ready to hire him. In the bizarro world of the right wingers, there is no position, no comment or belief that is too extreme that some group doesn’t want you.

    And as far as the AFA firing him, they did it, not because of what he said but because it drew too much attention.

  • Gregory in Seattle

    Wow, too extreme even for a certified hate group. That takes talent.

  • Chuck

    So conservative xtians will now express the same outrage at AFR that it did over the Duck Dynasty cancellation, right?


  • blf

    [H]ow on earth can the AFA fire Ruse and not Bryan Fischer?

    Easy. Mr Ruse is such a nobody he doesn’t even rate an entry in the Encyclopedia of American Loons. Mr Fischer does:

    … Fischer [is] an unrepentant theocrat who is known for wanting the government to force gays and lesbians into “reparative therapy” or prison …

    He is also, unsurprisingly, a staunch creationist …

    Diagnosis: Totally insane, vile and zealous, theocrat and Godbot, hatemonger and crackpot, loon, moron, dumbass, crank. You pick, they all fit. Yet he still seems to enjoy quite some influence. I can’t quite find words.

  • had3

    Can’t you people grasp it? It’s the liberals who caused his firing! He said things about liberals, he got fired, connect the dots. Liberals are too stoopid to even recognize they’re the ones to blame. …and that’s how you continue your employment amongst right wing media.

  • dan4

    @7: Duck Dynasty hasn’t been cancelled.